Olivia Robertson - Message from London 2011

"Caroline and Her Golden Contacts" original art by Olivia Robertson. Not to be reproduced.

From Olivia Robertson: "Here is a picture I've drawn for Caroline showing her Golden Dawn Contacts. Florence Farr and W.B. Yeats are included."

Olivia’s Message from London FOI Gathering

July 17, 2011

From Olivia Robertson: 17th July 2011. Hello, I am very excited now, so I want to talk to you now, not tomorrow, we have just got back to Caroline's from the FOI Day at Treadwells, London. I have never before described in a public way apparitions I have had of shining beings. I thought now I am 94, now or Never

For my path working I choose a healthy trip to the underworld and my vision of Yemaya whom I saw two weeks before New Orleans was flooded. Her message was "I am not an executioner", thereby stating it is our fault, building under sea level and so on. The next being I love to describe was Pele of Hawaii made of Bronze Golden Light, she gave me prophesies of hope of a new and nobler race stemming from ours. The third being I described was the Goddess Brigid who appeared in White Light showing that all that is never destroyed but is recycled in its true divinity which is coming from the divine. I did mention to off set the Holy Terror of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, my own four Donkeys of the Zodiac: The Divine Donkey Set, who brings progeny, the Divine Donkey who brings holy children, the Mystic donkey who leads us through trial to triumph through resurrection, and the cheerful mystic Donkey in the form of Francis of Assisi who called his body Brother Ass. My path working may help you to your own divinity, including donkeys! Instead in 2012 facing a mega black hole of horror, in the centre of our galaxy you face a tunnel gateway which leads you as in birth from darkness to glorious lives of other dimensions. Here you attune yourself to your own heaven which you have forgotten and are coming home with the talents you have attained.

Note: After the pathworking, each individual member present was asked by Olivia to give a report of their own vision and communication from spirit, so everyone who came had a voice.

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