Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: First Path

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

By Olivia Robertson

“Earth Goddess” by Olivia Robertson

First Path: Shield and the Earth

Protection, Personal Integrity, Conscience,

Nature, Nature Spirits, Sacred Sites

“… inspired by Pallas Athena, to protect people’s personal integrity and conscience.” - Olivia Robertson

Earth is the beginning. My guided journeys begin within the earth at the Hearth of the Mothers. Then consciousness extends upward to higher centers, reaching the realm of the sun and finally, the stars. The Current of the Mothers is the root energy of our earth – both the planet and spiritual current within our bodies. We find inspiration in the elements and cycles of the seasons, whose forces reflect a Greater Truth.

I have written of matriarchal centers where rivers meet –of Castle Matrix and Clonegal Castle. These reflect what is in ourselves - twin currents flow within us and meet within us. The Cave of the Mothers in our temple once served as the castle dungeon! My brother Lawrence gave much thought to the creation of the temple and what it represented. Our temple is a reflection of what can transpire within the seeker. He wished to demonstrate physically the release of the current of the Goddess. We opened the dungeon, so the current of the Mothers could symbolically flow out! Everything is a reflection of each other – the temple resides within the lower region of the castle – just as the energies of the Goddess, our Mother and Creatrix, are nestled deep within our own root.

While pondering this, I was reminded of the “palladia” - the oldest representations of Athena. The original palladia were said to be stones that fell from the sky, possessing protective powers of both heaven and earth. The Stone of Sovereignty in every land is imbued with the Current of the Great Mother - the same is true within each one of us. The Current of the Goddess protects and guides us to ascendancy of our true Nature.

Humanity holds a vital place between the natural world and spheres of angels and Deities. These spheres are joined though empathy and telepathic communication. Compassion of one to another can touch the hearts of those who need awakening. Empathy in the New Aeon is a form of active prayer. As we advance, telepathy is heightened. What we think, we project to another. What we think of another we project onto ourselves!

The greatest spiritual change is wrought through the Current of the Mother. When She emerges within us, we become aware of Nature Deities. We see Earth as a living being. At the same time we may hear the call of the Muses, and the sphere of earth becomes one with the sphere of spirit. We reach the heights never forgetting the earth from which we have come. Within this cosmic balance we find peace. Our greatest protection is this - be true to yourself while honoring others - happiness and laughter will result. Negativity ceases to hold sway. Remember it was the laughter caused by Uzumi that brought the Solar Mother from Her cave.

*Note: Work on each path consists of psychic questing. “Athena: Arcadian Awakening” may be used, and oracles by Olivia Robertson – “unscripted rites” - development of one’s own rites and oracles is encouraged. The Order honors and reveres all Athenian Ancestors of Arcadia, as the Goddess Athena shares Her inspiration and wisdom through spirituality and the arts.

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