Fellowship of Isis - History Archive

In February of 2006, Fellowship of Isis co-founder and ArchPriestess Lady Olivia Robertson, approved a proposal from the Circle of Isis Advisory Board Meeting to archive Fellowship of Isis history.

Aset Shemsu: Logo of the Fellowship of Isis. Hieroglyphs researched

by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, artwork drawn by Olivia Robertson

Welcome to the Fellowship of Isis History Archive

The pages below detail key points in the history of the Fellowship of Isis. They are divided into six basic sections:

1. Fellowship of Isis (1910 - present)

2. Olivia Robertson (Artwork, catalogue of her writing, previously unpublished work, experiences)

3. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (Catalogue of his writing and entries on Isis)

4. FOI Manifesto (Six previous versions, starting from 1976)

5. Original FOI Manuals (Contents of the first FOI Handbook and College of Isis Manual)

6. Official FOI Publications (Isian News, Isis-Seshat, Mirror of Isis)

Heartfelt thanks to Olivia Robertson for her kind assistance. Her continuing support and enthusiasm for the work of the COI website is deeply appreciated.

Fellowship of Isis History: A Chronological List

Please click on the links below to view the files in the Fellowship of Isis Archives. Enjoy!

1. The Fellowship of Isis

Before the Fellowship of Isis (1910 - 1945)

The First Rituals (1960's - mid 1970's)

The Founding of the Fellowship of Isis (1976)

First FOI Public Event (1979)

Temple of Isis and Ngame (1981 - Present)

The College of Isis and First Lyceums (1986)

Overview: The FOI in the Southeastern United States (1986 - Present)

The First FOI Convocations, London, Geyserville, Chicago (1990 - 1994)

Twilight of the Gods: Article featured in The Guardian (1991)

Interview with Olivia Robertson conducted by Steve Wilson (1992)

The Druid Clan of Dana and the CoBDO at Stonehenge (1992 - Present)

The Second Parliament of the World's Religions (1993)

Interview with Lady Olivia conducted by Alex Langstone (1993)

Book Launch Parties for "The Call of Isis" by Neptune Press (1993)

The Alchemy of Isis by Caroline Wise (1993)

Druid Clan of Dana and CoBDO on Summer Solstice, London (1994)

FOI "Firsts" on the World Wide Web (1994 - Present)

Floralia, A Memorial to Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (1995)

First Official FOI Central Website Published Online - London (1996)

Fellowship of Isis 20th Birthday (1996)

10th Anniversary of the College of Isis (1996)

The Founding of the Temple of Isis in Geyserville (1996)

FOI Chicago (1996)

Celebrating the Goddess - New Orleans (1996)

Symphony for the Goddess - FOI Convention in Germany (2000)

Tara Hedge College Photo Album (1997 - 2001)

Twenty-first Anniversary of the First FOI Iseum (1998)

Isis Invicta Military Mission - Temple of Isis, Geyserville (1998)

Tarot Reading - Future of the FOI in the New Millennium (1999)

"Say My Name That I May Live" - Temple of Isis / Los Angeles (2001)

Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales (2003)

Temple of Isis / Los Angeles Photo Gallery (2003 - Present)

Ellen Cannon Reed, A Priestess Remembered (2003)

The Fairy Seat of the Druid Clan of Dana (2003)

Map - The Fairy Seat of the Druid Clan of Dana

Consecration of Circle of Brigid: Coordination of Temple Festivals (2004)

Midsummer Alchemical Wedding (2004)

Circle of Isis Global Website Announcement (2004)

The Isis Theatre Company (2005)

Hurricane Katrina - Message from Olivia Robertson (2005)

Isis Day, Isis of the Thames Lyceum, Covent Garden, London (2005)

Circle of Pelagia Advisory Board (2006)

FOI Astrological Chart and Progressions (2007)

Lady Olivia Robertson's Ninetieth Birthday Celebration (2007)

Muses Symposium (2007)

Interview with Olivia Robertson - Isis Oasis (2007)

Star of Elen Central Global Website (2008)

FOI Germany Central Global Website (2008)

