Fellowship of Isis - Registration, Policies and Guidelines


We were authorized by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson in October, 2004 to accept registrations for the Fellowship of Isis. Our original charter which was drawn up by Olivia Robertson at the time of our founding:

1. To join the Fellowship of Isis

2. To register new FOI members, new FOI appointments and new FOI centers

You may register through the following central websites:

Fellowship of Isis Central:


Isis of Utah:


Circulo de Isis:


FOI Germany:


Fellowship of Isis Guidelines, Policies and Procedures, information about the ArchPriesthood Union and Advisory Boards of the Fellowship of Isis are outlined on the pages linked below.

FOI Policies and Guidelines

The Fellowship of Isis Manifesto (Join the Fellowship of Isis and Statement of Ethics)

Fellowship of Isis Policies (General FOI Policies for All FOI Centers)

Prayers and Attunement Times

Training of Priestesses and Priests

Guidelines for Coursework Structure

About Affiliations

FOI Union Triad (Custodians of the Legacy of the Fellowship of Isis)

Fellowship of Isis Union Triad

ArchDruid Union

ArchPriesthood Union

Grand Commander Union

Advisory Boards and Sister Sites

Advisory Boards and Sister Sites within the Fellowship of Isis

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