Fellowship of Isis History Archive - The Awakening of Aengus Og

Photo of Shrine of Dana © Minette Quick

"Aengus Og, God of Love and Joy with his Birds" resides in the

Shrine of Dana, Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Ireland

The Awakening of Aengus Og

A New Goddess Ritual

(An Unscripted Rite)

Clonegal Castle, Ireland, 17th July, 2010

Dated July 20, 2010

Written By Olivia Robertson

Fellowship of Isis Co-Founder

FOI Liturgy Author

We who love the sacred drama of the God Osiris awakened by his wife the Goddess Isis with the winnowing movement of Her Wings, celebrate the Festival of Opet on the 23rd July every year.

Suddenly it came to me this year, 2010, that what we really needed was an Irish Opet! I am sure that round the world members would be fired by the inspiration of their own Deities in a ceremony of the Awakening of the Soul to Eternal Life and Love.

So on the 17th July, we at Clonegal Castle celebrated our own Opet, performed by the Noble Order of Tara, as the Order works for the environment and the children of our Mother Earth. So our company made drumming Procession to the newly restored site of the Old Abbey adjoining the Castle. This has some walls and two cells that are fourteenth Century – with Gothic arches built by my romantically minded grandfather, Herbert Robertson. A good friend has erected two huge carved stones one on top of the other where the small dolmen erected by Laurence once stood in the North-East.

The Celebrant was assisted by future Dames working with him. We called the quarters and invoked the Danaan Deities. Each Priestess explained why they thought that the return of the God of Love and Joy, Aengus Og, was deeply needed at this time.

We then made procession to the Theatre, where the Celebrant described the work of the Order to our members and guests. We finally proceeded to the Temple of Isis for the ritual drama which was on these lines. We explained why the God of Love and Joy was needed again in these troubled times, and how we might call upon Tara, Goddess of all sacred hills throughout the world, shining as a star above them, to raise the God again. By acclaim She was invoked and asked to bring Aengus to us.

First the God of Laws and Commandments stepped forward as Protector of Ancient Ways. With a long black scarf he bound the eyes of the Celebrant who represented the God Aengus. He was hoodwinked against new ideas of any sort, lest they bring chaos to Corporation Religion.

As Chancellor of the Order of Tara, I invoked the Goddess to awaken Aengus, by the common wish of the people. The Priestess representing Tara unbound the eyes of the Celebrant. He uplifted both his arms in new life. All cried the ancient call of the reborn Adonis: “Aengus Og is born again. He has risen from the dead. Love and Joy return to our land. Praise be to Tara!”

We ended with a trance journey to the Many-Coloured Land, Tir na nOg. Experiences were shared, and joy sent to all. We gave heartfelt thanks to the Deities.

This ceremony is offered to any who could adapt it to their own Deities and Land. Praise Be to our Earth Mother!

Note: The spelling of the name of "Angus" has been changed to "Aengus" which is the Irish form. He is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. July 23, 2010, from Olivia Robertson: "My Dear Linda, please do use the Irish spelling Aengus." (Thank you to Caroline Wise for forwarding this message from Olivia during Olivia's London visit.)


Olivia Robertson and Sean McCabe at the High Altar, 2010

The Awakening of Aengus Og

Clonegal Castle, 17th July 2010

Sean P. McCabe

Priory of Hibernia

The Noble Order of Tara assembled in the sacred Abbey after noon. After circumambulations the participants formed a large circle within. The blinding power of the sun beamed into the circle and our Chancellor of the Noble Order, Lady Olivia, stated the purpose of the rite: the Rededication of the Old Abbey and the Awakening of Aengus Og. The Abbey was filled with light picking up the myriad subtle white shades in the stone (of Binah) resulting in the flashing colours effect of the white aspect of Tara. This gave a very surreal effect where the white robes of the priesthood glowed as if under fluorescent lighting.

The Chancellor then called upon me as Grand Knight Commander of the Priory of Hibernia of the Noble Order of Tara to invoke the Mother Goddess Dana of the Tuatha de Danaan in the Eastern Quadrangle. The late Rt. Rev. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (Derry) had asked me to bring my ceremonial staff with me and tapping the floor of the Abbey, as is customary, I invoked: “Beautiful Danu, in whose waving hair many-coloured suns gleam, whose robe is the Oceans, who art the Divine Mother of the Tuatha de Danaan of Atlantis and the Western Lands: bring us your joy! Bring us good health and the awareness of the beauty of all nature that is your veil. May we glory in life and show forth its myriad beauties in our works.”

The Chancellor then called upon the Priestesses to invoke the deity of Danaan: the Rev. Cait Brannagan invoked Grainne the Goddess of the Sun and of Fruitfulness in the south; the Rev. Marian Smiles invoked Boann the Goddess of Fertility and the River Boyne in the west, (I dipped my finger in the holy font and touched my brow. For a moment I was inside the droplet and could see the proceedings through the curved lens with a rainbow overhead. I then projected momentarily until the earth invocation); and in the north, the Rev. Maureen Sullivan invoked Brigid the Goddess of Healing, particularly for the women and children who have suffered institutional abuse. She then called upon the M. Rev. Minette Quick, Archdruidess, to invoke Tara, tutelary Goddess of the Abbey and of our Noble Order, at the high altar. She asked the compassionate Goddess to bestow peace and protection and healing to those souls through the cycle of birth, death and regeneration. She also asked Tara, who governs the Underworld, the Earth and the Heavens, to love and especially look after all that lives and grows.

