Olivia Robertson - Dawn of the New Aeon 2001

Previously Unpublished Offerings

from FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson

Monday evening, November 12, 2001

Dark moon in Scorpio

FOI Phoenix Gathering

Phoenix, Arizona

Dawn of the New Aeon

Oracle and Guided Visualization

as received and given by Olivia Robertson

An Oracle of Isis through Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson

The Oracle of Isis.This is the darkest hour before the dawn of the new aeon. We that you call the gods are drawing aside the veil between the psychic realm and the earthly area. More and more people dream dreams, they have visions, the young, and here we have conflicts. The old who have long established teachings, good in their day, feel death is coming upon them. Death of all they believed in, death of the religion of their forefathers. Death of what they believed is true and will bring punishment if they lost belief. This is the time when the snake sheds it’s skin, it is a time of tribulation, and suffering, of fear and confusion in those who reject the spiritual world or who have distorted ideas of it, drawn not from experience but from the past.

Each one of you this evening has come for a particular purpose; you, each one of you have been chosen to do a task, to help those around you enter a new phase which will bring much change. There will be change in your climate brought about by the folly of your scientists and your misuse of nature. There will be terrible attacks from those who follow the old patriarchal rule that itself crushed the old mother rule. This is not an age coming that is of the mother or of the father, it is of those young in heart who can embrace change and bring about creativity. And the young in heart among the old will rejoice to see our day, this is what you call the Second Coming, the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Prophecies.

So be joyful, you are people of courage, each one of you has chosen to be incarnate at this time. Every night enter the portals of sleep to receive my coming. I who seek the lost, who seek the body of Osiris, who seek those who sleep; for all of this life is only a dream and you have turned it to nightmare. Now is the time to awaken.

A Message from the Goddess Isis

A message from Isis. Isis speaks to me: “Do not fear death, do not fear darkness, for each of you has within you eternal life. Not because you belong to any religion or any path but because it is in you anyway - whether you are good or whether you are what you think wicked. For the wicked have the divine spark and it is often cloaked in the good. Those who commit evil are most apt to repent and change.”

A Guided Journey

Now we will take a guided journey. So I want you to descend into the underworld, the place of the past, the forgotten things of what you repress. Descend through the darkness, through the earth. The earth is transparent to you, you go down and it is here in the place of lost memories and abused childhood you are the abuser, you are the abused, you are the killer, you are the slain, you are the cruel, you are the merciful, you are the victim, you are the tyrant, down, down to the place of forgotten things.

From the center of the earth rules Allat, the goddess; Persephone, the queen; Erishkegal, Kali, it is the realm of the dark Kali and of the things of Durga, of the blue Tara and the awful yellow Tara. It is a place of passion, of hate, of lies, the face of fear. It is the womb of the mother, when you lie caught in your mother’s womb, you dread being born, the pain of the dark passage before you come into light. Enter the plane within the earth where rule the mothers. And yet this is beautiful. There is the light - the inner sun within the earth around you which we seat ourselves. This is the place where we face the devil because there is no devil which is not projected by ourselves or we would not see it. We face what we dislike in others and it is in us, we face what we have hidden, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, nightmares, in silence and we bring them all to the mother. And she disposes of them for us in this sun, she just throws them away. Come to the loving mother, she loves us, she forgives and we learn to forgive ourselves. Do this in silence, give her our obsessions. Feeling then immense relief, we throw something more - guilt.

Every time we blame others we feel guilt. Thinking, throw away our guilt. We accept that there is evil, it is only there to teach us. We are in a school. All these things we think terrible aren’t really there. What is real? It is the earth mother who has given us birth. She is real, like her the earth is transparent, and she’s seated there and she sees the stars around us. And we sit like her, center of the earth where is the inner sun. And we can look through the earth and we see the stars, and we feel love, we feel relief, we condemn none, we condemn, we reject evil, but not the evildoer, we reject no being.

And as we think this, the mother tells us to believe her and to rise, and we begin to rise through the earth, the green earth, and into the beautiful sky. And we have a longing that is not for the earth mother at all, it is for fairy stories, for romance, for beauty, hope, for love, for art, beautiful, soft music. This is what we want. As we enter this sphere, we enter into the world of the moon, the spiritual moon, it is the mirror of Hathor, the mirror of the sun, the mirror of everything we have been. We have lost our dreams. It’s dreadful when we’re young, seeing the beauty of fairyland and people tell us it wasn’t there. It is, it is more real than earth. This is the realm of magic, this is Avalon, this is Elysium, this is Paradise. Enter into the silvery grotto, it’s marvelous, everything seems silvery. There are deer here and there are animals, everything is beautiful. And there is the Queen there, Queen Diana, queen of magic, queen of night. Beautiful. While we lie in bed losing our consciousness in sleep, she is always there, and she is here with us now. We ask her to make our dreams come true. We ask her to bring her dreams to us, and she will show them to us in her mirror during the coming year on earth. She summons our dreams in the magic of beauty and love. Out in dreams we wander, venture, we venture throughout space. Having the traveler’s heart we turn about. She holds the magic mirror. And she shows that what we dream at night happens next day. Believe it. Yes, this is true. We leave our dreams for now, to have another dream.

