College of Isis - Guide to the Magi Degrees

A Guide to the Magi Degrees

The Liturgy of the Fellowship of Isis booklets “The Rite of Rebirth,” “Ordination of Priestesses and Priests,” “The Isis Wedding Rite” and the books, “Dea,” “Sophia” and “Urania” contain a series of Mystery Dramas that correspond to the intersections of the rays and the spiral coils which are numbered in the illustration from 1 through 32. Number 33 is the Mystical Initiation of level four, Dulce Domun, which is conferred directly from Deity without use of a ritual. These represent specific degrees of knowledge that may be attained through working with the dramas and receiving the mystery they present. The mystery each seeker receives is usually different from that others may receive; the dramas represent an interaction between the seeker and the Divine, at a fundamental level. The rites and the experiences that they produce, like the Fellowship, are multi-cultural and diverse.

The three mundane facts of life: birth, work and marriage are portrayed inThe Rite of Rebirth,” “Ordination of Priestesses and Priests and The Isis Wedding Rite.” This is the physical world, level one, or Alma Mater.

A choice of one’s personal role in the Divine Drama through identifying with archetypal figures of myth are presented in Five Mysteries inDea.” Two Rites of Time and Space, and three Elemental Rites of Sun, Moon and Earth are presented in “Urania,” along with ceremonial magic of the Seven Sacred Planets (the chakric centers). These relate to the astral or psychic level, or Flamma Vestae.

The Mystical Awakening of the Zodiac Deities ofSophia introduce the seeker to Higher Sophia of the Triune-Sophia, Thrice Holy Gnosis of Wisdom. These mysteries operate on the level of the Spiritual, or Porta Mystica. They center the seeker in the motionless hub of the passing wheel of the stars. The aim of this contemplation is to experience all-time, all-space, in greater consciousness. The solitary seeker can enact any of these rituals with the most wonderful magical instrument of all - the creative imagination. When an invocation is made to the Goddess, and Her Oracle is read, the lone seeker may experience all that many worshippers can enjoy in a temple with others, even more, if the soul is ready.

There are no formal rituals for the fourth level which is direct communication from the Divine Source. Therefore no Magi degrees are given for this level. Inspiration or experiences in Dulce Domun come from within by communion with the Goddess. These initiations are private, conferred directly from Deity to the seeker.

The solitary enactment of an Invocation from the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy should be prepared for by (1) preliminary study of the ritual, (2) gathering together of some of the outer symbols and accouterments (as practical considerations allow) and (3) contemplation of the Deities to be invoked. (See Notes taken from Dea, Urania and Sophia on performing these rituals on the last page of this paper).

Magi degrees are attained through Communion with the Deities experienced by the Candidate as a direct result of performing a rite. This experience must be accepted as such by the Hierophant and the Companions of the particular Lyceum in which the student or candidate is enrolled.

A Listing of The Mystery Dramas:

Their Correspondence to the Four Levels

Level One - Alma Mater, three separate booklets:

1. The Rite of Rebirth (Initiation)

2. Ordination of Priestesses and Priests (Ordination of Clergy)

3. The Isis Wedding Rite

Level Two - Flamma Vestae

Rites found in Dea:

4. The Awakening of Osiris

5. The Mystery of the Spheres

6. Demeter and Persephone

7. Eros and Psyche

8. The Labyrinth

Rites found in Urania:

9. Space Magic

10. Time Magic

11. Sun Magic

12. Moon Magic

13. Earth Magic

14. Mars and the Morrigan

15. Venus and Vishnu

16. Mercury and Sophia

17. Jupiter and Hathor

18. Saturn and Astarte

19. Uranus and Sarasvati

20. Neptune and Ngame

Level Three - Spiritual, Porta Mystica

Rites found in Sophia:

21. Pisces and Ceridwen

22. Aries and Durga

23. Taurus and Isis

24. Gemini, Artemis and Apollo

25. Cancer and Tiamat

26. Leo and Sekhmet

27. Virgo and Dana

28. Libra and Kwan Yin

29. Scorpio and Kundalini

30. Sagittarius and Brynhild

31. Capricorn and Terra

32. Aquarius and Juno

Level Four - Divine, Dulce Domun

33. Mystical Initiation of the Gods (direct communication with the Divine Source) No

booklet or ritual is provided. This initiation comes through direct spiritual

experience and is a private initiation.

