Olivia Robertson - Open Letters 2007


Received from Olivia Robertson

Co-Founder, FOI

July 9, 2007

The Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, has never, at any time, worked in collaboration with anyone on the Liturgy. She wrote the Liturgy with the Inspiration of Isis, sitting at home, alone, in her Drawing Room. The Liturgy, published in Isian News and book form has naturally had the normal quota of typographical and other errors which have been dealt with.

Blessings of Isis,

Olivia Robertson

Received from Olivia Robertson

Co-Founder, FOI

May, 2007

"Gatherings of the Arts"

Following the success of the recent informal gathering of FOI members and their friends, at the Castle on the afternoon of Sunday, April 1st, and inspired by the Goddess Brigid, the Circle of Brigid will, with The Theatre of Isis, from time to time, co-host ‘Gatherings of the Arts’ in the old Mill Theatre at Clonegal Castle, thus reviving the Clonegal Centre for the Arts, which was run by Lawrence and Olivia Durdin-Robertson for many years during the 1980’s.

The original Mill was once a Barn theatre, which was very popular in the 18th Century. In the 19th Century the family reinstated it for family theatricals – for which Olivia wrote plays from the age of 10, and invited the local community to performances. In his early years, the Irish Television celebrity, Peter Murphy, who lives half a mile away, ran the Clonegal Theatre Company there.

Continuing the work of the Theatre of Isis, and as a regular contribution to the Gatherings, Olivia Robertson will present her impromptu playlets on contemporary themes, which are much enjoyed, as she always has before Temple ceremonies. In this way, and as a joint venture, The Theatre of Isis and The Circle of Brigid will offer members of FOI an opportunity to share their gifts in the arts, including music, dance, poetry, painting, and by giving occasional day workshops.

Theatre of Isis & Circle of Brigid activities at the Castle, other than the regular Festivals, will be suspended during June, July and August, when the Castle and grounds, including the Temple, are shown on guided tours.

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