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The Fellowship of Isis Central Website enjoys two-way support and friendly relations with the FOI community worldwide. Both FOI Central and the members of the FOI Union Triad comprised of the Archpriesthood Union, Archdruid Union and Grand Commander Union offer support, guidance and service to members within the Fellowship of Isis. Please be aware, one may come across venues that do not have our support, but wish to appear as though they do. Anyone that creates content online can post a link. This should not be construed as mutual endorsement.

Isis of Ten Thousand Names  (links to pages about the Goddess Isis from ancient Egypt to the modern day)

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Website Dedication from FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Recordings

Oracles of the Seasons (oracles by Olivia Robertson as they are published in Isian News)

Isian News  (current and past issues, history, staff information, submission guidelines)


FOI Photo Albums

Temple Shrines and Castle Grounds - extensive photos!

Olivia Robertson's Art Gallery  (paintings and illustrations by Olivia Robertson)

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Fellowship of Isis

Website Dedication by Olivia Robertson

Fellowship of Isis General Review  (index to several FOI informational pages)

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Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis (becoming a Member, Ethics within the FOI)

     Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis - Translations (translations into various languages)

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FOI Foundation Union Triad

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Fellowship of Isis Founders

Biographies of the Founders of the Fellowship of Isis

(Olivia Robertson, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, Pamela Durdin-Robertson)

Olivia Robertson   (biography, articles, paintings, illustrations, guided journeys, photos)

The Writing of Olivia Robertson

The Call of Isis  (Olivia's spiritual autobiography)

DVD: Olivia, Priestess of Isis

Olivia Robertson's Online Log   (2010 - 2013)  (announcements and photos from Olivia in chronological order)

Tribute to Olivia Robertson, FOI Co-Founder, 1917 - 2013

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson  (biography, books, tributes)

The Writing of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Portrait by Simon Marsden  (Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson)

The Star of Ishtar, Fellowship of Isis Liturgy, Branches of Study

Star of Ishtar

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

The College of Isis  (Iseums, Lyceums, Solar Alchemy)

Druid Clan of Dana

Noble Order of Tara

Order of Signs, Sigils and Seals  

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

Original FOI Handbook

Original College of Isis Manual

Fellowship of Isis Translations

Circulo de Isis (Liturgia en Espanol)   (Spanish)

Compagnia di Iside (Liturgia in italiano)   (Italian)

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FOI Manifesto Translations

Networking, Listings, Registration, Policies, Guidelines

FOI Centers List

FOI Networking  (members' online groups, websites and publications)

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Fellowship of Isis Foundation Centre (Clonegal Castle)

Clonegal Castle   (index to several pages)

Fellowship of Isis Central Website

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Circle of Isis

Loreon Vigne  (An index to informational pages on the founder of the Temple of Isis and Isis Oasis)