A Key to the Numbered Rites

• Level 1 - Alma Mater (awakening to our true relationship to the physical world)

• Level 2 - Flamma Vestae (awakening our psychic gifts)

• Level 3 - Porta Mystica (awakening to our true spiritual path)

• Level 4 - Dulce Domun (receiving communion directly from the Divine Source)

The Rites of the Liturgy are divided into eight different sections that correspond to the Cosmic Rays. The first ritual in each section is either a personal role taken on by the seeker to gain new knowledge, or a mundane role describing an awakening to one’s true relationship to the physical world. The second ritual corresponds to one of the eight solar festivals of the Wheel of the Year, the third to an inner elemental or transcendental state of being. The fourth rite corresponds to the manifestation of a specific ability or spiritual experience directly related to this newly awakened inner state.

In these Magical Rites the God manifests in the Outer Arcanum as attributes that are visible in the physical world. The Goddess represents the Inner Mysteries or Knowledge, except in the case of the planet Venus. Her emanations manifest in the physical world as reproduction, love of physical beauty, sensuality and the aesthetic appreciation of art. In the inner worlds Venus manifests as the higher more spiritual aspects of love.

5. The Spheres (Dea, Level 2, personal role) Vision of hidden knowledge, relationship of one’s self to the universe.

13. Earth (Urania, Level 2, Winter Solstice) Magic of transformation, creative visualization of the earth as a paradise, existing in harmony, balance and peace with all.

21. Pisces & Ceridwen (Sophia, Level 3, Earth) Awakening the power of creation.

29. Scorpio & Kundalini (Sophia, Level 3, Nature) Summoning of Kundalini.

Direction: North. Planets: Earth and Pluto. Objective: Hidden mysteries of the psyche activated by spiritual fire. Awakening of Wisdom. The element of earth strengthens, nourishes and protects.

6. Demeter & Persephone (Dea, Level 2, personal role) Wisdom gained by descent and emergence from the Underworld (hidden depths of the psyche).

14. Mars & Morrigan (Urania, Level 2, Brigantia) Personal Power, victory and healing of inner conflicts and fears.

22. Aries & Durga (Sophia, Level 3, Fire) Awakening the primal fire, or life force.

30. Sagittarius & Brynhild (Sophia, Level 3, Power) Transmutation of Kundalini into occult force.

Direction: North-East. Planet: Mars. Objective: Awakening of the Higher Will and Inner Power. The element of Fire stimulates and vivifies.

7. Eros & Psyche (Dea, Level 2, personal role) Union of mind and heart.

15. Venus & Vishnu (Urania, Level 2, Vernal Equinox) Awakening spiritual love through the union of spiritual ideas with creativity.

23. Taurus & Isis (Sophia, Level 3, Water) Communion with life in all its diversity, both human and non-human. Compassion for all living things.

31. Capricorn & Terra (Sophia, Level 3, Love) The Awakening of True Spiritual Compassion.

Direction: East. Planet: Venus. Objective: Union of Mind and Heart to achieve Communion with all Life, Awakening of Universal Compassion, the Wisdom of Divine Love. The element of Water heightens psychic receptivity.

8. The Labyrinth (Dea, Level 2, personal role) Vision of the structure of creation, the patterns of one’s personal life.

16. Mercury & Sophia (Urania, Level 2, Beltane) Union of Truth and Love to create Wisdom.

24. Gemini, Artemis & Apollo (Sophia, Level 3, Air) Activation of Intellect.

32. Aquarius & Juno (Sophia, Level 3, Truth) Downpouring of the Holy Wisdom of the Spirit.

Direction: South-east. Planet: Mercury. Objective: Awakening of Active Intelligence to Divine Wisdom. The element of Air stimulates the Higher Mind.

1. Rite of Rebirth (Rite of Rebirth, Level 1, physical role) Identification with archetypal energies to bring awareness of inner and outer worlds. Harmony, integration of being.

9. Space (Urania, Level 2, Summer Solstice) Astral visions of other places both within and outside of the physical world.

