Lawrence Durdin-Robertson - Dulce Domum

Two of the FOI Co-Founders: Olivia Robertson and her brother, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Dulce Domum: The Gentle Haven

Isian News No. 74, Samhain, 1994

Lawrence Alexander Durdin-Robertson, Archpriest of Isis, 21st Baron Strathloch, Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, has made transition to a better sphere of being. He passed on Thursday morning after 6 a.m. on August 4th 1994. He left us at peace at home, with a prayer to Isis. His body was laid out by a Priestess and Priest with full ceremonial. He had an Irish Wake for two days, laid on a couch in ceremonial robes, his headdress by him, and holding his ankh and crook. He was buried with full insignia in Egyptian style. Lawrence’s earthly body was buried in Clonegal churchyard with those of his wife and ancestors. The Church of Ireland ceremony on the 6th August was conducted sensitively, with spiritualist overtones. The site is on an old rath, and is known as the oldest Druid burial ground in Europe.

The Dulce Domum Ceremony from the Fellowship of Isis liturgy was conducted afterwards in the Temple of Isis. Nine Priestesses and three Priests conducted the Rite which involved guiding soul and spirit through the etheric, astral and spiritual spheres. Some Catholics from the village particularly liked this. The ceremony culminated in the unveiling of the statue of Isis of Ten Thousand Names on the high altar: Olivia held up the Ankh Sceptre and declared: “Lawrence Alexander Osiris has risen from the dead.” This act is performed for each departing member.

Already Olivia has had psychic contact with her brother, “Derry”, surprisingly soon. Possibly this is because the world is facing great changes. Lawrence appeared looking much younger, in very good heart. He showed Olivia how the ignition of the Lughnasad fire has its etheric counterpart, which brings renewal to the unhappy, the bored, the lonely. A young woman was shown receiving this therapy from a group in Spirit World, and obtaining a sudden onrush of new life. Olivia reminded Derry of their experience of the Beltane Fire appearing in etheric form on the hearth, revitalizing a young mother and her child, who had sought for help. Lawrence is enthusiastic about using this hearth-fire therapy.

The Fellowship of Isis continues as before, in both spheres.

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