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Solar Iseum of Heka

Dedicated to the Goddesses Aset, Sekhmet and Hekate. The purpose of this center, according to the founder: “To be a contact for fellow seekers, students and masters alike and to share the wisdom as well as partake in the path of the God/dess. To keep striving for knowledge and its useful application for the betterment and benefit of mankind, the earth and its creatures and spirit. I will speak truth with humility and deliver messages of insight when I am asked by my akhu and Gods in good faith.”

Contact: Setjataset, Prs. H.


Address: PO Box 117

Clarinda Victoria 3169







Solar Iseum of the Holy Fire of Brigid

Clonegal Castle

FOI Founder Centre


Iseum dell'Alchimia Solare di Iside e Osiride

Palermo, Italy

Questo Iseum si prefigge di argomentare e divulgare notizie e stralci di mitologia, in particolare quella che riguarda i grandi alchimisti quali furono Iside e Osiride, e si propone per l’insegnamento del percorso alchemico e di trasmutazione interna, nonché quello sacerdotale. Il training è atto principalmente al cambiamento interiore, riconducibile alla mutazione da bruco a farfalla, o da un qualsiasi metallo all'oro, per far emergere il proprio Sole Interiore.

Contatto: Ivana Modesto


Facebook: Iseum dell'Alchimia Solare di Iside e Osiride


Iseum dell'Alchimia Solare di Iside e Osiride

Palermo, Italy

This Iseum aims to argue and divulge information and excerpts of mythology, in particular that concerning the great alchemists such as Isis and Osiris, and it is proposed for the teaching of the alchemic path and of internal transmutation, as well as the priestly one. Training is principally geared to inner change, attributable to the mutation from caterpillar to butterfly, or from any metal to gold, to bring out the Inner Sun.

Contact: Ivana Modesto


Facebook: Iseum dell'Alchimia Solare di Iside e Osiride



Iseum / Lyceum / Solar Iseum of Alchemy Isis Mirionymos


The Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess of the ten thousand names, and we provide services to the pagan community and members of The Fellowship of Isis for free, we are at the service of our brothers and sisters. We teach the Adept's Spiral. The Art of Healing and Oracular Art are part of our Work In the Lyceum we teach the liturgy to train priests and priestesses, seeking to know our inner divinity through devotion, art and ritual. In the Solar Iseum we teach the Spiral of Alchemy, through confrontation and union with our shadow, we seek to unite ourselves to our divinity.



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Iseum/Lyceum/Iseum Solar de Alquimia Isis Mirionymos


El Iseum esta dedicado a la Diosa de los diez mil nombres, y brindamos servicios a la comunidad pagana y miembros de La Hermandad de Isis de manera gratuita, estamos al servicio de nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Nosotros enseñamos la Espiral del Adepto. El Arte de Sanacion y el Arte Oracular son parte de nuestro Trabajo En el Lyceum enseñamos la liturgia para formar sacerdotes y sacerdotisas, buscando conocer nuestra divinidad interior mediante la devocion, el arte y el ritual. En el Iseum Solar enseñamos la Espiral de la Alquimia, mediante en enfrentamiento y union con nuestra sombra ,buscamos unirnos a nuestra divinidad.





Solar Iseum of the Alchemy of Isis

London, UK

Contact: Caroline Wise, ArchPrs., H., Solar Alchemist

BCM Starfire

London WC1N  3XX



The Iseum of the Solar Goddess

Hastings, East Sussex

Celebrating the Solar Goddess of light, healing and creativity. Working with the Fellowship of Isis principles and liturgy to honour Isis, Goddess of 10,000 names.

Contact: Rev Rosie Weaver Prs. H., Adept








Solar Iseum of the Crystal Goddess

Glendale, AZ 

Contact: Dr. Gina Pollaro, Prs. H., Solar Alchemist 








Light of Brigid's Rose Solar Iseum

San Diego, CA

Contact: Linda Iles, Prs. H., Solar Alchemist



Solar Iseum of Universal Alchemy

Dunsmuir, CA

Rt. Rev. Michael Starsheen has two books, "Mythic Voices" and "Universal Alchemy" offered through the publisher  His storefront page url at lulu is

Contact: Rt. Rev. Michael Artonn Starsheen, Solar Alchemist


Website: Isis of the Stars

Michael's Lyceum of Isis of the Stars website is once again on the web. This is a new and updated version, with lots more yet to come.  It promises to be a beautiful addition to FOI offerings on the internet. The site will present offerings for all of Michael's FOI centers, his Lyceum, Solar Iseum of Alchemy, DCD Grove and NOT Priory. You may view it here:





Isis of Philae Solar Iseum

Navarre, FL

Contact: Deborah Merwin, Prs.Alchemist


Solar Iseum of Ouroboros

Jacksonville, Florida

Honoring the Goddess and Her Mysteries through the legacy and original vision of Blv. Olivia Robertson. The Solar Iseum founder, Rev. Don Lewis, writes: "Blv. is a Correllianism - it is a style 'Beloved' used for an ancestor." The term "Correllian" refers to a tradition founded by Don's great-grandmother, Orpheis Caroline High Correll, of which Don is the Chancellor and First Priest. Don moderates the FOI e-mail list on Yahoo:

Contact: Rev. Don Lewis



Solar Iseum of the Dance of Fire

Milton, FL



P.O. Box 404

Milton, FL 32572


The Golden Rose Solar Iseum

Carterville/Carbondale, Illinois

This solar iseum is dedicated to Aphrodite and Eros. 

Contact: Kenneth M. Bearden




Solar Iseum of the Osiris-Ra Bennu

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Solar Iseum of the Osiris-Ra Bennu is devoted to Isian Alchemy related to transformations of the sun and fire. The Solar Iseum deals with Osiris as a solar deity transforming through many realms as the Phoenix. We commit to shape-shifting and altering spiritual consciousness by the eternal flames of life of the Goddess Aset, the hidden solar mysteries related to the God Asar, the cycles of the sun corresponding to the Boat of a Million of Years and Amun-Ra, and spiritual rebirth through the phoenix. This Solar Iseum was founded on November 10th, 2009 sponsored by deTraci Regula.

Contact: Kasey E. Conder, Pr. H. Solar Alchemist


Telephone: 801.755.4419



Solar Iseum of Anu and Beli

Connell, WA

Rev. Thomas J. Brown II

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