Druid Clan of Dana - Sample Rite: Flamma Brighid

Sample Rite:

Adaptation of the FOI Liturgy Ritual

"Flamma Vestae. Initiation into a Fellowship of Isis Iseum"

Written by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Flamma Brighid

Initiation into a Grove of the Druid Clan of Dana

Adaptation written by Maury White-Hereford, Prsts. H, Arch-Druidess

and Daniel H. Campbell, Prst. H., Arch-Druid

Wyld Myst Nemeton, New Orleans, Louisiana


Arch-Druidess: (Invocation of Brighid) Triple Goddess Brighid; Bride, Queen, Enchantress, bring us Thy purity, strength and wisdom! At Thy time of Imbolc Thou dost wander as a poor homeless woman seeking shelter at each door. We open the door of our hearts to Thee!

Oracle: Hard it is to open the door to Truth! It is easier to bask in the warm fire of love in a closed family circle. To welcome the stranger is dangerous. Your whole lives may be transformed in an instant! In my Manifestation as the White-veiled Bride, I represent the hidden Truth that lies behind appearances. I call you to follow Me out of your home into the wilds! I draw you to a stream that flows into the Well of Wisdom at the World's End. You must cross the stream in order to reach the mysterious realm of eternal youth, Tir na nOg. You take one shoe off and place your foot in the water. At that moment you are between two worlds, the material and the spiritual. You see with the Eye of Vision. You are reborn!

When you reach the other side, you face Me as Queen. From Me you learn, with your Eye of Light, to transform your own future, and in so doing, to change the world! You may safely travel during night across the stream as long as you return at day as the swan returns to its nest after long flights. So though in a mortal body, you shall shine forth as an immortal Spirit.

A further Initiation leads you at last to reach the Well of Truth, which is both its matrix and its source. Here you meet Me as an ancient woman, hooded in a black cloak. Many dread Me in this form, for I am Death. But as I throw back my hood you see no skull, but rather the Enchantress Who has guided you through many incarnations! You gaze at the still water of the Well and you understand the meaning of all suffering and evil; love and joy. And in this understanding you awaken the Eye of Truth within you. I smile and I embrace you and I hand you my cloak

On an altar let there be 4 white candles, flowers/oak leaves, incense, a sun disc. pendant and long red cord by an unlighted candle. An open fire or glowing charcoal in brazier/cauldron and a vessel of water is in the Grove. On a table are wine, fruit-juice, a glass of water, a loaf of bread and a loving cup or glasses.

By the entrance is the Guide and. Candidate. The Candidate wears white with white veil (woman) white hood (man).A Companion holds Candidate's gift of incense, flowers and work of art.


Guide and Candidate stand at entrance to Grove.

Arch-Druid: Honoured Guardian of our Grove, who seeks admission to the Holy Place?

Arch-Druidess speaks with Guide and returns.

Arch-Druidess: Noble Druids and Companions of the Grove of “Wyld Myst Nemeton”, the Guide conducts a Candidate hither. She/he is a member of Aset Shemsu, the Fellowship of Isis. She/he seeks Companionship into our Grove

Arch-Druid: Who stands Sponsor for this Candidate?

Sponsor speaks in favour of Candidate.

Arch-Druid: Who would refuse this Candidate Companionship?

Companions speak - if any wish to.

Arch-Druidess: Let us confer.

Decision is made.

Arch-Druid: The Candidate is to be admitted! Arch-Druidess admits Candidate and Guide.


Guide: The Candidate must now face the Three Assessors. Leads Candidate before Dedicants of Brigid, Dana, and the Morrigan.

Arch-Druidess: Harken to the words of the Goddess Brigid. "I carry the flame of Truth, which dances in the breath of Spirit. Dare you face Truth with honesty, whether it be the soul-shaking winds of new ideas, the ugliness of wrong-doing of yourself and others, or the shock of harsh facts?"

Candidate replies.

Arch-Druidess: Though Truth may be feared as terrible, when Brighid is faced with Courage and Faith, perfect beauty and goodness are seen!

Arch-Druid: Heed the words of the Goddess Dana. “I am the goddess of the wisdom of Nature. I show the soul the face of the Sun, which inspires and sustains the dance of the seasons. Do you balance truth with compassion, love with understanding? “

Candidate replies.

Arch-Druid: Those who love, forgive others; those who face the truth are just; those with wisdom forgive themselves.

Arch-Druidess: Harken to the words of the Morrigan. “I am the goddess of Justice. The sharp eyes of my crows discover all falsehood and heartlessness. Are you just to those you dislike? Do you understand the point of view of those with whom you disagree? Are you just to all creatures, human, animal, plant?"

Candidate replies.

Arch-Druidess: Learn to recognize the good qualities in every being, including yourself, and acknowledge that which is real and eternal! Be irritated by others' short-comings - and you waste time being angry with fleeting shadows. Be true to your real self!

Arch-Druid: Has any Companion a question to put to the Candidate, before acceptance into our group?

If so, Companions do and Candidate replies.


Arch-Druid: (to Candidate) Do you in mind and heart adore Deity? Do you love Dana, Goddess of our Hearth and our own beloved Goddess and God, Brighid and Dagda of this Grove?

Candidate: I do.

Arch-Druid: May our Companions signify acceptance of this Candidate.

Companions: (in turn) I accept this Candidate as a Companion of our Grove.

Arch-Druid: (to Candidate) Which Goddess Name (if woman)/ God Name (if man) do you choose, in token of your soul's birth through the Goddess?

Candidate: To the name/s given by my parents, I add the Divine name of ***.

