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Temple-School of Isis of the Myriad Names Lyceum
Victoria, Australia 

Website: h
Lyceum of Heka
Dedicated to the Goddesses Aset, Sekhmet and Hekate. The purpose of this center, according to the founder: “To be a contact for fellow seekers, students and masters alike and to share the wisdom as well as partake in the path of the God/dess. To keep striving for knowledge and its useful application for the betterment and benefit of mankind, the earth and its creatures and spirit. I will speak truth with humility and deliver messages of insight when I am asked by my akhu and Gods in good faith.”
Contact: Setjataset, Prs. H.
Address: PO Box 117
Clarinda Victoria 3169


Magickal Lyceum of the Goddess Isis and Hekate 
NSW, Australia 
This Lyceum is dedicated the mysteries of Isis and Hekate. I hope to provide a voice for ongoing devotion and fellowship through community ritual, prayer and healing circles.
Contact: Louise Hutchings
Facebook page:


Temple of the Goddess Hathor 
This lyceum is devoted to the ancient Goddess Hathor, who is called the Mother of the Gods. She embodies beauty, joy, power and maternity. She has different faces; according to the aspect invoked she is pictured as a cow, a lion, a serpent or with two faces, and in later times she is often identified with the Goddess Isis.The aim of this temple is to help people remember who they truly are and guide them step by step on the path of knowledge and wisdom. In our meetings we follow the rhythm of nature, we meet at the full and new of the moon and at the 8 Celtic festivals, which mark the course of the sun.  Sometimes we invite a foreign guest speaker, teacher or shaman. The hierophant of this temple, Hilde De Smet, is a medical doctor and healer, who has a background in Eastern philosophy, Western occultism and paganism, and the teachings of several indiginous cultures. In the classes, rituals and meditations, elements from different traditions and from nature are combined as tools to come into contact with our true and universal Selves. 
For more information: 
Contact: Hilde De Smet



Lyceum Caminhos de Hecate (Hecate's Paths)
Nova Iguacu/RJ, Brazil
This Lyceum is dedicated to the Goddess Hecate. Through the paths of Hecate, the candidate will be guided into a journey to disvoer "what is priesthood for myself?" and, further, "what is hierophant priesthood for myself?". Working with myths, symbols and magic, the candidate will explore it's magical roots and relationships with the Divine, weaving it's own way of priesthood and sacred work. Offering online and in person training.
Contact: Pr. H. Luiz Carlos Coutinho
Blog: Iseum Flor de Afrodite e Lyceum Caminhos de Hecate -

Lyceum Sistrum Feline (Lyceum Sistro Felino)
Contact: Rev. Debora Barcelos

Mahina Lyceum
Joinville/SC, Brazil
This center was founded by Pr. H. Bruno Herzog. It is dedicated to the Goddess Hina.
Contact: Bruno Herzog
Blog: Iseum Rosa de Gaia e Mahina Lyceum

Lyceum of the Blessed Mother of Erie
Ontario, Canada
At this time we are not prepared to do long distant teachings but will accept students within S. Ontario who are dedicated to learning the Old Ways. I offer teaching and ritual and work matching inmates with people who will write to them, in the hopes of advancing their spiritual development. My work within this program has blossomed in ways that I could not foresee. Those wishing to contact me can do so by e-mail.
Lyceum of the Grail Goddess - The Goddess of Silence
Southern Ontario, Canada
Working with my belief, that the meaning of life is different for everyone..."Not just a little different, but like a fingerprint"... guidance provided is to assist in living a simplified, meaningful and purposeful life based on your own signature strengths, values and priorities.  I've been guiding people from across the world for the last several years, offering an in-depth spiritual awareness course working primarily with the Goddesses Sophia and Isis. In addition, I touch upon the many others guides surrounds the Pries/tess Initiate and I. These courses are offered through email correspondence and personal telephone contact (no Long-Distance Charges incurred for participants). They are designed to lead the student through exercises in relation to move to more advanced path - working visualization skills and magical techniques. The courses are not a "one size fits all", they are highly individualized, based on your personal goals, and your knowledge of ”spiritual awakening".

Lyceum of the Sanctuary of Hecate, Isis and Bastet
St Catherine’s, Ontario
Contact: Rev. Hecate Oliva


Kleidouchos Lady Guardian, Holder and Holder of the Keys Iseum / Lyceum
Curico, Chile
I offer my students: ordination of priestesses and priests after completion of a nine month long course; degrees and consecration of hierophant. The following subjects will be offered: Know the Faces of the Goddess, Witchcraft training, Peasant Witchcraft, Aqualead levels 1 and 2 and Master level. Reiki Usui levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, Astral workshop, Chromotherapy workshop, Workshop of creation of altars.
Contact: Ali Echeverria B.

