Fellowship of Isis History - Mirror of Isis

The Mirror of Isis was authorized by Lady Olivia Robertson as an official Fellowship of Isis publication.

Mirror of Isis

Cover of the premiere issue, Beltane 2006

The Starry Coils of Tiamat, artwork by Linda Iles

The Magazine of the Circle of Isis, FOI Advisory Board

Serving the Fellowship of Isis Community


The Mirror of Isis

"We are all Her reflection" 


The Mirror of Isis is the official Newsletter of the Circle of Isis, an Advisory Board of the Fellowship of Isis.  This online publication is presented quarterly and provides a network for the community of the Fellowship of Isis.  The premiere issue was launched just before Beltane, 2006. 


The Mirror of Isis is published near the Cross-Quarters (May 1, August 1, October 31, and February 1).  Each issue has a section dedicated to the Isian Path and to one of the Spirals of FOI Liturgy Rituals/Degrees or Daughter Societies of the Foundation Centre at Clonegal Castle - the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara.   


Issues of the Mirror of Isis feature a dedication from Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder, an oracle, original artwork for the cover, an editorial, poetry, articles, prayers, rituals, book reviews and a calendar of events.


It was Elda Lantz, ArchDrs, who initiated the creation of an online publication, and named it the Mirror of Isis. Elda served as editor-in-chief from the first issue, Beltane 2006 until Samhain 2007. In the premier issue editorial, Elda wrote: "I want this newsletter (or, e-zine) to be a reflection of the vast talents of our members.  For remember, we are all reflections of Her."


A number of members of the Circle of Isis Advisory Board shared various editorial duties for the Mirror of Isis. 


Olivia Robertson wrote the following dedication for the premiere issue of the Mirror of Isis: "The work of the Circle of Isis has created a glow in my heart.  I feel that you like myself work for harmony.  The Circle of Isis webpages have generated goodwill.  Now I am delighted to offer my blessing for your newsletter, The Mirror of Isis.  I look forward to the furthering of the ideals of friendship, love and goodwill through this new work of the Circle of Isis within our Aset Shemsu community. I am happy to offer dedication to this work on the occasion of my 89th birthday." (dated April 13th, 2006)

The last issue of the Mirror of Isis was published for Samhain 2010. Although Circle of Isis members continued to publish both Isian News and Mirror of Isis simulataneously, the decision was made eventually, to concentrate efforts on Isian News.

This drawing by Lady Olivia appeared in the Lughnasadh 2006 issue of the Mirror of Isis. 


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