In the Temple of Isis the ritual drama of the Awakening of Aengus was then enacted. Firstly, the God of the Law, played by the Rev. R. John Phelan, wished to point out to the people the consequences of unleashing Aengus Og, God of Love and Joy, whom I represented. He blindfolded me to prevent the God Aengus from rocking the boat of conventional Church dogma and seeding peoples’ minds with peace, happiness and freedom. I felt entombed as if inside a sacred mound. But the God of the Law was overwhelmed by the ground-swell of the developing consciousness of the people which is growing as we stand on the cusp of 2012.

By acclaim, Olivia then invoked the Goddess to awaken me as the God Aengus Og and this was further dramatized as Priestess Cait used the sacred well water to touch my hands and brow and animate my senses. The water ran down my face and as it crossed my lips and hung from my chin, it occurred to me that the rite had begun in similar fashion with me dipping my finger in the holy font of the abbey and opening my third eye; As Above, So Below. I had projected again and in another dimension my cloak was collapsed on the Temple floor awaiting my resurrection. As she took off my black blindfold I emerged from the chamber of rebirth. I came rising up through the floor of the Temple and filled my cloak with new life. I could see in my sphere of sensation, with arms outstretched under my cloak and raised like the wings of a phoenix, I soared in the sunny blue sky over the castle and the rich illuminated patterns on my feathers fell as blessings upon the assemblage: “Aengus is born again...”

I didn’t come down for days and it certainly had the effect! As is customary, the ceremony concluded with Olivia guiding us on a trance journey to Tir na nOg. I picked up on a time-line around the Vernal Equinox 1986. I had been laid out as the God Osiris on the floor of shrine – the Cave of the Mothers; at that time one had to climb in through a small opening to gain access. The ceremony was over and I was walking out of the castle discussing the abbey and architectural renovations and the plans for my own Temple. A reflection on a glass feature in the roof of the abbey caught my attention and alerted me to something coming up behind me. I turned around and a giant megalith had emerged from the Hill of Tara and was running towards me at lightning speed. Its dark limestone appearance caused me concern and as it gained on me I awaited my fate. To my astonishment and relief, instead of consuming me, it slowed down and as it did so a beautiful grey-white lady metamorphosized from the colossus. She reached out her arms and took hold of my arms and her touch was so real that I jolted! She had an important secret to impart to me: “I am an aspect of the Goddess who resides in the mound at Tara – I am Her strength. You must become as little children... Remember your Celtic Vision...” This struck a serious keynote with me because during regression W.B. Yeats (V.H. Frater D.E.D.I.) commanded me to accept the sword of his esoteric plans for Ireland that Maud Gonne had painted for him in the painting, “The Celtic Mystic".

Before Olivia reminded us to return from the Spirit Vision I worked briefly with Elizabeth St. Leger (Aldworth), a notable ancestor of Olivia’s who is channeling a book through me. But then – that‘s a story for another day...


The Awakening of Aengus Og

Clonegal Castle, Ireland, 17th July, 2010

Dated July 20, 2010


by Minette Quick, ArchDruidess

Druid Clan of Dana

Following this special occasion of the birth of a new ritual which Olivia brought forth by inspiration of the Goddess to be initiated at our recent Festival, she asked me to give an account of my personal experience of these events, on behalf of Dana, and the Archdruid Union of the Fellowship of Isis. She also wished me to explain and emphasise that these ceremonies had an important and special focus for us at this time.

Strengthened by the Goddess, one of our members has bravely stepped onto the public stage to give her story and those of others, who have not had a voice before. She is working to ensure that both past and present victimisation of women and children in Ireland is fully redressed. She was with us, together with the producers of their upcoming documentary which they have made over the past couple of years. During the course of the ceremonies, this issue was repeatedly raised and voiced by the Goddess through her priesthood in no uncertain terms – “What have you done to My Lands, and My Children?” was her impassioned plea in the Oracle, which yet She transformed into compassion and loving encouragement towards change. That Deity is in support of action was confirmed by Her Blessing on this particular project from the very start – and it has given great support and clarity during their research.

This is a cause which has worldwide ramifications for all members of the Fellowship, and is one to which Olivia, herself, has given lifelong support, and as Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis, she wishes to emphasise how strongly she supports the cause of women and children everywhere who are or have been subject to victimisation of any sort.


We had only been warned of the likelihood of rain by the weather forecasts, however, the sun shone down warmly upon us all as the quarters were invoked within the sacred walls of the Old Abbey. The voice of Tara rang out as she spoke through her priesthood and awakened a strong response in all who were present.

How fortunate we are to work directly with Olivia. However, something which we in Ireland are familiar with, is Olivia’s love of giving us parts to play in rituals which she has an overall idea of, but which we will have to flesh out – improvise – during the actual ceremony. There are no rehearsals! As I said to someone recently, we just turn up and enjoy, and sometimes we surprise ourselves….

During the ritual on the High Altar in the Temple, which Olivia has described, I had no idea what I was to say on behalf of Brigid until I was specifically directed by the Goddess to remind ourselves that just as Isis gathered the pieces of Her Beloved Osiris’s body to restore Him to life, so we in our age, might through our love gather and transform the lost pieces, the sparks of joy needed to awaken each other!!!