Noble Order of Tara - Overview

The Noble Order of Tara is a "Fellowship of Isis Foundation Centre Society", otherwise known as a "Daughter Society" or "Founders' Society" of the Fellowship of Isis. It was created by Fellowship of Isis co-founder Lawrence Durdin-Robertson through his ancestral title, Baron of Strathloch on Beltane, 1989.

For Goddess and Nature

The Noble Order of Tara is an Order of Chivalry founded to inspire work towards saving the environment from pollution. The tutelary Goddess is Tara of Ireland and Asia, Tara of 108 Names. The world has been created by the imagination of our forebears. What we think, feel and imagine now, if we act upon it, will make our future.

As An Bhean O Tara

The Noble Order of Tara

Pro Dea Et Natura

(Environmental Conservation)

A Foundation Center Society within the Fellowship of Isis, the Noble Order of Tara was founded on Beltane, May 1st, 1989, by the acting Chancellors, the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister, Olivia Robertson. The mottos of the society are "As An Bhean O Tara" (All Glory to Tara) and "Pro Dea Et Natura" (For Goddess and Nature). Olivia writes in the introduction of her book, "The Call of Isis", "We are gardeners of the earth, as in Eden. We are guardians looking after all the species, and are part of the great symbiosis of animal and angel."

The Noble Order of Tara was created upon receipt of a request from Douglas Reagan. He contacted Lawrence Durdin-Robertson asking for the creation of an Order of Chivalry with the intention of conserving nature. Douglas Reagan received the first accolade of knighthood.

In 1979, the Chief Herald of Ireland had matriculated Lawrence as the twenty-first Baron of Strathloch. As a member of the Baronic Court, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson had the authority to bestow knighthood within it. He became Chancellor of the Noble Order of Tara upon his founding of the order in late 1989. Olivia Robertson is the current Chancellor of the Noble Order of Tara which is often designated by the capital letters of it’s name - NOT. Olivia writes that there will be no future Chancellor after she "departs for spirit sphere".

This is an Order of Chivalry, organized into chapters, which are designated as a Priory. Every Priory is founded and headed by a Grand Dame Commander or Grand Knight Commander. Priories within the Noble Order of Tara work tirelessly to provide environmental awareness, preservation and healing of our Mother Earth.

The tutelary Goddess of this Order of Chivalry is Tara of Ireland and Asia, Tara of 108 Names. Besides being the name of the Goddess, Tara is also the name of the hill where the Kings of Ireland were crowned. The name Tara in ancient times was Tea-mhair. It was the ancient capital of Ireland, and served both as the religious and cultural center of the whole country. Tara is named after the Goddess of the de Danaan, Tea who founded Tara with the help of her sister, the Goddess Tephi. Together these two goddesses were the patronesses of the noble and sacred Assemblies of Tara. Tea was wife of the first Milesian king who was named Eremon. The Milesians were described in the 12th century text "Leabhar Gabhala Eireann", or the "Book of Invasions," as the ancestors of the present day Irish people. Excavations at the ancient site of Tara have uncovered surviving physical evidence that dates back to 2000 BCE. (This information comes from Lawrence Durdin-Robertson’s book "Juno Covella: Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis," Cesara Publishing, 1982.)

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