Order of Signs, Sigils and Seals Path II.

Artwork for FOI Daily Prayer by Olivia Robertson


by Olivia Robertson

Path II. Initiation. We Harmonise Our Psychic Centers

with Physical and Cosmic Energies

Each symbol can be a key that will open the door to an unknown realm! The Ankh is the opener of all doors: it is the Key of Life held by Isis, Daughter of Nuit.

The contemplative needs to learn the art of entering semi-trance state, in which the brain is temporally put aside to allow the intuition to take control. Yet consciousness must not be lost entirely, but kept, as it were, with one foot on the earth! Conscience must also be as important in trance as in waking state. Prayer overcomes that instinctive fear of the supernatural, which halts the seeker on the threshold.

Awareness of the Inner Spheres comes most easily at dawn and twilight, when one’s soul brings memory of beautiful dreams, which are reflections from one’s Spirit. Each Devotee is basically his or her own Hierophant: the key to the Mysteries is concealed within oneself, through one’s own original identity with the Divine Mother and Her Consort. Meditation with oneself as Teacher protects one’s independence.

The key is love. As this consciousness expands, it affects family, friends and neighbourhood. Even the cat smiles! Radiations - whether this be in city or countryside - heal worldly ills through the auras of humans, animals, trees and stones. Communion with the Deities, with the Sidhe -elemental Beings - and friends in Spirit is enjoyed. There is no death once the soul learns to leave the body in full consciousness. Our true selves are of the Immortals. Disease, hatred, jealously and fear are dissolved as we awaken from the world dream which we ourselves have created. We see through the worldly veil and discover the ever living earth, Body of the Goddess.

Ritual: Isis and Osiris: The Judgment (Gaea, Initiations of the Earth)

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