Lyceum Dama de la Luna

Santiago, Chile

Dedicated to Isis, Hékate, and Morrigan working strongly feminine spirituality and Goddess spirituality as well.

Carrying out Western and Egyptian magic, Holistic medicine, spiritual accompaniment, ceremonies and rites of passage, women circles, personal development workshops, and Goddess Priest and Priestess training. Also, it has a place to honor our American Ancestors.
Mónica Salas
In spanish:
Lyceum Dama de la Luna
Santiago, Chile
Dedicado a Isis, Hékate y Morrigan trabaja fuertemente la espiritualidad femenina y de la Diosa.
Realiza actividades de magia occidental y egipcia, sanación holística,acompañamiento espiritual, ceremonias y ritos de pasos, círculos de mujeres, charlas, talleres de crecimiento personal y el entrenamiento de sacerdotes y sacerdotisas de la Diosa. También tiene un espacio para honrar los ancestros americanos.
Contact: Mónica Salas

Lyceum Isis y Dionisio
Contact: Yenni Fabres, Priestess Hierophant

Way of the Stars Lyceum (Lyceum Camino de las Estrellas)
Santiago, Chile
Contact: Rev. Humberto Nicolás Chávez Araya


Lyceum of Belisama
Belisama was worshiped by the ancient Gauls and in northern Italy.  She is the ‘Most Powerful One’ and was associated in the Roman era with Minerva. The Lyceum will provide training in the Isian priesthood for men and women seeking ordination in France. 
Contact: Vivianne Crowley

L'Lyceum (sanctuaire d'Isis) des Sentiers d'Avalon
The Lyceum (Sanctuary of Isis) Paths of Avalon
Provence, south-eastern France 
Contact: Rev. Rarius Chandalen


Artemis and Cernunnos Lyceum
Oberrot, Northern Baden-Württemberg
A correspondence course for Priestess/Priest training is available. Materials are in German.
Contact: Wolfram
Bastet and Tefnut Iseum/Lyceum
Solingen, Germany
This center is jointly headed by Rev. H. Barbara Stiller and Rev. H. Marlene Jurjevic.  Coursework, ritual and workshops are offered.

Isis and Horus Lyceum
Emsland - Meppen - Germany

Lyceum mit dem Ziegenfisch
(Lyceum with the Goatfish)
Berlin, Germany

Tara Hedge College Lyceum
Lassheider Weg 90
33699 Bielefeld 
Westfalia, Germany

Lyceum of Isis of Ten Thousand Names


Contact: Lamia and Yoda

Isis of the Mysteries Lyceum
P.O. Box 8542
Accra North


Ascension of Isis Mystery School
Dublin, Ireland
An Egyptian Mystery School website for correspondence courses in Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Healings and rituals. Personally chartered by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson. The Lyceum founder, Rev. David deRoeck writes: “We have initiated an online mystery school to help and guide all towards the journey to your divine self. To hold your hand and walk with you, to see the sign posts of your true being. To assist you in opening the Ark of your divine inner Sun and therefore recognising the divine in all things. The official launch was Saturday 12th of November, 2011, with Lady Olivia at Clonegal Castle Festival of Isis. You too can learn how to walk with the spirit of the living. There are many paths yet only one true direction.
Contact: Rev. David de Roeck, Wi nTraA

Facebook: Ascension of Isis!/groups/161179523978873/
Lyceum of Aine and Sophia
c/o Clonegal Castle
Enniscorthy, Ireland

Lyceum of Elen of Ireland
Glenmore, co. Kilkenny
Devoted to Elen of The Ways and Sadhbh The Irish Deer Goddess. 
Contact: Baya Salmon-Hawk
Lyceum of Isis
Lyceum of the Three Mothers
This Lyceum was appointed by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson on September 6th, 2009. Founded by Eileen Lawrence, Archdruidess and Prs. Hierophant.
Contact: Eileen Lawrence

Lyceum of the Goddess of the Golden Morn


The Order of the Golden Morn was personally Chartered as a Mystery School by FOI Co-Founders, the Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson and her brother, Rt. Rev. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, at the Vernal Equinox 1983. The Golden Morn Temple welcomes interest from students and adepts on their individual spiritual quest seeking initiation. High Priest and Hierophant, the Rt. Rev. Seán P. McCabe, G.K.T., is the Mentor and Guide of the Lyceum and welcomes positive practitioners of the several esoteric traditions but principally of the Egyptian Mysteries of Isis and Osiris in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy and the Magi Degree ritual dramas.

