College of Isis - Sample Rite: Ordination by Attunement

Rite of Ordination by Attunement

Adaptation of the FOI Liturgy Ritual

"Ordination of Priestesses and Priests"

by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Adapted by Sarah Rooke, Priestess Hierophant

Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars

Portsmouth, UK

Introduction and Preparation

“All beings are children of the Mother Goddess. Hence all are in essence Divine. The Priesthood invokes a voluntary acceptance of work undertaken for the Divine Plan of the Deities. Human beings attain priesthood in various ways. Vocation is received from the Deities. Reincarnation brings memories of previous ministry. Initiation is given through rite of touch. Heredity gives family priesthood. Priestly authority may also be claimed through occupation…..” (Fellowship of Isis Directory, Vol 1, 1980)

The Fellowship of Isis priesthood is hereditary in origin through the Robertson’s of Strathloch. It is conveyed via the Rite of Ordination by consecration with oil. The ceremony may also be bestowed through telepathic attunement by mutual arrangement with the parent Lyceum and candidate.

The Priestly line of the FOI priesthood comes from the Egyptian princess Scota, daughter of the Pharoah Cincris, of whom the Right Honourable Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson are descended. Scota was a daughter of Isis, or her priestess, and she left Egypt coming to Scotland with her Scythian husband Nel and they had a son, Gaelglas, after whom the Gaelic race is named.

“There are two phases of the priesthood. The first degree is when the devotee faces the deity as a prostrate worshipper, expressing obedience and service. In this relationship, there are two participants, the Deity and the Worshipper. The worshipped may not speak as the Deity, for he is the created, not the creator. His task is to repeat what the Deity says and interpret the Divine Will for the benefit of the faithful……..The second phase of their priestly life is a reversal of the first. There is identification with the Divine Archetype. This degree demands a greater surrender of the consciousness at the outset, because the Deity ‘takes over’ the human channel and then speaks through the mouth of the Priest or Priestess.....When the Pharaoh and the Great Queen took part in rituals in ancient Egypt, king and queen were held to be god and goddess…" (Olivia Robertson, from ‘Ordination of Priestesses and Priests’, 1983).

Ideally it would be better for this particular ritual to be held physically in person, so the candidate affects the contact needed from the hierophant conducting the ordination. However, we know that this may not be possible for some, so I have written this version to be used in mutual arrangement by attunement with the parent lyceum.

You will need to think carefully on the Deities you wish to follow, choosing Primary, Secondary and Third Goddesses (and Gods if desired) for each. As a priestess/priest also needs an Iseum or centre, you may wish to think about founding one as well and a name!

Before the ritual, you will need to gather the things required. You will need to make or obtain a crown, wand and stole (scarf) as symbols of your priestly office, and will need some spring water, grain (rice will do), and a crystal for the receiving part. You will also need to present some gifts to the Goddess; we suggest that flowers, incense and a work of art are good offerings, though you could also offer home baking, e.g. bread or cakes, a poem, a dance, a piece of jewellery like a ring or necklace, a candle or crystal. . You will need a white robe, some anointing oil and also list of your achievements/aspirations to be read out; this is what qualifications or studies you have gained or done, and what you hope to achieve in being a priest or priestess in your ministry e.g.. healing, reiki, tarot, herbalism, etc.

A few days before the ritual, study the text of the ordination rite and familiarise yourself with it. In Olivia’s version, readings were given for Dana, Kwan-Yin and Isis, but you may like to choose other ones. Some time in preparation mentally, psychologically and spiritually is also called for a while before the actual day. I suggest about a month or so, or longer depending on how you feel.

When you are ready, arrange a suitable time with the lyceum for the attunement and have a ritual bath in aromatherapy oils or herbs. Dress in clean robes and you may wish to pray or mediate to your chosen Deity for guidance on this your big day. If you wish to cast a circle and invoke the four quarters, then please do so. Make sure the phone is also off the hook and mobiles are switched off! We wish you well for your ordination as priestess or priest!

Rite of Ordination

On an altar let there be a cup of spring water, a crystal, a vessel of grain, a phial of oil, burning incense and candles. Also let there be placed a crown, a wand and a stole, with the three gifts e.g. some incense, a work of art, some flowers, a poem, piece of jewellery, home baking, candle or crystal. The candidate wears a white robe and has a scroll that records their works, achievements and qualifications gained, and their aspirations in life for their ministry and iseum (if they have one). Soft harp or flute music may be played.

Note: In a proper ordination ritual, there will be a priest and priestess of the Goddess, a Scribe, a Temple Maiden and a Guardian of the Gate, who will enter the temple in priestly procession. The Guardian stands at the entrance and the others by the altar. You may wish to visualise this just to get the effect and attune to your parent lyceum, whom are enacting the ritual with you in spirit. The scribe would next announce that you are standing waiting outside, and the Priest would ask the Guardian to escort you into the temple.

Candidate stands by the altar and says:

I am welcome in this Holy Temple of the Goddess, as I enact the Rite for my Ordination as a Priestess/Priest by attunement with the parent Lyceum of ***

Now you make a declaration of intent:

It is my wish that I be ordained as Priestess/Priest of the Goddess. So mote it be

The three Goddesses (and Gods if desired) you have chosen to be ordained to must now be invoked. Standing at the East, make the sign of Uranus and invoke your Primary Goddess (and God if desired):

I invoke the Goddess ... (and God if desired ... ). May wisdom and truth prevail

Stand at the South, make the sign of Venus and invoke your Secondary Goddess (and God if desired):

I invoke the Goddess ……(and God if desired ...). May love and serenity be bestowed.