Goddesses of Twilight (2008 - 2010)

Brigantia Greetings from Olivia Robertson (2010)

Circulo de Isis (Spanish FOI Community, Spanish Liturgy Translations) (2010)

Contributions to the Temple of Isis Shrines, Clonegal Castle (1976 - Present)

The Awakening of Aengus Og: Report by Rev. H. Sean McCabe, O.T. (2010)

Celebrating Epona: Rite by Attunement: Ritual Notes (2010)

The Divine Goddess Eka-Eyen (2011)

Olivia's Message from London FOI Gathering (2011)

Special Report - FOI in France (December 2011)

Olivia Robertson's 95th Birthday (2012)

2. Olivia Robertson

Offerings from Olivia Robertson

The Art of Olivia Robertson

The Writing of Olivia Robertson

The Call of Isis (Olivia's Spiritual Autobiography) (1975)

Irish Bronze Age Art - an article by Lady Olivia Robertson

The Lightness of the Sidhe - by Olivia Robertson

Creation of the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

Olivia's Account and Oracle, Second Parliament of World Religions, 1993

Olivia's "Open Letters" from Isian News 1997 - 2003

Holiday Greeting from Olivia for 2007

Holiday Greeting from Olivia for 2008

Holiday Greeting from Olivia for 2009

Holiday Greeting from Olivia for 2010

Holiday Greeting from Olivia for 2011

Adaptation of Ordination Rite for Attunement

Olivia's Druidic Initiation in Brigid's Well (2008)

Dulce Domum: David Durdin-Robertson (2009)

Important New Paintings by Olivia Robertson (2009)

Photos: Olivia Robertson's 93rd Birthday (2010)

Special Report: The Beginning of the New Aeon (2010)

How to Escape Control (Article and Drawing) ( 2011)

Court Circular (Article from The Bell) (1945)

Four Donkeys of the Zodiac (Article and Illustration) (2011)

Guided Journey by Olivia Robertson - FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis (2011)

A Special Guided Journey for the Dark Time of the Year (December, 2011)

Olivia Robertson's Online Log: 2010 - 2011

Olivia Robertson's 95th Birthday (2012)

3. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

The Writing of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Isis - Excerpt from "The Goddesses of Chaldea, Syria and Egypt"

Clonegal Castle (Guide to Clonegal Castle)

Isis as Creatress and Giver of Life - Excerpt from "God the Mother"

'The Maternal Source' - Excerpt from "God the Mother"

"Life in the Next World" - Excerpt

A Memorial for Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Cult of the Goddess: a Lecture by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

(later re-published as "Religion of the Goddess")

The Goddess Dana by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Juno Covella: Dedication and List of Selections

Juno Covella: Goddesses of the Months and Days of the Months (Fixed Calendar)

Juno Covella: Author Biography and Book Description

Goddesses of the Dawn (from Juno Covella)

Goddesses of Noon (from Juno Covella)

Dulce Domum: The Gentle Haven

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson: In Memoriam (by Asphodel P. Long)

4. The FOI Manifesto

The FOI Manifesto has undergone some transitions over the years, reflecting the changes that have accompanied our organizations growth and changing needs. Versions of the Manifesto appear at the links provided below. The pages also contain information about which FOI publications and the date of publication in which these versions of the Manifesto have appeared.

Version One

Version Two

Version Three

Version Four

Version Five

Version Six

Current version of the Manifesto, updated by Olivia Robertson in October 2009:

FOI Manifesto (English)

FOI Manifesto (Spanish)

FOI Manifesto (Italian)

FOI Manifesto (German)

FOI Manifesto (French)

FOI Manifesto (Irish)

FOI Manifesto (Portuguese)

5. The Original FOI Manuals

The College of Isis Manual and the Fellowship of Isis Handbook can be viewed at the links below, in their original form. They are included here for archival purposes.

The College of Isis Manual

The Handbook of the Fellowship of Isis

6. Official FOI Publications

The pages below describe a bit of the history behind the officially authorized publications of the Fellowship of Isis.


History of the Isian News

Mirror of Isis

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