Olivia Robertson. Dulce Domum

Photo courtesy of Artemis and Lugh Iseum, Germany

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Olivia Robertson. Dulce Domum 1917 - 2013

Lady Olivia's Journey to the Stars

November 20, 2013

A Report by David deRoeck

This report is from my point of view and experience as being a participant and observer on the day. I apologise now if I forget anything or anyone present it is unintentional and in no way meant to offend I will also only be using first names of the priesthood rather than full titles as this is Lady Olivia’s day of celebration and communion with Isis of Ten Thousand Names, so on that note I will begin.

I had a somewhat restless night my mind awash with details the members of the Circle of Brigid as we had arranged and set out plans of how the day was too progress. Although to the forefront was all those who had been attending Lady Olivia that day and night Tuesday 19th as the Priestesses had devoted much time to being with her and attending any needs for the Temple. With this and the many words and memories barrelling around my noggin I thought sleep would never come. Yet without a whisper into the arms of Morpheus I slipped unknown and embraced by the Angelic beings so ever present.

The morning was all too swift up dressed in bib and tucker with case in hand my chariot roared into life like young lions ready for the hunt. It was somewhat cold and drizzles as if a celebrity chef was making some salad thing on an over-sized plate and even my music skipped and hopped oddly enough from slow classical to vibrant pop. I took this as a sign and left it to do its will then from Bray onwards as if a giant bear had unzipped an overly heavy fur coat to reveal blue skies and beaming sun shine RA was truly embracing the road ahead. Gone were the thoughts of the weather forecast saying it would rain all in sundry of appropriate animals along with ice cold winds to chill the warmest of bones.

The day was as Lady Olivia would have been bright and beaming to see all the things that are to be, I quickly came to the right turn to enter the village of Clonegal over the stone bridge and through the main street. Then hard left to the gates of Huntington Castle the majestic tree lined avenue glistened and danced in the sun shine and the castle look magnificent bathed in RA’s wake only the Flag of the Family’s Crest stood at half-mast speaking silent volumes of the day. I parked grab my things and walked to the courtyard of the castle and its gravelled surface had been raked and cleaned as if a Zen garden was to placed there no small task as the courtyard is quite sizable, I delivered the cakes I had with me into the theatre. Then moved towards the temple greeted by some of the priestesses already waiting we hugged and spoke of the days plans.

Soon after when everyone had arrived we made our way to the Temple of Isis. At the doors I opened the gateway and Portals to bid us all welcome as we descended the stairs into the Temple. At the Gate of Brigid's Well I tolled the bell once to announce our arrival. We all processed into the main temple and at the high Altar of Isis we all linked hands in a circle as Cressida welcomed us all and spoke a little before saying we now as the priesthood keep in our thoughts and Hearts Lady Olivia as her journey is beginning a new. We all had our tasks and positions clearly in our minds as the sands of time gently tricked onwards Lydia stepped forward to light the sacred blue candle that had been made transported from Glastonbury with a tapa that was from the eternal flame with tones and drumming. Marion stepped forth and lit the Sacred Golden Candles of the High Altar of Isis stepping back to take her position. Eimear began the welcome with her playing the harp it was as if heavenly note permeated the air like incense wafting into every corner of the temple and beyond.

Minette blessed all the congregation with Brigid's Well water as they entered the Temple from the Persephone, a participant stood holding the energy at the shrine to Gemini and Vesta with David making sure the space was reserved for the family. Then as the Family came in from the main temple entrance the harp became silent. Andrew tolled the great bell thrice as Cressida welcomed all to this celebration of life and Solar journeys. She then struck the Tibetan Gong. Its clear notes sliced through the air in waves creating moments as all hearts came together in an ebb and flow as a great river then all sound ceased as that moment between a heartbeat and breath a void of potential.

Eimear stepped up to give the invocation to the Morrigan in the words of old it was as a sweet scent of earthy forests of trees and shapeless shadows. Then I gave the invocation to Amun with ancient words of the solar boat that we will soon row to the Horizon for everlasting life. Cait stepped forth to invoke Pallas Athena that Lady Olivia had been working on a new order and this will be coming into being early next year. Then it was Caroline from across the water whose reading and words sent the minds a loft with wisdoms far and hopes to hear. Then Cait stepped forth to sing an Irish air with her ethereal voice it floated like a leaf on a warm summer’s breeze that drifts away too soon too soon as the last note fell silent. Cressida calls Eileen to bless the sarcophagus with sistrum in hand she recites Pilgrim of Eternity from Dulce Domum. Moments lingered as eyes gazed skyward she handed the sistrum to Marian who elated the air with sound and the words of "With Gratitude For" from the same source.

Deirdre then took the instrument and followed with Divine Isis breathes were deep and short silences seemed more than poignant as Cressida recited Releasing the Shadow and “Rejoice Olivia is Isis Risen” energy wiped around and many felt the spinal tingle with glazed eyes. Maureen stood forward reciting the Isis Prayer with firm of note and delivering tone as Celia then recited “The quality of mercy is not strained” as this was one of the last things Lady Olivia had written in her note books (which there were many and all full with notes pictures and tasks for the priesthood). Cressida spoke a final "Thanksgiving to the Beloved Divine" then David, Eimear and Cait all thanked the Gods and Goddesses they had invoked, sending out Blessings to all across the Globe.

Julie sang words of the divine in her native voice that held the silence in Temple. Máire then recited the poem she wrote to link the Temple to the next part of the ceremonial procession to the Church in the village. As the family withdrew upstairs, Julie and Lydia lead the congregation with guitar and drumming out of the Temple through the grounds to await the hearse. Then in the Temple Leslie and Josephine said their own prays before extinguishing all the candles and I closed the portals locked the gates and headed to join everyone at the castle main gate. As we all stood waiting, Ra was above the castle and so bright that we had to shield our eyes to see as the front door opened and Lady Olivia’s great nieces carried her wicker coffin. It looked like a solar boat with hand maidens gently bring it to the shore. She was placed into the hearse and a lone piper in Irish kilt played as the family and all followed down the avenue through the village up the hill to a small stone church, where the vicar was to hold a ceremony for family and friends before the burial.

It was a simple ceremony with hymns and readings and Anna Lady Olivia’s niece had written a eulogy that was so Olivia she was there with us we laughed and sighed and lamented our own thoughts of why. From there we all headed back to the castle theatre for tea coffee sandwiches and of course Olivia’s favourite Cake we spoke and recounted story and hugged and introduced ourselves to those not known. Then down to Osborne’s (a local coaching house as Olivia always said) Julie and Lydia played music and Deirdre’s son played tunes on the fiddle we spoke some more as the cloak of night covered the land of Ireland it was a very special day and one that will not soon be forgotten.

Blessings to you all,

David de Roeck

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