Order of the Shining Helmet: The Shield by Maire Doyle

Order of the Shining Helmet of Athena

Part I. The Path of the Shield

by Maire Doyle

You stand at water’s edge, the waves lap over your feet, recede only to return time after time. You continue to stand on the shore staring out in wonder at the vastness of the mighty Ocean. And the motion of the waters reminds you of the thoughts, ideas and questions that float around in the waters of your head making you wonder if you are slowly going mad! As you continue looking out, a form ascends from the depths and you behold the Goddess of Water and the Underworld, Pallas Athena, smiling upon you. As if in a trance your feet move and bring you close to the great Goddess. She is arrayed in all Her glory, Her hair the colour of corn. On Her head rests Her Helmet, in Her hand is a Spear and on Her arm a Shield and you perceive a Goddess of great beauty and great strength. You sense her speaking to you and as you listen, with your Heart, you hear Her reassuring you of your sanity. She tells you that you have heard the ‘Call of the Goddess’ and your uncertainties are an indication. You have become more aware of issues like animal welfare and environmental issues and lots more besides. She assures you that there are many more who have heard the Call, many who will guide and assist you on your Journey. Some have already entered the level of the Shield and others have progress still further. There will always be help at hand. You need only ask. And in your Heart you know that The Great One is telling you that you are now moving from the position of a postulant to the level of Novice of the Shield of the Shining Order of the Helmet of Pallas Athena. And you know that She is offering you the Symbol of Her Shield which has been a part of you always. And then slowly the Great One descends beneath the moving, living waters and is gone from your sight.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to the ocean or a river. So don’t allow this fact to deter you. You may stand in front of a painting of water, you may imagine yourself standing at water’s edge. You may even stand in front of a bowl of water. Just relax and allow you mind to drift so you experience the Goddess.

Lady Olivia was well aware that not everyone sees visions, not everyone experiences their dreams, meditations or Angels in full and glorious technicolour!! She knew that each person is a unique Being, experiencing their path in their unique way. For some it may seem straight forward and clear cut. That, however, is not the case for everyone and you may need someone to clarify situations for you from time to time. Lady Olivia also was aware that feelings are unique to each one. So it makes sense to be aware of HOW you feel or experience different things.

Knowing all this Lady Olivia wanted to revive the Order of the Shining Helmet of Pallas Athena. She wanted there to be ‘somewhere’ for the new Novice to turn for guidance and clarification. Somewhere where they would be sure to find Seekers who could hear what a Novice was saying or asking. Someone who would hold the hand of the Novice until they came to the signpost most suitable for the Novice. Lady Olivia knew that to the person with an open Heart and mind, learning comes from the most unexpected sources and at the strangest times. Acting as the Shield we can be of benefit to the new Seeker while also learning ourselves.

The Order of the Shining Helmet of Pallas Athena can be set out in 3 parts to begin with.

1. The Shield

2. The Spear

3. The Helmet.

In this the first part we will begin the walk of the Path of the Shield.

The Shield is recognised as a symbol of protection either from something or for something. The outer side may be used to deflect something, while the inner side can safeguard a part or aspect of the bearer. The 2 sides of a Shield create a balance just as there is balance in Life. What sort of Shield would you feel is appropriate for the goal you have in mind? How large will it be? How will it be worn? Under what conditions? Will it change with time and with conditions?

Having already decided on which issue you wish to begin with, consider how you would like go about achieving it. Remember there are many issues that people get involved in and starting one invariably leads to another. Do you need to research you project? Do you know anyone else who is involved in a similar project who can help? These are just some of the considerations for you, a Seeker who has heard the Call of the Goddess and is now preparing to follow that Call with Her guidance.

The guidance of the Goddess comes in many ways. Time and awareness plus patience and perseverance will help you to recognise those ways for you and so help you to progress. Others will experience Her guidance in a different manner more suited to them. And something that does not turn out the way you wanted or planned, does not equate with failing!! You will have learned something and you will try again with your newfound awareness!! Remember we learn from our mistakes!!

As unique Beings we experience life in our own individual way. As mentioned above, it is therefore important to know what that individual way is. Assistance or guidance on this matter is crucial. Some will tell you that their way is the only way or THE way. Knowing how each one feels is essential in order to know your way. Ask yourself how and where in your body you have the feeling. It may be a sensation or a picture. We are individuals and experience Life in our individual way. Always question, question and question again! No question is ever silly. This questioning applies to a tutor also. A Novice does well to be aware that a tutor knows a lot, just not everything! And a tutor experiences Life in her or his individual way! Lady Olivia said, “Be true to yourself while honouring others’’.

Have courage and confidence in yourself as you take the first steps on this the first part of the Path of the Shield.

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