Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena - The Crown by Maire Doyle

The Order of the Shining Helmet of Pallas Athena

The Crown

By Maire Doyle

Once again you take some deep breaths and allow yourself to relax and to drift and allow the sounds and cares of everyday life to fade into the background. You recognise your surroundings, for you have visited this place in the past. You behold the lake up ahead, the Sacred trees that surround it, the calm waters glistening in the sunlight. On this occasion you are pleasantly surprised to see that the Goddess has just ascended from her abode beneath the waters and with a welcoming smile She greets your arrival. As you face Athena you note that her Shield and Spear are resting at the side of her throne. She still wears Her Helmet, though this time, a crown of Laurel leaves sits atop her Helmet. Her companion, the Owl, rests on her shoulder and you have a feeling the owl also has a smile upon his face! Or is this your imagination?

The Goddess asks you to sit on the large stone that is at the water’s edge. Making yourself comfortable, you are aware of how at ease you feel in her presence and you experience a sense of excitement and anticipation in your Heart. From her throne Athena speaks to you. You hear her voice, soft and gentle yet firm and strong. She speaks of your progress, of all you have achieved. She tells you she is fully aware of the challenges you have faced and how your courage has helped you to learn and evolve. She lets you know that she recognises how you have changed and altered, yet you are the same, only different. She congratulates you, telling you she is proud of you, proud that you are using your newfound Knowledge to grow in Wisdom. Athena cautions you to always use your knowledge wisely, aiding and assisting those who desire to move forward with their own lives. Yet she also reminds you that everyone has their own way of evolving, their own Path to follow. You must also take care of yourself, for as much as you have learned and achieved, there is so more to come. There are many signposts ahead, many decisions to make for your own best Path forward. The Goddess assures you of her great faith in you, letting you know that she is always with you, you need only call upon her for assistance.

The Goddess now stands up and lifting the Laurel Crown from her Helmet She stretches out both her arms towards you. You need only stand and you are within easy reach of the Crown. She beckons you closer, placing the crown upon your head and then, placing both her hands on your head and speaks words of blessing to you. You experience a sense of expansion in your Heart. As you lift your face to the Goddess you fancy you see your own reflection in her eyes. She congratulates you on your efforts, your achievements and tells you now to go forth, continue to observe, continue to learn from Life, assist when you can, knowing when to remain silent. She reminds you to be patient and gentle with others and especially with yourself.

Athena now steps back, resuming her place on her throne. Her owl is on her shoulder and she turns to retrieve her Shield and Spear. Facing you once more, with a smile, she slowly descends beneath the calm water and is out of sight.

For a few moments you to sit and absorb the wonder of what you have just experienced. Then overhead, an owl swoops past you, and you begin to be aware of yourself coming back into time and space. You become aware of your physicality as you begin to move your fingers and toes. As you open your eyes you have a sense of elation, of the possibilities that lie ahead. You feel confident in your own capabilities, you feel uplifted and ready to resume your Journey of Divine Self-revelation.

The Crown

Life is a wondrous Journey of learning and discovery. We will never come to the end of learning. As we learn more and more it becomes possible to make connections that joins everything together. We learn that we as humans are as much a cog in the wheel of Life as all other forms of life, animate or inanimate. And everything has a right to Be!! “I am better than nothing and nothing is better than me. I am equal unto all Life”

As you have now received your Crown from the Goddess you have proven you are strong, determined and capable. You have encountered many people from whom you have learned much, you have been involved in many a situation and met many a challenge that ‘tested’ your resolve and these too have helped you recognise your own strength of character. Some people find it can be of benefit to occasionally review their life in the present and note differences or changes since the (conscious) beginning of their Journey. Don’t forget that everything in your life, from birth to present day, is part of your Journey also, bringing you to your state of being now and beyond! And now you will continue your life just with changes, alterations and adjustments. Changes to how you perceive your life. Alterations to how you now live your life, because you have studied and researched and discussed and read from many sources. And adjustments to what you believe now as distinct to what you were taught (conditioned) to believe as a child. You are now living your own life rather than imitating someone else’s.

Let me just forewarn you that none of this means Life will be all plain sailing from now on. Not a bit of it! Sorry! However, you are now much more prepared for what you will encounter in the future and you will know that this is all just part of your further learning. And you realise that you have many more ‘tools’ at your disposal now. You may call upon the Goddess Athena, the Owl of Wisdom. You have your Shield and Spear at hand. Along the way you will have gathered many ‘tools’ and symbols that have appealed to you personally. You have sources such as your friends to discuss things with. You also have the dedicated Priests and Priestesses of the Order of the Shining Helmet of Pallas Athena, who are always happy to be of help. And never forget, the main source of your Wisdom comes from within your own Heart, your own instinct that lets you know if you can trust someone or something.

You are a Divine Being, with many gifts and talents to offer and share. This applies to all in varying degrees. You have reaped what you have sown and acknowledge the fruits of your labours. You have come thus far because of your own determination and strength of character. How great thou art!!

Life is for the Living and it’s meant to be enjoyed. Go forward now and enjoy your life, you deserve to!

May the gifts and blessings of the Goddess Athena surround you and be in you always.

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