Noble Order of Tara - Helping to Save Oxleas Wood

The First FOI World Convention

and the Saving of Oxleas Wood

London, September, 1990

Early members of the Noble Order of Tara included Caroline Wise and Steve Wilson of Priory of Brighid of the Elements. Caroline Wise of Isis of the Thames Lyceum, London created the first official FOI London Convention, as directly requested by Lady Olivia Robertson. The name "Convocation" was never used in association with the official FOI London gathering. Later the name was changed to FOI London World Conference. The organizers felt that "Conference" captured the spirit of what they were creating more accurately. Caroline and the other members of her Lyceum, Isis of the Thames organized and hosted the event. She was also assisted by John Merron of Elen of the Greenways Lyceum, London.

Caroline wrote in a private message: “I put on the first Fellowship of Isis World Conference in September 1990. I did it on my own mainly, with huge help from Karl Duncan, Priest Hierophant of Sekhmet and Bridgit. 420 attended and monies raised went to save Oxleas Wood, the last bit of London's remaining prehistoric forest.”

Steve Wilson, AU, also of London participated in the event. He writes: “By 1990 the Goddess movement in general was growing apace. In this year Olivia asked members of a London Lyceum to organize a Fellowship of Isis event. This became the first Fellowship of Isis World Convention, when for the first time members and groups came together under the FOI banner. At the end there was a massive circle dance, where the elders of groups which themselves had world-wide memberships were literally joined together. This seemed the high point in Olivia’s, Lawrence’s and the late Pamela’s dream of reviving the world-wide religion of the Goddess.”

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