This ray of the Holy Triad of Deity of the FOI venerates the Goddess Isis through the ancient Egyptian mystery tradition of Isis and Osiris and emphasizes the virtue of Love, the characteristics of Vocational Service – Priesthood, the qualities of Goodness and Compassion, and the attributes of Perception of the Innate Divinity in All.

We study and practice the Esoteric Sciences – Magic and Alchemy, Ritual and Ceremonial for the individual's spiritual growth and the enfoldment of the soul along the myriad Paths in the Great Work of the pursuit of Knowledge and Truth for the benefit of all Mankind. Peace, Love and Harmony is paramount within our Group. You will receive Fraternal Friendship in our Group whatever tradition you are attuned to in your climb of the Supernal Mountain.

Contact: Rt. Rev. Seán P. McCabe, G.K.C., Priest Hierophant.


Lyceum of Psyche and Sophia
Clonegal, County Wexford
A study of the mythology of the Goddess through the "complex and wonderful labyrinth of information" provided in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy. All courses are available through correspondence as well as in-person teaching. Consulting service available in Dublin.
Contact: Prs. H. Gwendoline Rouiller

Temple of Isis Shrines, College of Isis
Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy, Ireland
FOI Founders Centre


Lyceum Campense (Rome Central)
Rome (in the ancient Roman area of the old Iseum Campense)
The Lyceum Campense originated as Iseum Campense in 2003 with the aim that the cult of the Great Goddess Isis returned to Rome. Its founder was ordered as a priestess of Isis by Lady Olivia Robertson in 2003. It is located in a medieval tower in the center of Rome and has a large lararium (domestic shrine) dedicated to the Goddess. It offers priesthood training in the Western Mysteries Tradition primarily only in presence, and in a second phase, distance priesthood training is available. The candidates work through the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy and gain practical experience of Temple work. Contemplative Yoga classes are offered. Lunar and seasonal rituals are celebrated on a monthly basis, as well as propitatory rites in the numerous archaeological sites of the city. The Lyceum website hosts the Italian translation of the entire liturgy of the College of Isis as well as translations of many other sections dedicated to understanding deepening the principles and meaning of the Goddess Priesthood of the FOI.

Lyceum Campense (Centro di Roma)
Il Lyceum Campense nacque come Iseum Campense nel 2003 con la finalità che il culto della Grande Dea Iside tornasse a Roma. La sua fondatrice è stato ordinata come sacerdotessa di Iside personalmente da Lady Olivia Robertson nel 2003. È sito in una torre medievale nel centro di Roma ed ospita un grande larario dedicato alla Dea. Offre formazione sacerdotale nella Tradizione dei Misteri Occidentali, inizialmente solo in presenza e, - in una seconda fase - è possibile un training a distanza. I candidati operano attraverso la Liturgia della Fellowship of Isis e acquisiscono esperienza pratica del lavoro del Tempio. Su richiesta sono offerte lezioni di Yoga Contemplativo. Rituali lunari e stagionali sono celebrati su base mensile, così come i riti propiziatori nei numerosi siti archeologici della città. Il sito del Lyceum ospita la traduzione italiana di tutta la liturgia del Collegio di Iside nonché traduzioni di molte altre sezioni dedicate alla comprensione e all'approfondimento dei principi e del significato del Sacerdozio della Dea nella FOI.

Lyceum of the Divine Meow

Dedicated to feline goddessess and gods. The Mysteries of the Great Feline Powers guide the Lyceum's work. Distant priestess/priesthood training available.
Contact: Aglaia Francesca
E-mail: or

Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum

Il Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum nasce dall'omonimo Iseum dedicato ad Hekate e Hermes, a Palermo. La Sacerdotessa Ierofante è stata ordinata e consacrata dal Lyceum del Divine Meow. Il Lyceum ha come scopo principale il servizio agli dèi.
Il Primo Sacerdote, votato ad Athena, Poseidone e Hekate presta il suo servizio da insegnante al fianco della Ierofante. Il Lyceum offre la possibilità di formazione per la spirale Adepti, il training sacerdotale, l'Alchimia Solare e i Magi Degrees. Nel Lyceum vengono spronati gli allievi, in fase di trainig sacerdotale, a scoprire e coltivare le loro particolari doti per metterle al servizio della comunità fuori e dentro la F.O.I. Si fa particolare attenzione - grazie agli dei tutelari - allo studio, alla comunicazione, alla compassione, alla condivisione e alla disponibilità verso il prossimo, umano o animale.

