Druid Clan of Dana - Coursework Announcement

FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Announcement from Olivia Robertson, dated October 11, 2011

There are those who founded teaching centres within the Fellowship of Isis before coursework, guidelines and regulations were implemented. In those years between their founding and the production of guidelines, regulations and courses, these centres have brought through others, who have founded their own centres, and in turn, teach in the same format. The question arose - are they valid? ALL training courses are valid. ALL centres have autonomy. Regulations and procedures are provided as guidelines, they are meant as suggestions. The ONLY basic requirements are teaching centres base their work on the F.O.I. Manifesto and the F.O.I. Liturgy. The Candidate using rites suggested in the coursework most helpful to his or her own chosen Path. The College of Isis being the exception, as guidelines were laid out upon the revival of the College as inspired by Isis.

“The Queen’s regulations are handrails, not handcuffs.” - General Sir Lawrence Parsons, grandfather of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson. He burnt mounds of red tape in his day!

When members founded Lyceums, Iseums, Groves and Priories they did so in the understanding that their work, based on the F.O.I. Manifesto, had validity!

Since 1976 there have been many lists of requirements and regulations for the courses of various centres. However, the requirement for acceptance of the Manifesto is the only basic necessity to unite us all. Regulations multiply which is the usual order of Societies! As Lawrence Durdin-Robertson was wont to remind us: “In the beginning of Christianity, all members were called Saints. Now you need to have performed two miracles and to be dead to qualify!”

The time has come to be free from secrecy, binding vows and inflexible rules! Any coursework should be available to all sincere seekers. This is essential to preserve the ethical validity required by the Goddess Isis of Truth for Her Fellowship.

Signed, Olivia Robertson


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