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We now have three authorized Global Central FOI websites! FOI Germany joins the Circle of Isis in the USA and Star of Elen in the UK. FOI Germany was authorized by FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson as an official global central website on December 19, 2008.

The FOI Germany website was created by Rt. Rev. Claudia Wehmeyer and Rt. Rev. Thomas Wehmeyer. In 1997 their Cybertemple of the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names was first published to the internet. It was one of the earlier FOI related websites. Claudia and Thomas are the founders of The Nemeton of Dana and Tara Hedge College in Germany. After a recent overhaul of their website, it was republished to the internet with the domain name of

Claudia and Thomas have worked for many years establishing a viable and strong community of FOI members and centres, particularly in Germany and Switzerland. They offer training and workshops regularly throughout the year, along with correspondence courses for FOI Iseums, Lyceums and the Druid Clan of Dana. They produced a Goddess themed publication “Zeit der Goettin” (Time of the Goddess) and “Hinkelstein” (Megalith). Presently they are publishing “Heckenkurier” (Hedge Messenger), also a Goddess themed magazine. They have hosted the annual Symphony for the Goddess, an FOI gathering which received international attendance, and included featured presentations by FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson and also Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise of London.

The FOI Germany site offers information on the Fellowship of Isis, Druid Clan of Dana, Noble Order of Tara and several rites from the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy in German. Rt. Rev. Claudia Wehmeyer and her husband, Rt. Rev. Thomas Wehmeyer head one of the oldest FOI communities.

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