Star of Ishtar - The Four Levels

A Rainbow Spiral of Rituals on the Eight-Rayed Star of the Goddess

The Four Levels

By Olivia Robertson

Students of the Qabalah will notice the relation between the Star of Ishtar, Web of the Universe diagram with the four worlds and thirty-two paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life:

• Physical - Alma Mater (awakening to our true relationship to the physical world)

corresponds to earth (Qabalistic level of Assiah)

• Astral or Psychic - Flamma Vestae (awakening our psychic gifts) corresponds to air

(Qabalistic level of Yetzirah)

• Spiritual - Porta Mystica (awakening to our true spiritual path) corresponds to water

(Qabalistic level of Briah)

• Divine - Dulce Domum (receiving communion directly from the Divine Source)

corresponds to fire (Qabalistic level of Atziluth)

These levels of existence spiral inward to the Divine Matrix or Womb of the Goddess placed in the center of the Star of Ishtar. The Ankh represents the Emanation of Life from this Divine Womb and the numbered rituals around the spiral show both the Path of Return to Her and the Path of Emergence from Her. The eight rays of the Star of Ishtar correspond to the eight Solar Festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year, the directions and the various astrological signs and planets. The student of the mysteries may travel the paths in various ways such as:

• Inward around the spiral (to gradually awaken union with the Divine Source)

• Outward around the spiral (to bring spiritual gifts into manifestation in our earthly life)

• Along one or more of the rays (to develop union with the Divine using a specific ray of archetypal energy)

Or they may choose a rite that feels resonate, regardless of the order of the rites upon the diagram.

The Colours of the Four Levels

Alma Mater is colored Violet to Indigo.

Flamma Vestae is colored Blue to Green.

Porta Mystica is colored Yellow to Orange.

Dulce Domum is colored Red to Violet.

Druid Clan of Dana

According to Olivia Robertson, within the Druid Clan of Dana the four levels of consciousness formed by the coils of the Goddess Tiamat are corresponded to these Goddesses, as outlined in "The Rite of Dana. Druid Initiation":

Level 1. Morrigan, corresponds to Alma Mater (Gateway of the Sidhe. Earth)

Level 2. Dana, corresponds to Flamma Vestae (Paths of Sun and Moon. Sky)

Level 3. Brigid, corresponds to Porta Mystica (Facing the Goddess. Water)

Level 4. Dana, corresponds to Dulce Domum (Land of Heart's Desire. Initiation)

Noble Order of Tara

Within the Noble Order of Tara, the four levels of consciousness formed by the coils of the Goddess Tiamat are corresponded to Goddesses, as outlined in "Tara and Lugh: Ordeal of the Danaan Treasures":

Level 1. Tara, corresponds to Alma Mater (Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny. Earth)

Level 2. Morrigan, corresponds to Flamma Vestae (The Sword of Light. Air)

Level 3. Dana, corresponds to Porta Mystica (The Cauldron of Plenty. Water)

Level 4. Brighid, corresponds to Dulce Domum (The Spear of Destiny. Fire)

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Star of Ishtar graphic courtesy of Linda Iles, based on a drawing by Chesca Potter. All rights reserved.