Juno Covella - Cessair (Cesara)

Reproduced By Permission.

Juno Covella

Perpetual Calendar

of the Fellowship of Isis

compiled by

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, M.A. (Dublin)

Baron Robertson of Strathloch

Priest of Isis

Excerpt from Section I

Goddesses of Chronological Eras


"For Cesara" by Olivia Robertson ©. Fellowship of Isis Central Website

Irish: CESSAIR, CESARA. (Fell. Of Isis Dir. p. 13) “The Chronological era, Anno Deae Cesarae Hiberniae Dominae, used at the Foundation Centre (the Fellowship of Isis) dates from Cesara’s landing in Ireland. Cessair or Cesara, a contemporary of Noah, is described by Macalister as ‘the Magna Mater of the Irish people. In the original legend Cessair must have survived the Flood … and re-peopled the earth. The fifty women (i.e. her companions) were undoubtedly meant to be the mothers of the post-diluvian human communities’. Her date is based on Ussher’s computations - sources: Lebor Gabála Erenn, edited by Professor R. A. Stewart Macalister, D. Litt. (Irish Texts Society); The Chronicle of Ireland, by Meredith Hammer, D.D. and The General History of Ireland, by Seathrun Ceitinn (Geoffrey Keating).”

The year 1980 of the Common Era (C.E.) or Era Vulgaris (E.V.) corresponds to the year 4328 Anno Deae Cesarae.

Note: Cesara is the Patroness Goddess of the private press created by two of the FOI co-founders, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson - “Cesara Publications”. The above entry will explain the reason for the date of publication sometimes shown in their books.

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