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"Brigid, striking crystal notes that affect atoms and stars ... Ever rising octaves of sound and the spectrum show a way of finding the buried sun within ourselves, and hence in all that surrounds us." - Olivia Robertson, from the FOI Alchemical Liturgy book, "Isis of Alchemy, Transformation Through the Goddess."

Original Announcement of Solar Alchemy Spiral - October 31, 2003

SOLAR ISEUMS OF ALCHEMY (For Priest/esshood Members Only)

Solar Iseums of Alchemy offer teaching within two series of Spiral of Alchemy liturgy rites. These Spirals of Alchemy were created to help members of the FOI Priest/Priestesshood chart their spiritual progress once they are ordained. As designated by Olivia Robertson, a member of the FOI priest/esshood who has completed an Alchemical course of study is titled a Solar Alchemist, or Priest or Priestess of Alchemy. They found and head a Solar Iseum, sometimes referred to by Lady Olivia Robertson as a Solarium. The root word of Solarium, ‘sol’ is Latin for ‘sun’ and honors the awakening of the Inner Sun within all true Alchemists.

Each of these centers, headed by ordained clergy as Solar Alchemists provides a unique program of study which culminates in one of the rites of the Spiral of Alchemy Liturgy. There are a total of 33 rites in the Spiral of Alchemy system, 32 physical rites and 1 Initiation of attainment of Divine Awareness without ritual. The experience of Divine Awareness without ritual, is considered private and no certification is issued for this Initiation.

Four Initiations using Spiral of Alchemy rites are necessary to be considered an Alchemist. Persons studying within the Spiral of Alchemy are called an Apprentice. Certificates issued for the attainment of an Alchemical degree list the Apprentice as either 1st Degree Apprentice (for first initiation earned), 2nd Degree Apprentice for second initiation earned, 3rd Degree Apprentice for third initiation earned, for the fourth initiation, the certificate designates the student as an Alchemist.

Note: There are two spirals of rituals for Alchemy training. Spiral 1 is the original or first Spiral of Alchemy rites created by Lady Olivia Robertson.

The Spiral of Alchemy for the Fellowship of Isis Solar Iseums of Alchemy (for the Priesthood) was founded in October of 2003. The first Fellowship of Isis Solar Alchemical Iseums were founded that same year. The guidelines presented below for the Spiral of the Adepti were introduced shortly afterwards.

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson writes that the work of all FOI centres, including their individual coursework, ordinations, consecrations and certification of degrees is honored. There can be no ‘rigid laws’ as exist in hierarchic Churches and Orders. Heads of centers rely on psychic consensus of the group and guidance through intuition and the manifestation of particular attributes of the Deity or Deities concerned in their centre, therefore there can be no set curriculum. Thus, heads of centres, through inspiration from their particular Deity or Deities, produce their own training course, which is based on the rituals of the FOI liturgy.

Many heads of centres have had long experience in the spiritual field and choose to create their own course. The following is intended as a suggestion for those others, who desire guidelines for the forming of a course.

(*) Sources: Original Fellowship of Isis Handbook (1992). Original College of Isis Manual (1992).

"Alchemical studies and certification is undertaken through a Solar Iseum that is twinned with a Lyceum. Degrees are acquired under the tutelage of a Hierophant of the College of Isis who is also a Solar Alchemist. Hierophants are the College Preceptors." - Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder, College of Isis Co-Founder


As with Iseums and Lyceums, members of a Solar Iseum of Alchemy join together in loving cooperation. They become a branch of the Family of Isis. The Initiation rite for admittance into a Solar Iseum of Alchemy is the same as for an Iseum or Lyceum. It is called "Flamma Vestae", interpreted from Latin it means literally “Flame of Vestae.” The Vestae were Priestesses of ancient Rome who guarded the sacred flame of their patroness Goddess Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth and heart of the home.

