In Memory of Maury White-Hereford

Maury White-Hereford

October 29, 1947 - August 21, 2017

During the totality of the eclipse on August 21, we lost one of our most active and beloved elders in the FOI community. Maury White-Hereford was an artist, visionary and priestess. She studied art at Southeastern Louisiana University. Ancient Egyptian, Native American and Druidry served as the primary paths in her spiritual work. Maury was committed to the celebration and protection of Gaia, and to the right of free choice for all to worship, as they will. Maury was ordained by FOI Priestess Iris Bradley (Sierke) of “Isis, Star of the Delta” on September 27, 1990; later that same year she founded the “Iseum of the Winged Isis of Awakening”.

Maury was a Priestess, Hierophant, Archdruidess and Archpriestess within the Fellowship of Isis. She served within the Archpriesthood Union of the FOI Union Triad, which was established by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. Maury was selected by Olivia Robertson to attend the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, Illinois as a delegate in 1993. During the parliament, Maury participated with Olivia and other FOI members in the rite “Isis of 10,000 Names.”

When asked to share her feelings on how to become receptive to the spiritual current of the Fellowship of Isis, Maury said: “What we, as members, come to discover through practice of the Manifesto and the Liturgy is the “current,” which enfolds all members and carries us through the challenges and joys encountered on of the path of workers in spirit. It carries us through life challenges and insures support of our fellow sisters and brothers. This current is ancient and new, bright and lively, mysterious and compelling. The Founders opened a Portal to the future where the threads of all faiths combine to make a Rainbow Bridge that enables us to become one with the Deities. It flows from ancient wisdom and practice unforgotten by its members.”

Of her personal path Maury wrote: “I stand against greed and I stand for personal, spiritual empowerment. I stand against the destruction of the four-legged, the fliers, the swimmers, the stone people, the standing people and all the beautiful and innocent creatures and plants of the earth. I believe that a culture that is based on the depredation of others for personal gain is rotten from within and cannot survive.”

Maury and Daniel with Iris Bradley at Daniels ordination

at Isis, Star of the Delta Lyceum in Mobile, Alabama

Maury and her husband Daniel lived in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here, she and Daniel founded the “Lyceum of The Mystery of Isis and Osiris” on September 8, 2002. They spent time with FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson when she annually visited the city of New Orleans for so many years. Maury loved her home and her city, and wrote of it: “I have found my spiritual home in the city of New Orleans. The journey of my life has brought a variety of experiences, but these experiences have brought me to today, in the city that I love, with the people that I love, creating art that is a joy to me and above all as a practicing priestess of the Goddess.”

On October 29, 2003, while visiting New Orleans, Olivia’s vision of the creation of the Spiral of Alchemy came to fruition. Because the Spiral of Alchemy came into being on Maury’s birthday, Olivia Robertson presented to Maury, her original drawing of the spiral of alchemy. Olivia initiated Maury and her husband Daniel into the Spiral of Alchemy on Samhain, 2003.

Olivia Robertson initiates Maury and Daniel, into the Spiral of Alchemy

with Cathryn Anne Rogers, left, Samain, 2003, New Orleans

Maury was a true credit to her role as a hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis. Following the passing of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson, Maury was a support for us all as we set up the Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena. We had the materials, and very carefully sifted through them all to arrive at the form it is published in today. Maury and her husband Daniel Campbell did some shamanic journeywork, via the FOI liturgy to affirm our course. This led to an account from Maury of a wonderful vision she received as a result:

“Daniel and I decided to do an invocation and offering to Athena. I have to say I have had little real interest in either the Greek or Roman pantheon. So, I was very surprised by the result of that rite. I will relate to you, as I did to Linda [Iles], the vision I received during our drumming and meditation. Athena stood in front of me. She wore a plain robe and an almost blinding yellow light poured from her. The Helmet was shining like a beacon and the Aegis was blasting the yellow light. She was strong and forceful. She took me by my shoulders and pulled me into her aura. What I received: Athena wants to step into the 21st century as a force for good. This “force for good” was projected through the Aegis. The Aegis, resting at Athena’s heart chakra, spinning the light of many colors cast in yellow was the locus of her energy. … After this vision faded and further into the meditation I got the idea for the FOI Aegis Circle of Hierophants. The Order is something Olivia wanted to initiate before she passed. It has been accomplished.”

Maury summed up her feelings about her role and work as a priestess in one of our last correspondences: in Maury’s own words: “I think both of us and others can say, at the end of our lives, that we fulfilled our vows made at Philae, and contributed to the return of the Goddess through the FOI and helped it through those troubled waters.”

Dearest Maury, you will be greatly missed. But we know we shall see you on the other side. Dance now, dear Isister, and sing amongst the stars.

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