Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: Message From Arcadia

This very informative letter from Olivia Robertson was sent to Caroline Wise. It is dated January 19, 2011 and shared here just as it was written:

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Message from Arcadia. Ireland

Olivia Robertson, of the Druid River of Dana, the Derry

Tributary of the River of Healing, the Slaney

I was asked by Caroline Wise of the Pre-Raphaelite buildings in London for information about the spiritual links with the Goddesses and Gods of Ireland and the castle. She referred to Isis, Hathor and Brigid.

I decided to restrict myself to actual visions and apparitions that came to me within the castle. I had been thinking of this,about our Arcadian dream of connecting spiritually with where we live.

I had a vision of the Aquarian Grael in a room in our north-west wing. In the main keep, directly over the Holy Brigid Well, came my vision of Isis. She appeared in the north at Samhain, 1946. A day after the Grael vision, Her Shining White Form manifested in the north of our dining hall, which is over the well. The well is located in the north-west of the castle.

My bedroom is directly over the well, two stories up. My main vision came there in 2000. This was heralded by my seeing a “sun” floating in my room at midnight; on the twenty-first of June, the shortest day of the Summer Solstice. The “sun” came within me on the sixth of September and the Goddess Brigid manifested on the twenty-sixth of September. It sounds more scientific to describe this giant sun, friendly and golden, as “a gaseous plasmic layered vortex” as I have heard these described on the BBC. I would add “etheric” as few people can see them. You can have one in you or you can hold them – they come in all sizes. The vision was alchemical in nature, as the Goddess did not speak but was accompanied by curious music which I thought was played by bells in an old Greek mode – but later recognized it as very ancient harp music. I was given the Goddess’s name “Brigid” by an alchemical author (Haugh). Full accounts of these happenings are elsewhere on the web.

When my brother donated the basement of the castle to the Fellowship of Isis in 1982, he was given an extraordinary experience in the temple. Lawrence had the ability to project psychically. In this case, this was stronger – part of the etheric of the physical level. He saw black power emerging from the depths of earth which turned into beautiful colors. With this power emerged female figures – the Mothers. They arranged themselves before the High Altar. He was told to circle three times right to left round a vortex between the altar and the two pillars before it. He repeated this around the well, he was told it was for the healing of Ireland. During the same night in February,I received a visitation from a Magus of the Mysteries.

Outside the dungeon where the Mothers came from, I did at last see one of them in 2005. On a shelf above me were three voodoo dolls I had bought in New Orleans. A dark-robed Goddess manifested as a towering pillar of power. I was awestruck and offered to go on my knees. She spoke distinctly “I am not an executioner.” What did she mean? A fortnight later, I understood when New Orleans was flooded through the hurricane Katrina. We are ourselves were responsible. I had been shown a connection with the ocean, so I think of Her as Yemaya, African Sea Goddess. I feel we can all link our spiritual adventures with our homes. This earth is where we grow. An eagle needs a nest.

“The birds call their song of hope to wandering souls,

Pilgrims in search of their lost heaven.

Within the Mother’s Home

is hidden the Source of Life.”

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