Olivia Robertson - Journey of Solar Alchemy

Journey of Solar Alchemy

FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis

Friday, October 8, 2004

I want to take you on a magical journey to the realm where heart joins with heart through the solar rose of the Divine Mother - a realm of wholeness where each soul fulfills it’s highest destiny.

To obtain the heights, first, we must descend. We go down, down, down through the earth into an enveloping darkness, to the place of lost memories, to the place of those things that are hidden. Here is the House of Nephthys, which, though in the midst of death, houses the key of life. The Goddess Nephthys draws back her veil, and we see her soft beauty, the sweetness of her soul. She suffered; She knows we have suffered, She knows, She cares. And She tells us of the Alchemy of Love which cleanses and heals all wounds. She holds forth Her hand from beneath the folds of Her dark veil. We see She holds a kernel, a small seed, which She presses into the heart of the dark earth at Her feet. It holds within it a point of light, the life-seed of the Great Mother. It sprouts and grows, for even in times of greatest darkness and despair, She brings us life. We travel with the shoot of this seed, as it reaches for air and sky.

We begin to rise through the darkness; we reach the surface and see the beauty of the green earth, and blue heaven. As we see the sky we experience a yearning for things that are not of this earth, and we continue to rise. And we enter the world of the moon, the spiritual moon, the realm of Isis as Queen of the Moon. This is the sphere of Elysium, of Paradise. Here the tides of inspiration fuel the hearts and minds of poets, artists, dreamers and all sincere seekers. Isis is here, Queen of Magic, Queen of Inspiration. She draws aside Her shining veil and we know it is She who comes to us while we sleep, summoning our hearts and spirits to True Wakefulness, as She summoned Osiris from the Sleep of Death to Renewed Life. We ask Her to bring us dreams of life, beauty and love. For the magic of the Goddess Isis makes dreams into living reality. She smiles, and we see Osiris, who appears beside Her. They raise Their hands in blessing, as we once more begin to rise. We must leave this beautiful world, for another one calls us.

This time it is not the veil of a Goddess that is drawn aside, but the veil of our own personality. We see a path, which leads to the pylons of the Temple of the Sun. The path between the pylons is open. We walk forward into the light of eternal dawn, and know ourselves as children of the sun. We can see our solar bodies, which were previously hidden. And the twin pylons change, instead of a gate of stone, standing before us is a Goddess on one side and on the other, a God, whose brilliant radiance of rainbow rays wash over us, giving joy, love and strength. The Goddess wears the solar crown, She is Hathor, Queen of Heaven and the God is Horus, Hawk of the Sun.

This Goddess and God, Hathor and Horus, as Bride and Groom, are joined together, not in flesh, but in spiritual union. They hold Their hands to each other, with palms touching. We feel warmth from the flow of power coming from the currents joined through Their hands. A point of light forms between Their palms, which grows – and continues to grow – until it becomes a small sun.

Now, slowly, Hathor and Horus withdraw Their hands from each other as this sphere of energy, this sun born between Them reaches fullest potency. We feel the current of their sun of solar alchemy, it warms and opens our hearts. We are each asked now, ‘what do you wish for humanity, what do you wish for the earth?’ We send these intentions into the Inner Sun of Hathor and Horus. We are told ‘ask now, and the solar rays of their alchemy will send forth healing, love and truth. Add your own prayers to it, ask and they will be sent out to the whole earth, to all in need.’ And we know when the time comes to ask, our prayers will be sent out. But first …

We must ascend once more, to the realm of the stars, where sun and star are one, where all is one. This is the realm of Nuit, where dwell the Akhu, the transfigured souls. Each one of them shines forth as a star. We are told within each one of us is a star. Feel the awakening of the Divine Spark within … we receive it. Our spiritual hearts awaken. We are told this destiny has come to us through the work of many lives. Do not fear… enter the light. Become aware of your crown center and the center on your brow. You are crowned with the stars and the sun; you stand upon the moon.

With this knowledge, we are each led back again to our earthly bodies. But we know our solar and stellar bodies live within. We send out rays of energy to all in need, from the stars, from the sun, from the moon, from our spirits, from our hearts, in True Wakefulness.

We now give thanks to the Deities, Nephthys, Isis, Osiris, Hathor, Horus and Nuit. … May the all-embracing love of the Divine Mother penetrate all spheres, and all existences.

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