Olivia Robertson - Oracle of Niamh

Olivia Robertson, photo courtesy of Logic Reality

Oracle by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2008.

Oracle of the Goddess Niamh

As Given Through Her Priestess

Invocation: Niamh, Maiden of Radiant Beauty, Daughter of Sea and Sun, awaken us with Your Silver Branch, so we may commune with the World of Spirit. We would journey to that land whose shores are a Haven of everlasting joy and delight.

Oracle: My Gift to you, Knowledge of a place where all hearts and minds are one - free of the clouded sphere of ordinary thought. A sense of self is necessary for survival on earth, transcended, it becomes an instrument, an opened gateway attuned to the Song of the Source - the Living Flow of Light.

This Symphony of Light draws consciousness upwards - My White Horse bears the Awakened to other worlds - places of wonder, with bright skies and bright water, with vivid flowers on blue hills. There, gold, silver and all manner of jewels are in every habitation. Beauty, wellness and brightness are in abundance. All of these I freely give to any who walk within My Realm.

What is the purpose of rides on my Steed of Light? Are these only visions made of misty threads which will dim and fade under the rays of your earthly sun? No! They are treasures which heal the heart and ease the troubled soul. Know the Awakened are clothed in My Cloak which is never pierced, guarded by My Sword, which ever strikes true. My Gifts are blossoms that never wither, but live on within the human heart.

When comes the fateful day to tread the Rainbow Bridge, you have will have no need to fear. My White Steed will bear you swift and true.

This is one of a planned series of posts to honor the anniversary of the passing of FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. During her stays at Isis Oasis for the FOI Convocation, Olivia would offer guided journeys and rituals in the Main Temple, in the Isis Chapel and sometimes even in the sitting room at the Nesu House. I (Linda Iles) took notes when possible, and Olivia and I would go over them afterward. Oracle by Olivia Robertson, transcribed from notes taken at Isis Oasis, October, 2008.

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