Olivia Robertson - Oracle of Morgan

Oracle of the Goddess Morgan by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2010.

Invocation: I invoke the Goddess Morgan, Who guards the mysteries of darkness and light; Who rules among the Sidhe and walks the silver paths of moon-limned oceans. Aid us to draw forth Your Sword of Destiny, Lady of Raven and Moon!

Oracle of the Goddess Morgan as Given Through Her Priestess

I am the Star that rises over deep waters. To learn the wise use of power, to walk freely upon the spirit-ways, turn to Me, the Goddess Morgan, Queen of the Paths of Magic! You need the guiding light of My Sword of Truth.

In darkness, there will you find My Moon, which shields the flames of the Inner Sun behind a silvery veil; in the light of day, you will find My dark messenger the Raven, herald of the unseen - know that I am not divided within Myself. Light and dark, that which is seen and not seen, all exist within Me in harmony. Follow My example, be whole, for you are innately holy!

When you attain success, the heavens ring with your laughter, and when you fail, your sorrow can make tears fall from a stone. Be courageous! Time after time as you incarnate upon this earth, you are made to suffer and you see what others must endure. Yet you can also experience joy and love in such measure as to be wondered at by the Goddesses and the Gods.

All that is created by Deity springs from ecstasy - your endeavors come through toil and discipline. Yet you are Our beloved children, the fulfillment of Our labors - remember ecstasy was your source spring. Through you all We have created on earth can be blessed - or - it can be destroyed.

My Sword of Truth lies upon the dark waters. Its blade is fine and sharp! With quicksilver gleam it lights the spirit ways, from earth to moon, from to sun to star. Be the true daughter, the true son, and bring forth love, truth and beauty in My Name. Grip the hilt of the Sword of your Destiny. Use it well. And take Heart!

This is one of a planned series of posts to honor the anniversary of the passing of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. During her stays at Isis Oasis for the FOI Convocation, Olivia would offer guided journeys and rituals in the Main Temple, in the Isis Chapel and sometimes even in the sitting room at the Nesu House. I (Linda Iles) took notes when possible, and Olivia and I would go over them afterward. Oracle by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2010.

Photo courtesy of P. McCarthy © Fellowship of Isis Central

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