Druid Clan of Dana - The Purpose

The Goddess Dana, a sketch by Olivia Robertson © Fellowship of Isis Central

The Purpose of the Druid Clan of Dana

by Olivia Robertson

My family knew AE - the Irish mystic whose gift was that of Direct Revelation. His gift embodies the impetus of the Druid Clan of Dana - to extend one’s pathetically limited five senses into untold realms of wonder and glory! The way of the Mystic is to regard so-called dreams of night as antechamber to reality: and the passing show of waking to be illusory.

Our five windows, the senses, are blocked by the dulling of our psychic faculties through over-use of the left side of our brains. We cannot escape our relationship with life on our planet, nor ignore the trends of spiritual being. A balance must be struck between the two chords without own bodies, as typified by the sphinx - the animal side to ourselves, our passions, the current running through the base of spine, plexus and throat centres. The mystical side comes through our sex, heart and brow centres. I typify these two forces as Star and Sun.

The aim of the Druid Clan of Dana is to achieve wholeness between the idealist seekers of the Land of Immortality, and those immersed in affairs of the world. The way of the mystic, of the Danaans, is to integrate humans with nature, through ritual, music, poetry and meditation. This is the ancient way of the Irish Druids. It resembles paths of Eastern mystics, as AE discovered.

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