Flamma Vestae. Initiation into an Iseum

The Solar Iseum of Alchemy, like an Iseum and Lyceum, is seen as the spiritual home, a center where members gather together for friendship, teaching, ritual and to draw strength and comfort from the fellowship of Solar Iseum members. The ritual "Flamma Vestae" is found in the FOI Liturgy book "Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess" there should be alteration of titles within the ritual to reflect it's use as an initiation ritual into a solar iseum. The Candidate becomes "Apprentice", and entries such as "Priest of the Iseum" or "Priestess of the Iseum" become "Priest of Alchemy" or "Priestess of Alchemy," etc.


Consecration takes place after the candidate has been Initiated into a Solar Iseum and has completed a course of study - including the enactment of the required rituals (four) that produce communion with Deity.

Consecration of Priestess/Priest Alchemist

A listing of links to the Alchemical Rites in Spiral 1 and Spiral 2:

Alchemy Ritual Spiral 1

Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess (1 Rite)

Flamma Vestae. Initiation into a Fellowship of Isis Iseum

Ordination of Priestesses and Priests

Rite of Rebirth (Basic Initiation Rite of the Fellowship of Isis)

The Isis Wedding Rite (An Alchemical Wedding Rite)

Gaea, Initiations of the Earth (Part II. Planetary Initiation, 1 Rite)

Isis and Osiris: The Judgment

Sphinx, Goddess Myths and Mysteries (All Rites)

Isis of Alchemy, Transformation through the Goddess (All Rites)

Nuit of the Milky Way, Alchemical Journeys of the Questing Twins (All Rites)

Note: Concerning the last book of rites, "Nuit of the Milky Way, Alchemical Journeys of the Questing Twins," Olivia Robertson writes: "Spiral of Alchemy last set of rites are as listed from Sybil - Oracles given in the book and then the Priesthood Alchemists write the dramas containing the theme in the oracle. These oracles were inspired and based on the progression of the Zodiac. My book Nuit is my experience in writing the dramas as the priesthood would, and not to be used in place of their own written dramas. This is for the priesthood to learn to write inspired dramas. The name of the Goddess oracle is given and the purpose of the drama."

Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess

1. Pallas Athena of Greece - Wisdom from Experience - Aries

2. Maha-Devi of India - Spiritual Illumination - Taurus

3. Muth of Egypt - The Sacred Marriage - Gemini

4. The Kore of Greece - Vision of the Shining One -Cancer

5. Kundalini of India - We awaken the Inner Serpent Power - Leo

6. Ashtoreth of Phoenicia - Hard Work brings Self-earned Reward -Virgo

7. Artemis of Greece - We Learn to Use Our Minds Wisely - Libra

8. Sekhmet of Egypt - We Discover Our Own Strength and Control It -Scorpio

9. Terra of Rome - We Look within Ourselves - Sagittarius

10. Ariadne of Crete - We Face Our Many Lives with Courage - Capricorn

11. Nuit of Egypt - We Learn the Law of Octaves - Aquarius

12. Isis of Egypt and Hellas - We Awaken with Osiris - Pisces

Alchemy Ritual Spiral 2

A second structured Spiral of Alchemy has been introduced by FOI co-founder, Olivia Robertson. It incorporates the alchemical rituals from her book "Brighid of the Rainbow Planets." It does not replace the original spiral (Spiral 1) but is to be used in conjunction with it as an alternative.

Rite of Rebirth (Basic Initiation Rite of the Fellowship of Isis)

Sphinx, Goddess Myths and Mysteries (All Rites)

Isis of Alchemy (All Rites)

Brigid of the Rainbow Planets (All Rites)

Gaea: Initiations of the Earth (Part II. Planetary Initiation, 1 Rite)

Isis & Osiris: The Judgment

Nuit of the Milky Way (All Rites) Two rites per degree.

Mystical Awakening (Direct Communion with the Divine Source, no Rite or Certificate is given for this Initiation. It is considered private.)

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