17. Jupiter & Hathor (Sophia, Level 3, Light) Abundance, love, spiritual sovereignty through Union with the Divine.

25. Cancer & Tiamat (Sophia, Level 3, Initiation) Control of Instincts, access to the powers of the Unconscious, Integration of the Self.

33. Mystical Initiation (no rite, no book, Level 4) Direct communion with the Divine Source.

Direction: South. Planet: Jupiter. Objective: Harmony gained through struggle, study and effort; integration and purification which leads to Spiritual Illumination.

2. Ordination (Ordination of Priestesses and Priests, Level 1, physical role) The ordination rite of the Fellowship of Isis.

10. Time (Urania, Level 2, Lughnasadh) Psychic visions of other times, experiences of reincarnation.

18. Saturn & Astarte (Urania, Level 2, Ether) Spiritual gifts gained through obeying the outer forms of order.

26. Leo & Sekhmet (Sophia, Level 3, Science/Occultism) Controlled use of the passions to create a focus for Spiritual Growth.

Direction: South-west. Planet: Saturn. Objective: Psychic and Spiritual Gifts obtained by the use and observance of the outer forms of study, ritual and law. Concrete Knowledge.

3. Isis Wedding Rite (Isis Wedding Rite, Level 1, physical role) Mystic Marriage to one’s life partner or magical partner.

11. Sun (Urania, Level 2, Autumnal Equinox) Awakening the healing potency within.

19. Uranus & Sarasvati (Urania, Level 2, Bliss) Tuning the spiritual powers to the Cosmic Rhythm of Life.

27. Virgo & Dana (Sophia, Level 3, The Arts and Holy Ritual) Awakening of Spiritual Perception.

Direction: West. Planets: Uranus & Inner Sun. Objective: Spiritual renewal through Inner Knowing, Integration of Self, and Devotion to Spiritual Ideals.

4. Awakening of Osiris (Dea, Level 2, personal role) Spiritual Resurrection upon experiencing Unity with the All-Mind.

12. Moon (Urania, Level 2, Samhain) Awakening the gift of true psychic perception.

20. Neptune & Ngame (Urania, Level 2, Night) Hidden knowledge of self revealed.

28. Libra & Kwan Yin (Sophia, Level 3, Mystical Awakening and Devotion) Balance achieved through contemplation and compassion.

Direction: North-west. Planets: Neptune and the Moon. Objective: Balance of Mind and Spirit through Contemplation of the Divine with Spiritual Compassion resulting in True Psychic Perception.

The Coloured Rays

0 and 8th Cosmic Ray, White and Rainbow: The color white is used to purify the etheric centers and the Rainbow then stimulates all these centers at once, thus, preparing the individual for receptivity to the subsequent work along the Cosmic Rays.

1st Cosmic Ray, Red: Strengthens the Will.

2nd Cosmic Ray, Orange: Stimulates Creative Potency.

3rd Cosmic Ray, Yellow: Awakens the Intellect of the Higher Mind.

4th Cosmic Ray, Green: Creates Inner Balance and Harmony.

5th Cosmic Ray, Blue: Opens Pathways to Inner Knowledge.

6th Cosmic Ray, Indigo: Spiritual Perception through Devotion.

7th Cosmic Ray, Violet: Connection to the Spiritual Self, Awakening of Higher Levels of Psychic Perception.

The Zodiac Signs and the Elements

"In the diagram the dual zodiac signs are related to the 4 elements: Pisces & Scorpio, 0 & 8th Ray; water. Taurus & Capricorn: 2nd Ray; earth. Gemini & Aquarius 3rd Ray; air. Single Sun Signs: Cancer: 4th Ray; water. Leo 5th Ray; fire. Virgo: 6th Ray; earth. Libra: 7th Ray; air." - Olivia Robertson, original College of Isis Manual (1992)

Pisces & Scorpio which represent water are worked with the elemental ray of earth. This is to help manifest psychic gifts in the material plane. Taurus & Capricorn which represent earth are worked with the elemental ray of water to serve as grounding agents for psychic influences. In every case the element and attributes of the sun sign were chosen to complement the work done on the element of the ray.

Reviewed and approved by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson in 1999, 2001 and adjusted as directed in October 2011, Nesu House, Isis Oasis. The material above is provided as a guideline only. All centers have autonomy to teach and form their coursework as inspired by Deity.

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