Fellowship of Isis - Prayers and Attunement Times

Olivia seated by the High Altar in the oracle chair.

Photo courtesty of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality.

Daily Devotions and Prayers

Olivia Robertson has written: “The Fellowship of Isis provides Attunement Times at dawn and dusk, between 6:30 to 8:30 every morning and evening. As members live all over the world, someone may be attuned to the goddess at any hour. Therefore the member performing a ceremony alone - is not alone.”

Olivia was writing about performing rituals, but the same premise holds true for prayers and meditations. These were performed daily, morning and evening, in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle in Ireland at the attunement times listed above during Olivia's lifetime. Olivia wrote that although the times listed for attunement at Clonegal Castle are GMT, every member can tune in between 6:30 to 8:30 in the morning and evening in their own particular time zone. Members have continued this practice, so everyone can attune today as they have in years past.

A view of the entry to the temple at Clonegal Castle

This facilitates attunement with other FOI members who live worldwide. To repeat what Olivia had written, quoted directly above, "As members live all over the world, someone may be attuned to the goddess at any hour." Therefore when any FOI member performs attunement, they are not alone, no matter what time zone they live in. They are joined by other FOI members around the world on the astral or psychic plane. From Olivia Robertson: "There are members who for many years have asked for the simple prayers used regularly in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, to be made available to all. Some imagine we in the Temple only perform elaborate rituals with candles, incense, crowns and robes, and lofty invocations drawn from the Ancient Mysteries! So here are some simple prayers that can be used by one person, at home, in a hotel - and that can be adapted to personal needs. Other Goddesses and Gods may be substituted, and direct petitions for healing and other requests may be added."

These FOI prayers are shared with you by Fellowship of Isis members who have received them from Olivia along with the instructions which are written out in italics.

We recommend sitting for a brief moment in silence, contemplating the Goddess Isis. Say the words to the following prayers slowly and with devotion.

Daily Prayer of the Fellowship of Isis (for morning and evening)

Be still and relaxed and surround yourself with light.

Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts. Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance. We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee.

Food Blessing by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Deabus Gratias Benignitas Vestri (Translation: Goddesses, Thanks for Your Kindness.)

Prayer for the Winter Solstice

Now, at this holy time, Winter Solstice, as the sun appears at its lowest in the sky, and stars shine forth in splendor; we call upon the Mother of All to bring forth from the dark winter a bright abundance, as life is renewed and the sun strengthens on its course.

Prayer for the New Aeon

Isis of Ten Thousand Names, awaken us into the New Aeon so that we may actively help in the manifestation of Your divine plan.

Coloured drawing "Brigid of the Spheres" by Olivia Robertson

Prayer for Healing No. 1

Olivia wrote: "The Healing Prayer is used by the Well in the Temple of Isis, but can be used with any water for anointing anywhere. The word "me" may be substituted for "you", depending on whether you are using the prayer for yourself or for someone else."

A moment of silent contemplation, open, and see the Winged Isis with Her Wings outspread, Her Star shining directly above, sending out healing rays. Anoint brow with water.

The Healing Wings of Isis protect, enfold and awaken you.

Prayer for Healing No. 2 - A Prayer to Brigid

Olivia offered this prayer to Brigid within the Well Chapel of the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle. She writes: "Allow any worries, or any torments that you have, guilt or fear, or unhappiness to come, offer them in silence to the Mothers, tell the Mothers about your sorrow. They will take these from you, the Alchemy of Brigid will transform them into energies of growth."

Glows the holy fire of Brigid in the centre of the earth.

Softly glows the fire of Brigid in the womb that giveth birth.

The Credo of the Fellowship of Isis

Olivia wrote: "Often religious acts can be too serious. So the Credo is used to uplift the Spirits!"

Be still in the light, your spirit will find accord with Isis of the Stars and Rainbow Wings.

We grow from the Earth

And we share Her fruits.

We fly with bright wings

And we reach the stars.

We are Immortal with all that is.

Evoe, Isis!

Prayer of Thanksgiving No. 1

Olivia has written the prayers of thanksgiving below are used in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.

The twin souls of Isis and Osiris united in love, beauty and truth shine before you.

Holy Isis, Holy Osiris,

We give You thanks

That Your Love, Beauty and Truth

Are manifest with Power and Peace

Throughout all spheres,

Within all beings,

And we accept Your Blessing now

In Mind and Heart.

Prayer of Thanksgiving No. 2

We thank you our Holy Mother Isis for your Love, Beauty

and Truth which surround us now and evermore.

Olivia writes: "The Invocation and Blessing included were given by myself from the platform at the Centennial Opening Ceremony of the Parliament of World's Religions in Chicago in 1993. It was broadcast throughout the world. Yet it is just as important when it is used by one person. It has been adapted, through the inspiration of Isis - to include Osiris!"


I invoke the Goddess Isis

and the God Osiris

Whose attributes are:

Love, Beauty and Truth.


In the Names of Isis and Osiris,

May all beings be Blessed:

Spirits and humans,

Animals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects,

Plants, flowers, waterways, forests,

The Earth and all Her sacred elements.

Prayer written by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson on October 10, 2004 at Isis Oasis, Geyserville, California

Isis, You were the Past,

The suffering Wife,

The suffering Mother.

Isis, You are the Present,

Defender of the Abused,

Whether children or animals,

And of all beings who suffer.

You are the Winged Isis of the Future,

Who brings Star Power!

Our past is the Earth,

Our present is the Sun,

But our future is the Stars!

So, Holy Isis,

Daughter of the Sky Goddess Nuit,

Whose Divine Starry Body is the Milky Way,

Inspire us with hope, creativity and joy,

That we may bravely, and with hope,

Live into a wonderful and inspiring future.

So be it!

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