Arch-Druid of Grove: With the Holy Name of (Chosen Name) I declare you a mCompanion of our Grove, the “Wyld Myst Nemeton”.


Candidate: I offer incense to the Goddess Dana! (sprinkles incense on fire.) I offer flowers to the Goddess Brighid and water to the God Dagda! I offer this work made by myself (art, writing, craftwork etc.) for this Grove, “Wyld Myst Nemeton” (presents her/his work).

Arch Druid: I accept these gifts for the Grove, in the Name of Dana, Brighid and Dagda and.”Wyld Myst Nemeton”


Arch-Druid: O Dana, grant us Thy Warmth. Dana, Goddess of Abundance, your life giving solar light feeds all your children. In thine golden eyes are seen the love of the Mother who values all her children upon the Earth; under which is your perpetual fire; the earth and the hearth are symbols of the home. The earth is like a ball resting on no prop. Its own power of rotation keeps its orb balanced. Your undying fire is hidden in our Grove, within protective branches. Dana is so called the Living Sun. The Hearth, her Focus, is named after her warmth.

Arch-Druidess: (gives Candidate taper) Light this candle from the hearth of Dana. Share your power and your gifts with others and you will suffer no diminution, but rather add to your store of knowledge, power and happiness.

Candidate lights candle. Arch-Druidess lays hands over Candidate's head and heart. Warm power may be felt and flame coloured lights seen.

Arch-Druidess: May Dana's light brighten your mind and Her Sun warm your heart.

Arch-Druid: Hear the words of a Druid who has gone before you to Her service: "Now, after long miles of journeying and searching at last you found a haven of companionship and peace. Rest assured that you are now safe under the protection of our Goddess, whose clear Light shines for all. Rejoice now, as becomes a son/daughter of the goddess. As a Companion join ecstatically in the Clan of the Goddess Dana. As you enroll yourself in her ancient clan, know that Her service is perfect freedom."

Arch-Druid: Let the Candidate read to us all the words of a companion in the clan of Dana.

Candidate: (reads) "The Companions accepted me as one of their own, a loyal servant of Dana. Not a single night did I pass, nor even doze off during the day, without some new vision of Her. She always intended for me to be initiated into Her sacred Mysteries, to which I had long been destined. I frequently spoke of this to the Arch-Druid, begging him to initiate me into further Mysteries of the goddess. He checked my restlessness, so gently and kindly that I was not in the least discouraged. He explained that the proper time for further initiation would be indicated by signs from The Goddess Herself, following the measured unfolding of the gifts I had already received. He said: "The perfect manifestation of all the interweaving cycles of Life are in Her hands. It is by Her grace that the Companions of the grove are born again and restored to new and healthy life."

Arch-Druid: When that time comes, my friend, you will be told by Dana.

Arch-Druidess: These are the words of Dana: " You need to return to your roots in order to grow! It is through love of those living with you that you attain a wider love, and not through spurning your family! It is from your children that you may again learn the language of birds and trees, and through your grandparents that you may hear the music of the spheres! As you develop the magical language of the Angels, you will find your own spiritual family. It comprises humans, Deities, Nature Spirits, animals, trees and stones, not only on this planet but from the stars. Such families are as constellations in the great galaxy. My Tuathe De Danann came from the sky, yet also dwell within the hidden sun at earth’s matrix. The Golden Age shines about you, resplendent in the matriarchal darkness. Naught is alien when all is known and loved. You are kin to all beings in the cosmos and all are kin to Me."

Arch- Druidess: (anoints Candidate's brow with water) May Dana bring you enjoyment of your forgotten immortality! Golden power may be felt flowing through head and body of Candidate and white light seen.

Arch-Druidess: (presents Candidate with Sun Disc.) Accept this Solar Disc, the Sign of Dana.

Arch-Druid: (presents Candidate with cord) In the Name of the Goddess Brighid and the God Dagda of this Nemeton, accept this cord! The Sacred Cord links the mother with her baby, and with it are joined families, lovers and friends! (Candidate links symbol on cord and Arch-Druid puts it round her/his neck.) The cord hangs loosely! Love and friendship must be free.

Omnes hold hands and circle three times to music except veiled priestess.


Arch-Druidess: Companions of this Nemeton, the Holy Time has come! Power fills our Grove. Let us invoke the Divine Presence of our Goddess among us!


Curtains are drawn. Only light is from 3 candles on altar. All sit except Arch-Druidt who raises his arms and gives inspired invocation. Silence. The Arch-Druidess is in trance and the Arch-Druid protects her aura from interruption. If there is no manifestation, the Arch-Druid lifts her veil and gives an address or the given oracle. If a manifestation is to take place, Companions will observe a quickening in the air like dancing sun-motes or swirling stream. A sphere of light may appear above and behind Arch-Druidess. The Goddess may appear to clairvoyants or on extremely rare occasions, materialise for a short while.


Arch-Druid Invokes Goddess.

The Divine Oracle is delivered through the Arch-Druidess. When it is finished the Arch-Druidess returns from trance.


Arch-Druidess: Let us now meditate on the Oracle

Meditation on Oracle and on work of Nemeton, including use of talents or new member. Experiences are shared. Rays of friendship are sent forth to sister centres all over the world.


Companions welcome new member with handshakes and kisses and words of friendship. Wine, fruit-juice are blessed. New member is toasted. Bread is blessed. Love feast is shared.


Arch-Druidess: Thanks is given to Brighid and Dagda, tutelary Goddess, (or Goddess and God), Dana, and the Morrigan

Arch-Druid: Let us go forth with the Divine Blessing.

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