Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: The Mystic Rose

The Mystic Rose of Art and Nature

This drawing is based upon a vision Olivia had while visiting her niece Anna while viewing crop circles. Olivia offers this explanatory note:

"This crop circle is a basic Tree of Life that is flattened out. This has the root and seed in the middle.

The pairing of opposites brings powerful results. When we balance our true potential we experience alchemical awakening through polarity. The roots of the Mystic Rose of Alchemy extend to the Earth and to the Underworld, the petals reach to Heaven. Radiations of energies flow from the constellations and the planets, the crown of the Stars of the Heavenly Queen, Ariadne, Daughter of Light.

This Mystic Rose lies within each one of us, awaiting the awakening touch of She Who Bears the Grael. Sprouting from the base of the Rose are two leaves - the twin serpent energies of Melusina. One of solar gold, brings vital energies to the body, the other, lunar, silver and cold, brings inner perception. These serpentine currents form the intertwining energies of the Caduceus of Hermes, Mercury. And so the twining serpents balance one another. Marguerita/Morgana as Enchantress brings Mystic Vision to Faust/Merlin, the Magician. The vital energies of the Goddess transmute the logic of mind, a new perception awakens. These two energies are connected with the mental and psychic centres of the brain, pineal and pituitary, which we call the Third Eye and the Inner Eye.

The Zodiac and Planetary Triads of the Mystic Rose activate the energies of the Starry Crown of the Queen of Heaven. Contemplation of Stars and Planets may effectively induce trance. Contact may be achieved through gazing upon them in the sky. The energies received may be drawn upon during later work in ritual and contemplation. The currents of the twin stars of Osiris and Isis bring us gifts - art, creation of the ideal into earthly terms and psychic awakening, bringing what we understand in earthly terms into alignment with heaven. Then the heart’s rose opens to reveal it’s true nature."

In January, 2012 Olivia sent a copy of this drawing with the following note:

"This Rose of Alchemy corresponds great works of literature to the stars, planets and zodiac, aligning art with nature. Four triads of Zodiac and Planets in the Heart of the Rose create the Diamond of Perfection. Radiations of the Five Petals Conjunct the Points of the Triads. 5+3=8. Eight signifies the two spheres of consciousness joined as one - heaven, spiritual - with earth, physical”.

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