Isis - Excerpt: The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys

The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys

Papyrus Berlin 3008


Recitation of blessings made by the Two Sisters in the house of Osiris-Khentamenti, the great god, lord of Abydos, in the fourth month of Inundation, day 25, when the same is done in every place of Osiris, at every feast of his …

Isis speaks, she says:

Ho you of On, you rise for us daily in heaven.

We cease not to see your rays!

Thoth, your guard, raises you ba,

In the day-bark in this your name of “Moon.”

I have come to see your beauty in the Horus Eye,

In your name of “Lord-of-the sixth-day-feast.”

Your courtiers beside you shall not leave you,

You conquered heaven by your majesty’s might,

In this your name of “Lord-of-the-fifteenth-day-feast.”

You rise for us like Re every day,

You shine for us like Atum,

Gods and men live by your sight.

As you rise for us you light the Two Lands,

Lightland is filled with your presence;

Gods and men look to you,

No evil befalls them when you shine.

As you cross the sky your foes are not,

I am your guard every day!

You come to us as child in moon and sun,

We cease not to behold you!

Your sacred image, Orion in heaven,

Rises and sets every day;

I am Sothis who follows him,

I will not depart from him!

The noble image issued from you

Nourishes gods and men,

Reptiles and herds live by it.

You flow from your cavern for us in your time,

Pouring out water to your ba,

Making offerings to you ka,

To nourish gods and men alike.

Ho my lord! There is no god like you!

Heaven has your ba, earth your form,

Netherworld is filled with your secrets.

Your wife is your guard,

Your son Horus rules the lands!

Nephthys speaks, she says:

O good King, come to your house!

Wennofer, justified, come to Djedet,

O lusty bull, come to Anpet!

O lover of women, come to Hat-mehyt,

Come to Djedet, the place your ba loves!

The ba’s of your fathers are your companions,

Your young son Horus, the Sisters’ child, is before you;

I am the light that guards you every day,

I will not leave you ever!

O you of On, come to Sais,

“Saite” is your name;

Come to Sais, to see your mother Neith,

Good child, you shall not part from her!

Come to her breasts that overflow,

Good brother, you shall not part from her!

O my son, come to Sais!

Osiris Tentruty, called Nyny, born of Persis, justified.

Come to Sais, your city!

Your place is the Palace,

You shall rest forever beside your mother!

She protects your body, repels your foes,

She will guard your body forever!

O good King, come to your house,

Lord of Sais, come to Sais!

Source: Lichtheim, Miriam, "Ancient Egyptian Literature, Volume III, The Late Period", University of California Press, Ltd., Berkeley and Los Angeles, California, USA, London, UK, 1980

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