Stand at the West, make the sign of Neptune and invoke your Third Goddess (and God if desired):

I invoke the Goddess …....(and God if desired …). May joy and beauty be granted.

Stand at the North, make the sign of Pluto and say:

I invoke the Mother of All. Great Goddess guide and protect me this day

Stand at the altar and say:

Let me seek communion with the Goddesses whose attributes are love, beauty and truth, so that I may find my own true part in the Divine Plan.

Now a gentle meditation or quiet contemplation on your Ordination may now follow for a few moments. After this unfold your scroll and say:

Great Goddess, I offer these works that I may best serve Deity in my ministry……

You must now read out from your scroll your list of achievements and aspirations in life; this is unscripted as it is from the heart!

Now comes the part when you offer your gifts to the Three Goddesses:

In token of my dedication to the Divine Service, I offer this gift to the Goddess …….(primary Goddess), this gift to the Goddess ……(secondary goddess) and this gift to the Goddess ……(third Goddess). Please accept these gracious Goddesses, in the spirit of love and light.

Lift up your three gifts to the Goddesses in turn and replace on the altar. Now say:

It is good to give, it is also necessary to receive.

Lift up the crystal form the altar and hold it in your hands, saying:

I take this crystal from …..(Primary Goddess). May I discern the spark of life in all existences.

Lift up the vessel of rice from the altar; hold some in your hands and say:

I receive these grains of rice from …..(Second Goddess). May I protect all living beings.

Lift up the cup of water from the altar and dip your finger in it, anointing some on your brow in a circle saying:

I accept this water from …..(Third Goddess). May I receive true vision.

Stand at the altar saying:

The purpose of deity enfolds itself through us in many ways. Manifold are the virtues of the Goddess.

Now here comes the part where you dedicate your life to the Service of the three Goddesses (and Gods!) you have chosen. Say:

I choose the Goddess …… (Primary goddess) to follow as their priestess/priest, and so aid them in their work

Take the oil from the altar and anoint your forehead, heart and hands with it saying:

In the names of the Goddess ….(Primary goddess), I anoint my forehead, heart and hands. Thus in the hour of my ordination, I am now Priestess/Priest of the Goddess.

Take your crown from the altar and place it on your head, saying:

With this crown, in the name of the Goddess …… and God …..(primary), I dignify my head

Take your stole from the altar and place it around your neck, saying:

With this stole, in the name of the Goddess….and God (secondary), I hallow my heart.

Take your wand from the altar and hold it in your hand, saying:

With this wand, in the name of the Goddess ….and God …..(Third), I strengthen my will for good.

Now say:

May I be blessed by the three goddesses ……(name them each in turn, primary, secondary, then third). I receive now the blessings of the Goddess

As a daughter/son of the Goddess, may I reflect my mother’s glory!

Now bask in the Mothers light and love for a few moments, reflecting her glory as priestess or priest, or daughter or son of the goddess!

In a proper rite, the others present would now confirm their acknowledgement of you as priestess/priest. However, we recommend the following affirmation:

I am now accepted as a Priestess/Priest at the time of my ordination by the Priesthood of the Goddess.

A reading or address may be given.. Here is our suggestion:

Hear the words of Julian, Pontifex Maximus, Emperor of Rome, who writes to the priestess Theodora:….’I have received from you who are wisdom itself your letter telling me of the fair and blessed promises of the Deities. I now say plainly that…all who aspire to priestly office must ….engage with greater energy in the temple worship of the Deities’.

Also the supreme Pontiff write thus to a priest of the Olympian religion: …’I shall describe what manner of man a priest should be, that he may be justly honoured. He should teach reverence towards the deities. It is fitting that we should perform our services to the Deities as though they themselves are present with us; and though not seen by us, we may direct their gaze which is more powerful than any light, even penetrating our hidden thoughts.

It is our duty to venerate the images of the Deities, their temples and holy precincts and altars... It is our duty to maintain all the rituals of the temples. You must above all exercise philanthropy, for from it result may other blessings and that choicest blessing of all; the goodwill of the deities.....”

You may now if you like give another reading of your choice as you feel appropriate.

As the new priestess/priest, you must now give the blessing, facing outwards say:

In the names of the Goddess whose attributes are love, beauty and truth, may all beings be blessed. The sidhe and humans, animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects, trees, plants, this earth and all the elements. So mote it be, and blessed be as blessed is, and blessed May we all be.

You now need to close the ceremony:

Facing East: I give thanks to the Goddess …..and God …..(primary goddess and god)

Facing South: I give thanks to the Goddess ….and God…..(secondary goddess and god)

Facing West: I give thanks to the Goddess ….and God ……(third goddess and god)

Facing North: I give thanks to the Mother of All.

May we go forth with the Divine Blessing.

Note: If you like, you may leave the temple in silent procession for a few moments, then return and extinguish any candles or incense.

Write down any thoughts or visions you have had, especially in the meditation. and any dreams later - Olivia thinks the reports are very important – before the insights get forgotten.

Olivia always recommends having some food and water or tea straight afterwards for grounding. So you can have some cake or bread nearby, and water in case the incense gets too much, or the mouth dry

Olivia would also like to have reports of ordinations and consecrations for Isian News.

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