Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: The Diamond of Perfection

The Diamond of Perfection:

Isis, Dana, Tara and Athena

By Olivia Robertson

Through the Goddess Isis, I received divine realization that all beings and all existences are sacred. We carry the Divine Spark within us as Her Children - yet each one of us is unique. We are perfect in our originality. This is the Mystery of Isis, Holy Mother of All That Is.

Unveiling the Truth of Isis means we forgo deception of any sort – including those prejudices and misconceptions of The Maya of Illusion. The Veil of Isis beckons, the mysteries it conceals compel us. I cannot write here of its mysterious nature on the spiritual, that is for each seeker to discover on their own. My truth may not be the same for another, we all have our lessons to learn. On the psychic level, the Veil of Isis is the aura that radiates around each one of us and all living things. If we have the courage to lift that many-coloured veil, we shall enter new worlds of being.

The Goddess Dana came to me in 1952. The beauty that radiated from Her was extraordinary. She brought a level of happiness that has never left. I wondered who She was, until She declared her name: Dana. She too is a Divine Mother, but Her influence works in a different way. One comes to know Dana through sensitivity to Nature. Her message is to live in harmony. When you achieve the clairvoyance of Dana, you live in communion with the Sidhe, trees, plants, flowers, insects, birds and animals – every living form of Nature, even the stars!

This is not surprising. Ireland is the land of the Children of Dana, the Tuatha de Danaan. It is a place many believe to be the domain of the Sidhe, and Gateway to the Faery Kingdoms. They lie beyond the setting sun in the western Atlantic Ocean, as seen from Irish shores.

Tara came to me at night in 1946 at Imbolc. She was bright as snow beneath the stars and moon - Her body was crystallised white light, she had raven hair. I knew Her then as the Silver Lady. It was some time before She revealed Her Name, Tara. She appeared to me again one year later, while I was working in the Dublin slums. Tara urged me to take action. How was this to be carried out? Some years later, in the early sixties, my brother Lawrence, my sister-in-law Pamela and I created the Clonegal Welfare Association. We took the next step in 1989, by founding our Environmental Order of Tara.

But it was the Goddess Athena who came to me on the island of Crete in 1976. She brought a different initiation - the uniting of head and heart beneath Her shining helmet and aegis of light. I have given a full report of this to Linda Iles. It was through Athena as Patroness of the Arts and Psychic Protection that I learned to be compassionate, without becoming entangled in the sorrows and passions of others. Because of this, in the Temple of Isis we have a dark mirror dedicated to the Mourning Athena. There I pray for those in trouble.

Isis, Mother of All, has given each of us Her Divine Spark, through Her we are connected to every living creature. Dana brings communion with all Beings and Tara calls us to action. It is Athena whose clarity guides and protects our inner connection to the creative flow. These four Goddesses have created the Diamond of Perfection – Love, Harmony, Truth and Inspiration!

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Taken down in dictation as directed by Olivia Robertson, Nesu House, Geyserville, California, 2011.