Pagina FB: Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum e Iseum
Contatti personali su FB: Ivana Modesto e Marco Gravina

Instagram: Marcoelbrujo
E-mail: e
Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum
The Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum is born from the homonymous Iseum dedicated to Hekate and Hermes, in Palermo. The Hierophant Priestess was ordered and consecrated by the Lyceum of the Divine Meow. The Lyceum has as its main purpose the service to the Gods.
The First Priest, devoted to Athena, Poseidon and Hekate, lends his teaching service alongside the Hierophant.
The Lyceum offers the possibility of formation for the Spiral of The Adepti, the priestly training, the Solar Alchemy and the Magi Degrees. In the Lyceum students are encouraged, during the priestly training, to discover and cultivate their particular gifts to put them at the service of the community outside and inside the F.O.I. Particular attention is paid - thanks to the tutelary Gods - to study, communication, compassion, sharing and availability towards others, human or animal.

FB Page: Pharmakou Potnia Lyceum and Iseum
Personal contacts on FB: Ivana Modesto and Marco Gravina

Instagram: Marcoelbrujo
E-mail: and

Lyceum of Sesheshet - The Sacred Sound

Latina – Italy
Questo Lyceum offre insegnamenti, rituali e pratiche giornaliere basate su anni di ricerca e connessione diretta con la dea Isis-Aset, il Suo Consorte Osiris-Asar e la Dea Bast. Percorsi offerti: percorso sciamanico per costruire una relazione forte e personale con la propria o le proprie Divinità; studio della liturgia della FOI – Magi Degrees; Training Sacerdotale; Riti di Passaggio; studio degli Strumenti Sacri (tamburo sciamanico e sistro). Training a distanza e/o meetings.
Contatto: Rev. Gigliola Di Libero, Prs. H.
This Lyceum offers teachings, rituals and daily practices based on years of research and direct attunement to the goddess Isis-Aset, Her consort Osiris-Asar and the Goddess Bast. Paths offered: shamanic path for developing a strong personal relationship with the Goddess and Goddesses; FOI Liturgy study - Rites of the Magi degrees; Priesthood training; Rites of Passage; Sacred Instruments study (shamanic drum and systrum). Training by distance learning and/or meetings.
Contact: Rev. Gigliola Di Libero, Prs. H.

Respirare Luminis Lyceum Iseum

Lyceum/Iseum dedicato alle divinità: Danu, Kuan Yin, Astarte.
Founded with the intention of spreading the culture of the Blessed Mother in all its aspects, its peculiarities and its history, creating a spiral circle of new synergies and new paths of spiritual and individual growth. The divinities are honored with monthly rituals, daily dedications and in the Temple, physical and also via Streaming, with Ceremonies for initiations, consecrations, rites and blessings. Rites of Passage and Union will also be performed. The school has the intent to form new priests and priestesses with a strong spirit of Justice, Honor, Compassion. The paths will be individual and strictly designed and focused on individual growth, respecting the personal qualities of each one and valuing their importance, rediscovering in each one their own Faith, Dedication, Sacred Voice. The Breath of Life and Truth will be the cornerstones on which new healers, priests and initiates to the Arts can cement themselves. Among the subjects and courses of study there are: magic herbalism, use of herbs, crystals, energy techniques of distance healing, divinatory arts. There will be special care organized Monthly or Seasonal Collective Meditations and various spiritual or evolutionary initiatives of the person.


Lyceum Isis Orientalis
Tokyo, Japan

Lyceum of the Aquarian Isis
P.O. Box 14949
Kano NG 700213
Kano State, Nigeria
Contact: Prof. Vincent Afarri

Lyceum of the Cosmic Isis
Abia, Nigeria

Lyceum of Miraculous Healing
Rivers, Nigeria

Temple of Ngame Lyceum
Edo, Nigeria
Isadora Lyceum
"The Lyceum is located in Spain, in Lugo (North West of Spain, Galicia), a very magical and powerful place. This city was in the old times a huge temple, a sacred place where different temples were within, and an old Temple of Isis was the heart of this powerful place. The Lyceum is called Isadora. It is a gift of Isis and it will be devoted to Isis and Hekate. Isadora is the key to spread the spiritual light, magic and wisdom from the Goddess, for the Higher Good of everyone involved. The key of Life is the key of our hearts and the key that open every door in our spiritual path. Isadora is also both a bridge and a river, and holds a wide range of areas.
Contact: Hester Aira


