Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson at High Altar. Photo by John Merron.

Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Fellowship of Isis Co-Founder Lawrence Durdin-Robertson was an accomplished scholar. This page lists a series of links to works written by Lawrence and some articles written in his honour. You may read Lawrence's biography on this page - "Fellowship of Isis: Biographies of the Co-Founders"

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson


His Writing

Bibliography of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's Vision of Isis

Isis - Excerpt from "The Goddesses of Chaldea, Syria and Egypt"

Clonegal Castle (Guide to Clonegal Castle)

Isis as Creatress and Giver of Life - Excerpt from "God the Mother"

'The Maternal Source' - Excerpt from "God the Mother"

"Life in the Next World" - Excerpt

Cult of the Goddess: a Lecture by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

(later re-published as "Religion of the Goddess")

The Goddess Dana by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Juno Covella: Dedication and List of Selections


Juno Covella: Goddesses of the Months and Days of the Months

(Goddesses of the Fixed Calendar)

Juno Covella: Author Biography and Book Description

Goddesses of the Dawn (from Juno Covella)

Goddesses of Noon (from Juno Covella)

Goddesses of Dusk, Evening and Twilight (from Juno Covella)

Goddesses of Midnight (from Juno Covella)

"Goddesses of the New Aeon" (with drawings by Olivia Robertson)

Cessair (Cesara) (Drawing - "For Cesara" by Olivia Robertson)

Goddesses of Aquarius (Drawing - "Lady of the Waterlilies" by Olivia Robertson)


A Memorial for Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Dulce Domum: The Gentle Haven (A Tribute written by Olivia Robertson)

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson: In Memoriam (by Asphodel P. Long)

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