Olivia Robertson: Magical Journey on the Wings of Ma'at

Friday evening, October 6, 2006

Full Moon in Aries

FOI Convocation

Isis Oasis, Geyserville, CA

Magical Journey on the Wings of Ma'at

A Guided Visualization

by Olivia Robertson

I want to take you on a magical journey on the wings of Maat. We are undergoing the rite of passage of balance, a vertical balance and a horizontal balance.

We are entering into a place of depths of the heart - within the Womb of the Mothers. As we follow the ancient Egyptian path, we approach two dark obelisks with golden tips flanking an alabaster portal in the side of a mountain. Anubis stands there, all black, with His great upright ears, robed in gold. Tehuti, robed in black, stands on the other side. They are the guardians of the portal. Each stands silently, gazing into the heart of a mystery and not sharing what He sees. Silently, They beckon us to pass. Within we expect to see only darkness, but no! We find ourselves within the temple of the gods and goddesses of earth. It is dark, but we find ourselves in a mighty hall of hewn stone, with pillars reaching upwards into darkness above us, along the sides of a great passageway. Here in the dark womb of the earth, within the realm of Geb we hear chanting. “We honor truth. We honor virtue. We honor heaven. We honor the earth.” And it is here in the dark halls of earthly initiation that we first learn to honor truth, we first learn to love, to uphold virtue, we learn to honor all of life in it’s many forms. And it is here that we must face the Goddess of mysterious depths.

Now the dark gateway becomes luminous as though veiled in a shimmering dimness like a mist. The misty veil draws aside and we see a mighty cavern, wherein stands the Goddess Nephthys. Her face is dark, and She is veiled. She at first seems deathlike, skeletal, but as we contemplate Her, the lines of her body become softened with beauty, and we glimpse great and dark mysteries within the folds of Her veil. And She beckons us to enter the blackness of the cavern. We hear chanting as we approach the darkness, which seems like a void. It is the black hole, an inner gateway within ourselves….we hear voices chanting, “My Heart is Pure”…and we see a great black river of potent healing water. It flows in this realm of Nephthys, giving healing - healing of the heart, of the spirit, for those who are wounded and tired. For this is the Realm of the Heart. And She draws aside the veil from Her face. We stare into Her great dark eyes and we see the vulture Goddess Nekhbet. She is the Protectress of the temple, the Protectress of life, She is the harbinger of hope even in times of famine and despair. And the Mother of Death and Life gives us a gift for our journey. She gives us a vision of understanding. For this is the place where light meets darkness, where day meets night, where life meets death. It is the place where insight brings wisdom to the mind and spirit, where hearts meet each other in empathy. It is where we look upon the face of anyone who hates or dislikes us, anyone who has wronged us. We may also see dislike within ourselves for others. We have all hurt, we have all been hurt.

Nephthys smiles and holds up a mirror. Images swirl across it’s surface. The mirror of Nephthys shows us what these others hate is something they find in themselves, and that we do not have to suffer. We are free from that which we ourselves dislike. We are free from that which hurts us. The Goddess is here to allow us to rise above it. As we realize this, our hearts are healed. Suddenly, we are free! And we feel ourselves begin to rise. The earth has grown insubstantial and we pass through it easily. We rise upwards through the earth, into the sky above, to the portal of the temple of the Sun, the land of golden light, of life, love and happiness. And we leave behind the dark, healing cavern of Nephthys.

We are in the realm of Ra and of Hathor. We rise to find the sacred temple of the solar body, with two golden pylons on either side of the temple gateway, whose height fades into the sky above and whose columns then descend downwards into the earth below. And we are told we cannot rise to the heights without first experiencing the depths. We are told this as the Goddess Maat of Truthfulness questions us: “Are you truthful of spirit and honest of heart? Are you truthful to the very depths of your being?” Only then are you able to enter the Hall of the Goddess Maat. She has a mighty auric manifestation and mighty feathered wings. The Two Pillars stand balanced on either side of Her. “Are you balanced in your judgment when you feel passion? Wisdom is the balance you need in your life.” Come to the Goddess, be truthful, tell Her. Look at the face of the Great Goddess. She lifts Her veil and Her perfect beauty is both lovely and wise. She says “Honor the other.” Let us unburden ourselves of one particular injustice that troubles us, one particular thing we hate, however difficult. (pause) Suddenly we feel like laughing! We feel like being friendly. We are glad. Anubis and Tehuti are standing there near the balance of Maat, and we put aside all sorts of things we feel obligated to be in the earthly world, we set aside earthly cares. In this sudden lightening of heart, we begin to rise. We leave behind the beautiful golden temple of the sun.

Now we reach unfathomable heights in the heavens, and approach Sirius, the Star of Isis, which is really two stars. These are the stellar twins, the Souls of Isis and of Osiris. They are the Divine Twins of Alchemy. We feel star power like a fountain falling through us. Isis and Osiris are joined in one single united flow of being, light of both God and Goddess shine as one within our Spirit. We ask to be given insight. Without the Light of Spirit we are as though dead and we are nothing. Isis and Osiris together pour a stream of Holy Light into the darkness of our being. As we face Isis and we face Osiris we are given our own Guiding Light. A dream is given to us - it may be a vision of beauty. It may be a nightmare, but the ills within it are given to teach us. We accept what is given to us, and learn the wisdom of it. Isis and Osiris give us a lamp, a light to guide us on our way. Its light shows us that we have been given a key to heaven and to hell. Each one of us has our own key residing within us always. And we are shown it now. (pause)

As we pass through the veils of starlight in the heavens, we see that Hell is just a reflection of Heaven. We have been given a symbol or key, which will give us access to the realm of light. And from the heights of star power, we now begin to draw back to earth. We now descend through the Golden Gateway of Ra and Hathor, Goddess and God of the sun. We descend and go through the dark pylons of Geb. And we realize the balance of Maat, the wisdom of Nekhbet, the healing of Nephthys, and the guiding light of Isis and Osiris are within us all of the time.

Our green world, which is the mantle of Geb, is a reflection of the blue heaven of Isis and the black cavern of Nephthys.

We send out love, truth and harmony to all beings.

Holy Isis, Holy Nephthys, we give You our thanks that You are ever within us. So be it.


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