Listings - Noble Order of Tara Priories


Priory of the Golden Lotus and Sanctuary of the Waters of Isis (Priorado da Lótus Dourada Sanctuario das Aquas de Isis)


Contact: Dame Commander Debora Barcelos



Priory of Princess Scota

Stratford, Ontario

Priory of the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis.


Priory Sanctuary of Hecate, Isis and Bastet

St. Catherines, Ontario

Contact: Hecate Oliva



Le prieure des Sentiers d'Avalon

(Priory of Avalon's Paths)

Provence, Marseille, south-eastern France

Contact: Knight Commander Rarius Chandalen



Priory of the Rainbow Tara

Lassheider Weg 90

33699 Bielefeld

Westfalia, Germany

Priory of the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis.



Priory of the Red Goddess

Clonegal, County Wexford

A study of the mythology of the Goddess through the "complex and wonderful labyrinth of information" provided in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy. All courses are available through correspondence as well as in-person teaching. Consulting service available in Dublin.

Contact: Rev. Gwendoline Rouiller, GDC

Priory of Tara of 108 Names

Clonegal Castle, Ireland

FOI Founders Centre, Priory of the Grand Commander Union, Fellowship of Isis.

Priory of Hibernia


Chartered at the Summer Solstice in 2008 by the Chancellor of the Noble Order of Tara, Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, G.K.T., the Priory of Hibernia welcomes interest from students and adepts on their individual spiritual quest seeking initiation. High Priest and Hierophant, the Rt. Rev. Seán P. McCabe, Grand Knight Commander, G.K.T., is the Mentor and Guide of the Priory and welcomes positive practitioners of the several esoteric traditions but principally of the Egyptian Mysteries of Isis and Osiris in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy and the Magi Degree ritual dramas.

This ray of the Holy Triad of Deity of the FOI venerates the Goddess Tara through the ancient Irish tradition of the House of Tara—the ancient Royal Seat of the High Kings of Eire and emphasizes the virtue of Truth, the characteristics of Integrity and Moral Courage – Chivalric, the qualities of Active Service for the Earth – Knighthood, and the attributes of Symbiosis of the Angelic with the Earthly – the Grail.

We study and practice the Esoteric Sciences – Magic and Alchemy, Ritual and Ceremonial for the individual's spiritual growth and the enfoldment of the soul along the myriad Paths in the Great Work of the pursuit of Knowledge and Truth for the benefit of all Mankind. Peace, Love and Harmony is paramount within our Group. You will receive Fraternal Friendship in our Group whatever tradition you are attuned to in your climb of the Supernal Mountain.

Contact: Rt. Rev. Seán P. McCabe, G.K.C., Priest Hierophant.



Priory of the Universal Waters - Priorato de las Aguas Universales

Granada, Spain

Contact: Dame Commander Ness Bosch



Living Earth Priory

Lavendon, Olney

Contact: Dame Commander C. Nowlan


Priory of Arianrhod

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Contact: Dame Commander Deborah Jayne Heaton-King


Priory of the Black Crow


Contact: Dame Commander Anne Novis


Priory of Boudiccia

South Reading


South Reading, Elsdon, Northumberland, NE19 1AR

Priory of Brighid of the Elements

BCM Starfire

London, WC1N 3XX


Grand Commander Union Priory of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis. Focuses on community involvement to protect woods, parkland and sacred sites within the London area.

Priory of Caer Drywen


Contact: Dame Commander Heather Charnley


Priory of Cerridwen and the Grael

Portsmouth, Hants, UK



Priory of Fianna Brigantia

Headed by the Facilitator of the Round Table of the Fellowship of Tara. This Priory was especially formed to protect the sacred site of Tara in Ireland.

Contact: Herenach Sara Lees-Smith, GDC


36 High Street

Swanage Dorset

BH19 2NU


Priory of Gaia-Sophia and the Lantern


Contact: Dame Commander Claire Stewart


Priory of the Goddess Brighid

Located in Dorset, this is a founding Priory of the Noble Order of Tara. The well at Clonegal Castle is dedicated to this Priory.

Contact: Grand Knight Commander Rudi Unt

18 Argyle Road, Swanage Dorset

BH19 1HZ


Priory of the Goddess Brighid


Contact: Swami Prem Sudheer

166 Rullion Road

Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 9JB


Priory of King Arthur Pendragon, Loyal Arthurian Warband

(Formerly Priory of Merlin & Rhiannon)

Farnborough, Hants, UK

King Arthur Pendragon is Grand Knight Commander of the Noble Order of Tara, Chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband, and battle chieftain of the Council of British Druid Orders. Extremely active and dedicated environmentalist group, sworn to the ancient virtues of truth, honor and justice.