Lyceum of the Inner Fire
Seville and Granada
Rev. Harwe Tuileva Primavera

Iseum / Lyceum / Solar Iseum of Alchemy Isis Mirionymos
The Iseum is dedicated to the Goddess of the ten thousand names, and we provide services to the pagan community and members of The Fellowship of Isis for free, we are at the service of our brothers and sisters. We teach the Adept's Spiral. The Art of Healing and Oracular Art are part of our Work In the Lyceum we teach the liturgy to train priests and priestesses, seeking to know our inner divinity through devotion, art and ritual. In the Solar Iseum we teach the Spiral of Alchemy, through confrontation and union with our shadow, we seek to unite ourselves to our divinity.
Contact: (Zoe Moro)

en Español:

Iseum/Lyceum/Iseum Solar de Alquimia Isis Mirionymos
El Iseum esta dedicado a la Diosa de los diez mil nombres, y brindamos servicios a la comunidad pagana y miembros de La Hermandad de Isis de manera gratuita, estamos al servicio de nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Nosotros enseñamos la Espiral del Adepto. El Arte de Sanacion y el Arte Oracular son parte de nuestro Trabajo En el Lyceum enseñamos la liturgia para formar sacerdotes y sacerdotisas, buscando conocer nuestra divinidad interior mediante la devocion, el arte y el ritual. En el Iseum Solar enseñamos la Espiral de la Alquimia, mediante en enfrentamiento y union con nuestra sombra ,buscamos unirnos a nuestra divinidad.
Contacto: (Zoe Moro)

Lyceum Per Anj Luz de Sotis

Vigo, Spain
Aradia Moon

Lyceum Sekhmet, the Lioness of the Sun (Lyceum Sekhmet, la Leona del Sol)

Iseum/Lyceum dedicated to Dionisio and Isis in all their aspects and forms oriented to the diffusion, devotion, formal and rustic to to the Greek, Minoan and Egyptian Goddesses and Gods and to the Theurgical and Oracular Work.
Contact: Ema Yenniferth del Carmen Fabres Quiroz

Lyceum Sekhmet, la leona del sol (Lyceum Sekhmet, the Lioness of the Sun)
Iseum/Lyceum dedicado a Dionisio y a Isis en todos sus aspectos y formas orientado a la difusion, devocion formal y rustica a los Dioses Minoicos, Diosas y Dioses Egipcios y al Trabajo Teurgico y Oracular.
Contact: Ema Yenniferth del Carmen Fabres Quiroz

Stellar Labyrinth Iseum / Lyceum es un espacio sagrado dedicado a las Diosas Isis, Selket y Hécate donde se imparten diversos talleres, técnicas de sanación, rituales, conferencias, brujería, Wicca, tarot y oráculos, así como cursos de Sacerdocio. Hablamos Español. Este Iseum / Lyceum ofrece cursos en el Sistema de Magi FoI Magi. Localizados en España, Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y México.
Contacto: Rev. Ayra Alseret, HPS
Facebook: Stellar Labyrinth Iseum/Lyceum

Stellar Labyrinth Iseum / Lyceum is a sacred space dedicated to the Goddesses Isis, Selket and Hecate where various workshops, healing techniques, rituals, lectures, witchcraft lessons, Wiccan classes, tarot and oracles, as well as Priesthood courses are taught and offered. This Iseum/ Lyceum offers courses in the FoI Magi Degree System. We speak Spanish. Located in Spain, the United States of America and Mexico.
Contact: Rev. Ayra Alseret, HPS
Facebook: Stellar Labyrinth Iseum/Lyceum


Lyceum of Inner Sanctum of Starlight
Contact:  Rev. Endymion MoonChilde


Aphrodite Lyceum
London, UK

Children of the New Dawn Lyceum
Fareham, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Dawn Tottle

Elen of the Greenways Lyceum
London, UK

Hearth of the Grey Goddess
Drayton, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Julie Weltch

Isis of the Thames Lyceum
BCM Starfire
London WC1N  3XX

Isis of Time and Space Lyceum
London, UK
Contact: Rt. Rev. Steve Wilson, Hierophant