It is beautiful to dream, but we do love. There are those we love, and as we feel this we begin rise to the realm of the sun. And we look outward at the sun, at the temple of the sun, and we reach it. And this is a stepped pyramid. The gods dwell above like a shining light. But we don’t aspire to gods, we want to meet those who died. And you are here, and animals we want to meet who died, animals, and beautiful trees that were cut down, they’re all here. And in this realm of the sun with love, and cheerfulness and happiness we find those we love, and those we are to meet. For the guide is here. Feel. Welcome. They must be invited, we invite them. It is time for silence, their time, now. The biggest gift each one of us gives to them who dwell in this spiritual sun, is our hearts still yearn. Feel this wonderful life, they love us, they’re like us, they catch light, as stars. They have been prayed for and we know they have been cured. They are free, they are joyous. Silence. Seek. They tell us they come to us in dreams, we said it is only a dream we cannot see. Our depression, our sadness speaks to these beings of old, they are our own. They remind us that any time we want to call them to remember, to know there is no death, though they are gone. This is life, very jolly, very cheerful folks, the sun and the golden apples of the heart.

But even as we enjoy this place, we are called to go further. There is something in us that wants the divine, spirit, beyond, even life. And we begin to rise, to the stars, to the depths of the holy veil, all these stars, and we reach the realm of Sirius, the twin stars of all twin souls, Isis and Osiris, Radha and Krishna, Sita and Rama, Eros and Psyche, Ariadne and Theseus. And this is the realm where we find our own twin soul, and this is spiritual. It is the first vision of duality, man and woman, of every creature. We become star beings of light in the Soul of Isis. We find the temple of truth, enter it and there is the ever living flame of our divinity. And here at last we find angels, pure angels and spirits, and we receive communion with our own guardian angel in peace and joy. Seek. And our pure guardian angel has always been there, though we’ve been lost, but now we have found our way gives us love and help. And in turn, we need to help the angels by being able in these coming days by receiving their light.

Feel this tingling, about our face, it is tingling on our brow, round us, a glorious sunset light. And one of our guides gives us a symbol. And this symbol is a key - whatever we think, it may be a flower, or a plant, or a rock, or a stone, or a shell or anything that we need to come to the other realms. We are given our key by the spirits. Now we are told we must face again a journey. We must go to the center of our galaxy to meet with our mothers the stars above. For every star is necessary for us and we are stars, among all human beings, each person contains them.

So we all spiral again, to the center of the galaxy, where some say is a great sun - there isn’t! There is at the center a black hole, and we are shocked and we are astonished and we look in. And then it seems strangely familiar, enter the darkness and we see a little hut, and a little fire. And we come in and we see in the fire, in front of it, we see an extraordinary old woolen cloak and three women in black, seated round. There’s a young maiden passing her needle, and a queenly woman and an ancient enchantress. And they gesture, look at us, to sit down. Feel forewarned, these are the Norns, the Fates. The past, the present, the future, the destiny, woven directly, deeds, lives, those of all beings. And even the gods obey the fates. We sit in awed silence as they weave our destinies. We do not ask about it. They remain cloaked, silent. We wait, we feel them regard us. The past, present and future are one, we are one in fate, their fate. Total, this past, present and future all in us. And as we sit near, we feel we must go close to the weavers. And we think their spirits sing at us, feel their laughter. They tell us to just go and to look at the fire when we get there. And we’re looking down at the fire and suddenly it becomes a gigantic star, it is Sirius, and now we’re back at Sirius. What is this? Going down the center of the spiral and not spiraling around, this is the fourth cup, the past, present and future, all in one.

And suddenly we see the sun, the fire is the sun. We’re back in the jolly realm of the sun. And we look at it again and here comes the pale face of the dark moon, silent. And we go on looking, finally it ends, we’re at the inner sun of our earth with the earth mothers, and they are the fates, they are the mothers. We are filled with a deep peace, there is nothing to fear between either dying or being born. We came by the long dark passage with light at the end. And we are told to return to our own temple and we think we must rise up through the earth, but no, we are still in the hut of the Norns. We’ve only gotten a look at the fire and come back to ourselves! So we sit in the center of the earth and we look at the fire, and gradually it changes and it becomes one candle, one candle. And we look at that and we see that a lot of people have candles, and to each of them it’s their one candle, the divine spirit. And we come back to our bodies fully, feeling a beautiful warmth, a shining light, a crown of stars on our heads, glowing jewels our throats, glowing hearts, sex centers, legs, feet, arms, we are back. And in this state we send out thoughts of healing and health, and ask for those who have been killed or maimed in the recent events, to all in need.


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