Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: The Helmet by Maire Doyle

The Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

Part IV. The Path of the Helmet

by Maire Doyle

You have walked the road of the Spear and now find yourself facing out to sea or at water’s edge. The Sun beams from a blue sky and you feel its warmth enfolding you. As the clouds drift by and you allow your mind to drift and wander, you become aware of the forms in the clouds. There’s a cat, and there a feather or a space craft. You’re feeling at ease and uplifted, proud and content with your endeavours, and in your Heart you experience the joy and awesomeness of being alive. Sounds of Nature are all around and you revel in their wonder. You listen to the sounds as the leaves of the Ancient ones, rustling in the breeze, as they ‘speak’ to your open Heart. The perfume of the flowers, herbs and the sweet aroma of the earth assail your nostrils and uplift your Spirit.

Silently an Owl glides towards you and comes to rest upon your head. You stare upon the waters as they stir and shimmer, sending out ripples in ever widening circles. Slowly a form ascends and Hail, the Goddess Athena rises, water glistening as it drips down Her form and once more upon the surface. She is adorned in flowing robes of richest silks of silver and gold. In Her hand is Her Spear and on Her arm Her Shield, upon Her head is a helmet, reflecting the rays of the sun. Your companion, the Owl, silently flies across and comes to rest on Her helmet.

The Lady of the Lake welcomes you with a wide smile, in recognition of your use of Her gifts of Perseverance, Courage and Prudence. In your Heart you hear praise for the progress you have made, for your achievements. She acknowledges the Divine of your Being, your innate Power. She draws your attention to the Owl who sat upon your head even before She arrived, an indication of your inner Knowledge. Raising Her arm, the Owl hops onto it and She whispers in its ear. Stretching out Her arm in you direction, the Owl flies, silently, coming once more to rest on your head and you recognise the symbolism of the Owl for you and you feel elated. You also recognise your inner Knowledge.

For a short time you and the Goddess remain in silent communication. She assures you of constant guidance as you continue to walk Her Path. She reminds you to always trust in yourself, to always trust and listen to the Divine within while honouring the Divine in others. You are the most important person in YOUR world. Take care of yourself first and then you will be best placed to assist others. For in assisting others you too will learn.

Slowly the sun begins to dip lower in the West and the Lady takes her leave of you, slowly descending to Her shimmering abode. Still you tarry, then realise the Owl appears to have become one with you. You feel assured and confident, full of determination to continue. For there is much to experience, much to achieve and so very much to learn of Life and of yourself.

You start to become aware of yourself in space and time, aware of your own physicality. Slowly you open your eyes and become aware of your surroundings, and you take a drink of water.

The Path of the Helmet

Now you are ready to walk the Path of Knowledge. You have learned so much since you started on the Path of the Shield and later on the Path of the Spear. You have come to understand how you experience the different events in your life and that, in itself, is a great achievement. You have learned to trust you own instincts, not just regarding yourself but in relation to people and situations. Certainly you have come across times when for one reason or another you entertain some doubts about things, who doesn‘t? That is part of what it is to be a human being. Now you are also aware that you find it easier to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and carry on with Life. Occasions such as these only serve to give us the opportunity to have a quick revision of all that has gone before and how much we have achieved and learned. So now, it is time to put one foot out and then the other and take the next step and carry on again.

No doubt you will have met different people along the Path. People who are more like you in your way of Being, of thinking. And with them you will have exchanged experiences, exchanged opinions and in so doing you have opened your mind to different ways of viewing Life. You will have opened your Heart and mind to the equally legitimate opinions or views of others. Some of this may influence you at reassess your own views on any given topic or subject. Some may not. That is perfectly fine. Never be afraid to give genuine thought to someone’s differing opinion even when this might mean you adjust your previous point of view. All of this means you are open to learning and will also mean that you do things slightly differently. Life is in a constant state of flux!! And learning can mean that we also are frequently changing.

Many people are not too happy with lots of change. They feel anxious about stepping out of their own particular comfort zone. However, for those of us who walk the Path of awareness of Life, change is less daunting. Not a lot, but less so!!! We have grown in self-awareness and have learned so much as we walked that Path that we have acquired more confidence and so are less daunted. There will often be some form of conditioning, perhaps from childhood that we will find difficult to come to terms with. So long as we are aware that this possibility, it will help us to deal with it a little more easily. Be gentle with yourself, you are doing a splendid ‘job’.

Be prepared to consider all you have learned, all you have achieved, and how much you have changed while still remaining the Same. According as you put your Knowledge into practice you are growing in Awareness and Wisdom. For Knowledge is only so much information. As we use our Knowledge then we may grow in Wisdom.

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