Noble Order of Tara - Ritual Key

The Star of Ishtar

This spiral of 32 degrees is the basis for coursework which centers on the Fellowship of Isis liturgy. For more information please visit the Star of Ishtar page featured in the navigation bar. Each numbered circle on the Star of Ishtar diagram corresponds to a point on the diagram which intersects time and space, corresponding to the position of an FOI liturgy ritual.

Within the Noble Order of Tara, the four levels of consciousness formed by the coils of the Goddess Tiamat are corresponded to Goddesses, as outlined in "Tara and Lugh: Ordeal of the Danaan Treasures":

Level 1. Tara, corresponds to Alma Mater (Lia Fail, the Stone of Destiny. Earth)

Level 2. Morrigan, corresponds to Flamma Vestae (The Sword of Light. Air)

Level 3. Dana, corresponds to Porta Mystica (The Cauldron of Plenty. Water)

Level 4. Brighid, corresponds to Dulce Domum (The Spear of Destiny. Fire)

The Noble Order of Tara of the Fellowship of Isis was founded Beltane, 1989. The first Priories of the Noble Order of Tara were founded immediately after and started teaching immediately. “Tara and Lugh: Ordeal of the Danaan Treasures” was published in “Gaea, Initiations of the Earth” in 1991. Many FOI Noble Order of Tara Priories were in operation for several years before any guidelines for coursework structure were introduced.

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson has stated that the work of all FOI centres, including their individual coursework, ordinations, consecrations and certification of degrees is honored. There can be no ‘rigid laws’ as exist in hierarchic Churches and Orders. Heads of centers rely on psychic consensus of the group and guidance through intuition and the manifestation of particular attributes of the Deity or Deities concerned in their centre, therefore there can be no set curriculum. Thus, heads of centres, through inspiration from their particular Deity or Deities, produce their own training course, which is based on the principles of the Fellowship of Isis Manifesto and the oracles and/or rituals of the FOI liturgy.

Olivia has stated: "Centres are not run as automatons. A spiral of rites can be created by each teaching centre, even customized to each student. We must respect the individuality and unique gifts of every member. Nothing was ever meant to be written in stone."

"Many heads of centres have had long experience in the spiritual field and choose to create their own course. The following is intended as a suggestion for those others, who desire guidelines for the forming of a course." - Olivia Robertson, original College of Isis Manual

The following rituals from the Fellowship of Isis liturgy are suggested:

The two rites found in “Gaea: Initiations of the Earth”

Tara and Lugh: The Ordeal of the Danaan Treasures (Consecration Rite)

Isis and Osiris: The Judgment - Planetary Initiation

Twelve rituals in “Melusina: Life Centres of the Goddess” are used to strengthen the chakras.

The Eight Alchemical Rites in “Brigid of the Rainbow Planets” to activate the inner alchemical process of the refinement of the soul, necessary to attain the grael.

Elemental Magic rites in “Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess”

To attune to the magic of the elements.

Sun Magic of the Life Force (harmony, illumination, infusion of energy)

Lunar Magic of the Tides (strengthen psychic vision)

Earth Magic of Transformation (activation of the Tree of Life)

The Eight Seasonal Rituals from “Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess” To attune to the seasonal energies of the Goddess.

Festival of the Hydrophoria, 1st - 2nd February

The Athenaea, 21st - 24th March

Festival of Wesak, 1st - 2nd May

Festival of Astarte and Adonia, 21st - 24th June

Festival of Opet, 23rd July - 3rd August

The Eleusinian Mysteries, 22nd September - 1st October

Communion with the World of Spirits, 31st October - 2nd November

The Tree of Life, 21st - 25th December

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