Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena: The Spear by Maire Doyle

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

Part 2. The Path of The Spear Shaker

by Maire Doyle

In the never ending circle that is Life you find yourself once again at the water’s edge. As you gaze upon the ripples before you, your mind is full of the exciting new discoveries, your new achievements and a whole new way of viewing your wondrous Life, having followed the Path of the Shield. You feel uplifted and exhilarated and looking forward to beginning the next phase, the path of the Spear. You breathe in deeply and gradually you mind becomes still and calm and you are conscious of your own Being.

Continuing to breathe deeply you become aware that the ripples on the water spread out in circles and you behold a movement, a shadow, rising from beneath the surface and the Goddess Pallas Athena ascends. Slowly you behold the vision of the Goddess and watch in fascination as the glistening water drips from the top of Her Helmet onto Her golden hair and flows down Her body. You are reminded of the Lady of the Lake and Excalibur or Britannia, ruler of the waves.

She sits, proud and confident, and in Her right hand She holds a Spear. You feel a little confused, because a spear is a symbol of war or battle. As if She senses your unspoken thought, a smile plays upon Her lips and you experience a sense of reassurance as She explains that the Spear of Pallas Athena is an instrument that points the way or imparts inspiration. She reminds you of the magician’s wand which is an extension of his arm and range of Power. She displays a picture for you of a Warrior or Chief, of a King or Queen, with their Spear in their hand, proud and dignified and their heads held high. And you recall the words ‘the word is mightier than the sword (or Spear)’! The Goddess tells you that the Spear can indeed symbolise a battle or war and it may take many forms. It is up to you to craft it as you see fit for the particular role of the time. You realise that Pallas Athena is once more offering you the symbol of Her Spear and it too is an aspect of the unique Being that you are. The Goddess also imparts three virtues to Her devotees, Prudence, Courage and Perseverance to aid and assist you on the next stage of your journey.

So saying, the Goddess slowly descends beneath the waters and you start to be aware of yourself in time and space, standing at the water’s edge.

As with any endeavour, Perseverance plays and important part. It can be easy to say ‘this is too difficult’ and think of giving up. At times like this we need Courage to help us persevere. And of course we must exercise Prudence when it comes to the consideration of one’s own interests or resources. When we use the word resource we refer not only to economic wealth but also to using our initiative, quick-wittedness and having a source of support in times of confusion or vulnerability. First and foremost we must take care of ourselves.

There are many things in Life that may require a change to our long held perceptions or understanding. Change is a part of life and everything is in a constant state of flux. As we receive the Call of the Goddess She uses Her Spear to shake or prod us out of our old ways of thinking and acting. To the seeker with an open Heart and mind the Spear points the way and is a source of inspiration. Remember to listen to HOW you feel and where you feel it!

As Spear-Shakers ourselves we are there assist and realis that in assisting we have an opportunity to learn. As Spear Shakers we hear what the Seeker is asking and we assist them in finding their own sign post, coming to the decision or course of action that resonates most comfortably with them.

As the journey continues it is often necessary and desirable to go back over what has gone before, realising that we constantly change as we grow in experience. It can be very helpful to take notes as in a diary of what you have achieved and how. What occurred to bring about this achievement? Was it one of those ‘Eureka’ moments? Did you have to strive to create the achievement or the change? When a person starts to notice or to recognise the many changes and how they have taken place in the previous weeks or months or even years, a more intimate awareness of oneself emerges. With this comes a recognition of their own innate Courage and the Goddess within! As well as this comes the confidence and self-esteem to fire ahead on all cylinders, achieve bigger and better things.

Many are the sign posts on the journey and following them can lead to a variety of ‘scenic views’. None of the turns is ever the ‘wrong’ turn, for there is always something of value, something to be learned. Remember to use Perseverance, one of the gifts of the Goddess Pallas Athena and take the next sign post that you feel is the one and continue with Courage and Prudence.

Once the Path is begun the journey can seem to take on a Life of Its own, your Life.

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