Olivia Robertson: Lightning Flash of Isis 2009

The Lightning Flash of Isis:

Opening The Heart Center

A Guided Journey by Olivia Robertson

FOI Convocation, Isis Oasis, 2009

Friends, this is a magical moment. No body is here by accident. You’ve been called to come and participate as we approach the emerging of the fifth world of consciousness; which will be indescribably wonderful if you are able to attune to this inner light and power. It will come from below, so I want you to feel below, honor mother earth and I want you to feel this power coming up your legs … up, up … your spine … up, up … your sex centre … up, up … your sun center to your heart. It is warm. Feel it … up, up … the Inner Sun. Now you should feel it right in your heart.

What is life without love? And you open now to Divine Beings, the Goddess Venus especially, Goddess of love. Feel Her love. Great Goddess Who loves all beings. Your heart glows within you. Now you feel adoration for these Divine Beings, you are one with Them. Open your hearts. There are totem animals, whose spirits come to you, you must allow them – the wolf, the lion, the eagle, or whatever – you love them, they are with you. All you love in spirit has come and is now with us, you can’t see them, but they are here. Softly awakes your heart. You are not afraid anymore to love. You love and you bless who you love. The Goddess Venus is with you. She blesses the beings who are with you. She loves. You love. And your love now includes all in this temple, who are your spiritual family, and this love extends now, outward to all beings. Somewhere there is someone in need, they need to feel the love of the Mother of All. Send it to them now. You may not see their face, or know their name, or even where they are, but that is not important. They are sons and daughters of the Great Mother. And this love extends to all of creation, to all sentient beings on this earth, for all are given life through the Great Mother.

Another Goddess moves amongst us now. She comes in golden light. She is the One Who Knows. It is Isis, Goddess of Wisdom and Compassion. She knows the secret of every heart. She is the heartbeat. She is the Hearts Intelligence. Isis knows your innermost longings; all that you long for shall be fulfilled.

The Goddess Dana comes, and Dana promises health and soundness of spirit and mind. With the gifts of Dana, of Isis and Venus you will attain wholeness, you will be “holy.” How is this achieved? Your heart already knows the answer. The Goddesses are here; you have only to open your hearts. No other offerings are asked of you – just open your heart and give love. Your heart is the altar; love is the offering. That is what the Goddess wants of us.

Now for a short while, sit quietly, feel the Goddess with you. There is this love, and you are filled with it. In spirit, one may wish to come to you, perhaps one particular Divine Being. Spirit Guides may be there, your totem animal. Open your heart and receive this love. Receive strength, healing, and kindness. Tell them all your problems. Deity, Spirit Guides or totem animals, one or many, will bless you. Blessed be this spiritual communion – Love is the heart beat of the universe, all creatures respond, greatest to smallest, butterflies and Star Deities, we’re all one.

Spirit now descends upon us, like white lightening. It descends from the golden spheres of Dana and Venus. White light descends in a point above the head, through in a V-shape. Most wonderful, it connects us with all life. It is coming through, into us, through us, our whole bodies, radiant, every nerve, flowing now through us down, into the earth, down from the highest realms. We feel the power of angelic beings … light … light …

We are preparing for a great transformation, a great change will come to those who wish it. Your spirit helpers, guides, Deities are there to help. It must be asked for … thank them … take it. It is the Lightning Flash of Isis. It flows through your heart center, feel it, a perfect union of body and heaven, earth and spirit united within the center of our being. Lovely colors flow from the center of our being, words may come within you, ideas flow, ideals flow, creative energies are released. We cannot live only within our heads aesthetically or in the depth of earth – emotions, passion – we are both. But as we draw this white light from above and the power of earth from below, water, fire earth and air are one within us. And we feel holy, we don’t despise our bodies, our bodies are transformed. Sit quietly now and allow these powers to come through. Allow the power of the Diamond of Perfection, received through the Lightning Flash of Isis to release within. You will see colours in the darkness, they emerge and grow vivid, you can hear sound … some hidden gift, a treasure, is given to you by the Goddess Herself. It is personal, it is a symbol, a spiritual key which you can use, for it represents heaven and earth in unity within you. It might come through you creatively, either in music, a painting, writing, building, or working for others. Feel this energy, this gift coming through, as we sit together in silence. See it, receive it, and know what it is.

You may play your true part in the divine plan, everything is united, this is the reality. We stand between heaven and earth in harmony. We are complete. We are happy. There is no feeling of separation from others, or from parts of ourselves we were ashamed of, we can face it. Having too high a spirituality separates us from others. We are whole and harmonious. And now, we are back, back to the temple, back to our bodies. We hadn’t ever really left them. We are holy. Rise and when you are ready, come here to me in the center of our sacred space, so that we may join together in the spiral dance of creation.


Note: Every year, Olivia offered a guided journey in the main temple at Isis Oasis on Friday evening to launch the opening activities for the FOI Convocation. I (Linda Iles) took notes. Olivia and I would go over them afterward at the Nesu House. This journey was transcribed from notes taken in October, 2009, reviewed by Olivia Robertson.

Photo courtesy of P. McCarthy © Fellowship of Isis Central

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