Priory of the Oak

Torbay, Devon

Contact: Knight Commander Allen Gittens




Gardens of Gaia Prior

Tucson, AZ

Priory of Arianrhod and the Green Man

Tucson, AZ


Light of Tara Priory

San Diego, CA

Priory of the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis. Maintains local sacred sites.

Contact: Rev. Linda Iles, GDC

Priory of Isis Oasis Sanctuary

Geyserville, CA

Priory of the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis. The work of the sanctuary at Isis Oasis honors Isis, Mother of All, TOI members reverence the Earth. They are committed to honoring the Earth and everything that lives upon it. They hold the Earth and all forms of life as sacred expressions of a divine creation. The work of this priory is currently being overseen by the new director of Isis Oasis, deTraci Regula.

Contact: deTraci Regula, GDC



Priory of the Noble Order of Truth

Willits, California

Mana Youngbear is Grand Dame Commander of the Priory of The Noble Sword of Truth through direct descent of The Noble Order of Tara. She is a Hierophant in the College of Isis and sits on the FOI Foundation Union Triad. Mana also resides on the Board of the Temple of Isis and serves as President of The Isis Society For Inspirational Studies.

Contact: Mana Youngbear


Facebook: Isis Society For Integrated Studies

Priory of the One Tree

Priory of the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara, Fellowship of Isis. Devoted to working with the mountain and with the elementals of the area around Mt. Shasta to heal the energies that have been disturbed by deforestation, mining, water management and other human interference with the natural world. The priory is named in honor of a series of meditational insights concerning the central or World Tree featured in the mythologies of various cultures, that "all trees are the One Tree." Rt. Rev. Michael Starsheen has two books, “Mythic Voices” and “Universal Alchemy” offered through the publisher His storefront page url at lulu is

Contact: Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsheen, GDC



Adders Tongue Priory

Orlando, FL

Contact: Rev. Elina, GDC


The Crystal Star Dragon Priory

Navarre, FL

Contact: Deborah Merwin, GDC


Green Ways of the World Tree Priory

Winter Park, FL

Contact: Rev. Aauriane Veleda, GDC


Priory of the Voice of Gaia

Jacksonville, Florida

Founded by Grand Knight Commander Don Lewis. He is a member of the Grand Commander Union, one of the Tri-Unions of the Fellowship of Isis. Don is also the Chancellor and First Priest of the Correllian Tradition, which is based upon the teachings passed down in his family, the High-Correll family, who are descended from Cherokee Didanvwisgi who intermarried with a line of Scottish Traditional Witches, whose descendants were further influenced by Aradian Witchcraft and by the Spiritualist Church. Don moderates the FOI e-mail list on yahoo:

Contact: Don Lewis



The Serpent and the Raven Priory

Orlando, FL

Contact: Rev. Veinjhada Anruth, GDC



Priory of Regina Coeli


Contact: Knight Commander Jeffrey Carlier, II



Priory of Natura Magica

New Orleans

Contact: Dr. Henry Roca


Postal Address: 3110 Magazine St., Box 113

New Orleans, LA 70115


Priory of Green Tara


Contact: Cathryn Anne Rogers


New York

Jewel-Lotus Priory

Northern New York state, open to people everywhere

Chartered: July 25, 2010

Founder: Arthur Freeheart

Directives: To work with the bodhisattva Tara / Avoloktervara, Idunn, and Pan to conserve, preserve and sustain water throughout the world. Principles of engaged Buddhism and deep ecology are drawn upon to effect practical positive changes in support of the Earth.

Contact: Arthur Freeheart, Grand Commander


Priory of Unification

New York

Contact: Mary Browne

692 Pleasant Valley

Berne, NY 12023




Priory Stella na Mara

Coschoton, Ohio

Founded by Grand Dame Commander Marie Clewley. Marie is a long time FOI member. She was certified as a priestess in February, 1994 by both Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.

Contact: Marie Clewley, Grand Dame Commander




Sacred Seasons Circle Priory

Northeastern region



Priory of the Breath of Isis

Salt Lake City, Utah

Chartered January 25th, 2010 by Olivia Robertson, Clonegal Castle, Ireland.

Founders: deTraci Regula and Kasey Conder. Directives: To work with Isis to help cleanse polluted air, in the Salt Lake Valley locality & elsewhere, and revere the sanctity of the Earth on many levels.

Contact: Kasey Conder, Grand Commander



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