Star of Ishtar - Adepti Ritual Correspondences

Key for the Star of Ishtar and Tiamat Dragon Diagram

Adepti Degree Rites

Iseums, Hearths of the Goddess


0. North to Center Earth & Pluto 5. Winter. Star Rite 0 & 8th Cosmic

Winter Solstice 13. The Tree of Life Ray, coloured

Earth 21. The Triple Moon White/Rainbow

Nature 29. Aquila & Lyra

1. North-East to Center Mars 6. Alma Mater 1st Cosmic Ray,

Brigantia 14. The Hydrophoria coloured Red

Fire 22. The Radiant Sun

Power 30. The Winged Pegasus

2. East to Center Venus 7. Spring. Rite of Good Health 2nd Cosmic Ray,

Vernal Equinox 15. The Athenaea coloured Orange

Water 23. The Galactic Dragon

Love 31. Cassiopeia

3. Southeast to Center Mercury 8. Flamma Vestae 3rd Cosmic Ray,

Beltane 16. Festival of Wesak coloured Yellow

Air 24. Ursa Minor

Truth 32. Isis & Osiris, The Judgment

4. South to Center Jupiter 1. Dedication of a Shrine 4th Cosmic Ray,

Summer Solstice 9. Summer. Ritual of the Sun coloured Green

Light 17. Astarte and Adonis

Initiation 25. Sirius, Star of Isis

33. Mystical Initiation

5. Southwest to Center Saturn 2. Dawn. Rite of Abundance 5th Cosmic Ray,

Lughnasadh 10. Porta Mystica coloured Blue

Ether 18. Festival of Opet

Science/Occultism 26. Ursa Major

6. West to Center Uranus 3. Autumn. Litany of the Earth 6th Cosmic Ray,

Autumnal Equinox & Inner Sun 11. Dulce Domum coloured Indigo

Bliss 19. The Eleusinian Mysteries

The Arts/Ritual 27. The Southern Cross

7. Northwest to Center Neptune 4. Evening. Rite of Five Elements 7th Cosmic Ray,

Samhain & Moon 12. Communion, World of Spirits coloured Violet

Night 20. Matrix of the Earth

Mystical Awakening/ 28. Draco


Listing of the Books and Rituals

With Correspondences as Presented in the Table of Contents of the Liturgy Books

Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess (Rites 1 - 7)

Basic Rites of the Goddess:

Dedication Rite:

Dedication of a Shrine to Isis

Daily Rites:

Dawn. Rite of Abundance

Evening. Rite of Five Elements

Seasonal Rites:

Spring. Rite of Good Health

Summer. Ritual of the Sun

Autumn. Litany of the Earth

Winter. Star Rite

Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess (All Rites)

Part I. The Tiamat Spiral. Four Basic Initiations (the four levels)

I. Alma Mater. The Homing of Children

II. Flamma Vestae. Initiation into an FOI Iseum

III. Porta Mystica. The Soul Enters New Spheres

IV. Dulce Domum. The Soul Returns Home

Part II. The Star of Ishtar. Eight Seasonal Rites (the eight rays)

Ray I. Festival of the Hydrophoria (Imbolc) 1st - 2nd February

Ray II. The Athenaea (Spring Equinox) 21st - 24th March

Ray III. Festival of Weak (Beltane) 1st - 2nd May

Ray IV. Festival of Astarte & Adonis (Summer Solstice) 21st - 24th June

Ray V. Festival of Opet (Lughnasadh) 23rd July - 3rd August

Ray VI. The Eleusinian Mysteries (Autumn Equinox) 22nd September - 3rd October

Ray VII. Communion with the World of Spirits (Samhain) 31st October - 2nd November

Ray VIII. The Tree of Life (Winter Solstice) 21st December - 1st January

Psyche, Magical Journeys of the Goddess (All Rites)

Spiral of Tiamat. Initiations of Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars (the four levels)

The Matrix of the Earth. 1st Sphere.

The Triple Moon Moon. 2nd Sphere

The Radiant Sun. 3rd Sphere

The Galactic Dragon. 4th Sphere

The Rays of Ishtar (the eight rays)

Ursa Minor. Ray III

Sirius, Star of Isis. Ray IV

Ursa Major. Ray V

The Southern Cross. Ray VI

Draco. Ray VII

Aquila and Lyra. Ray 0

The Winged Pegasus. Ray I

Cassiopeia. Ray II

Gaea, Initiations of the Earth (One Rite)

Planetary Initiation

Isis & Osiris: The Judgment

Mystical Awakening

(no book, no ritual, no certification)

Direct communion with the Divine Source without the aid of ritual. This is considered a private initiation and is not certified.

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