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Some of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy books feature one of a kind correspondences for the Star of Ishtar diagram. These were all created by Olivia Robertson as she worked on the rites for these books. The diagrams have been scanned directly from the books. Text included on the same page is provided directly below the diagram. Whenever possible any accompanying text has been included in the scan.

The College of Isis version of the Star of Ishtar is the standard version of correspondences used in teaching.

College of Isis Manual


In the College of Isis Manual, the Star of Ishtar Tiamat Dragon Diagram has the following caption:

Ishtar and Tiamat are Babylonian Goddesses. The four spiral loops of the Dragon Tiamat illustrate four stages of consciousness: Physical-Etheric, Astral and Psychic, Spiritual and Divine, the latter encircling the Matrix, Source of Creation. The famous eight-pointed Star of Ishtar represents seven Cosmic Rays. 0 refers to a previous spiral, and 8 the higher octave begins a further spiral beyond.

The diagram may be coloured around a white centre, moving inwards from violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and again violet, the latter indicating a further inner rainbow.

The diagram and key was given to Olivia Robertson through inspiration. The Artwork is by Chesca Potter.

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