Lyceum of Brighid
Scotland, UK
166 Rullion Road
Penicuik, Midlothian, EH26 9JB
Contact: Swami Prem Sudheer

Lyceum of Dana and the Healing Waters of the Moon
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Evelyne Baillie

Lyceum of Hecate, Demeter and Artemis
Contact: Rev. Heather Charnley

Lyceum of Hellenic Isis
South Wales
The Lyceum of the Hellenic Isis offers training for the Priesthood, working with the Fellowship of Isis liturgy. Trainin in the Orphic path is also offered.
Contact: Priestess Hierophant Ariadne

Lyceum of Holly, Oak and the Rose
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Linda Hilborne

Lyceum of Isis and Bast of the Moon
Portsmouth, Hants
Contact: Rev. Gemma Harrison

Lyceum of Isis, Horus and Nuit
Bath, Somerset, UK
Lyceum of Isis-Morgan, Goddess of the Stars and Sea
Training by Correspondence/Distance learning and/or meetings.
Priestess Training available. This Lyceum is based in South East London.

Lyceum of the Gateway
London, UK

Lyceum of the Goddess of Nature
Derby, UK

Lyceum of the Lunate Cross
Contact: Rev. Galadriel Arwen (Debbie Phoenix)
2 Harrow Rd

Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars
Flat 3, 20 St. David's Road,

Lyceum of Isis and Thoth of the Moon
Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
Rev. Linda O'Neill

Lyceum of Ma'at, Nu'ut and Shakti of the Divine Dance
Offers a correspondence course within the Magi Degree Pathworking System. The lyceum founder studied with Sarah Rooke of Lyceum of Isis and Sekhmet of the Stars.

Lyceum of Our Lady of the Stars
Contact: Rev. Annabelle Markwick-Staff
Lyceum of Sacred Mother Isis
Hastings, East Sussex
This centre offers a correspondence course, craft workshops and ritual based on the Fellowship of Isis liturgy.
Contact: Rosie Weaver, Prs. H.
Lyceum of Selene and the Lunar Sphere
Torbay, Devon
Contact: Rev. Allen Gittens

Lyceum of the Silver Lotus
London, UK

Lyceum of Sophia and the Christos

Wales, UK


Lyceum of Universal Learning
Havant, Hampshire
The Universal Learning Iseum facilitates a life long learning ethos along side an interactive, virtual and actual outreach of a Healing World Network. Our outreach connects and converges with the intention that fellow co creatives develop, affirm, manifest and integrate a fresh and mindful way of thinking/feeling that internally and externally exists in all natural order. Universal Learning does this by harnessing the wheel of the seasons gifts and with a 'whole and free now' ethos.
Contact: Priestess Hierophant Gaynor Linnecor

Lyceum of the Weary Traveller
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Contact: Rev. Debbie Heaton-King

Lyceum of the Sacred Spiral
Auburn, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia areas
The Lyceum of the Sacred Spiral is dedicated to the Love of Hathor, the Wisdom of Brighid, and the Self Empowerment of Ephesia. Lyceum offerings include: in-person Priesthood training, FOI liturgy study, all Rites of Passage, Sabbat and Esbat rituals. Public workshops and general interest classes are also available.
Contact: Rev. Cynthia L. Jurkovic, Prs. H.

Grotto of the Magdalene Lyceum
Fountain Hills, AZ
Contact: Ambujam

Isis Star of Sirius Lyceum
Glendale, AZ
Contact: Dr. Gina Pollaro

Lady of the Forest House Lyceum
Phoenix, AZ 

Lyceum of Arianrhod and the Greenman
Tucson, AZ
Contact: Draigg Raven Silverwheel, Pr. H.

Lyceum of Ishtar and Inanna, College of Isis
Mesa, AZ

Círculo de Isis Lyceum
East Bay Area, San Franciso, California
Language: Spanish/Español
This is a Spanish online community dedicated to deepen the relationship with the Goddess Isis in her ten thousand names. This community celebrates the New and Full Moons as well as the major holidays. Together, we learn about the Goddess, Her rites, astrology, tarot, runes, herbs, crystals, among many other things. If you speak Spanish and would like to participate, please find us in Facebook under Circulo de Isis or join our yahoo group at We look forward to sharing the circle with you!
Círculo de Isis (same listing in Spanish below)
Esta es una comunidad virtual dedicada a fortalecer nuestras relaciones con la Diosa Isis en sus diez mil nombres. Esta comunidad celebra las Lunas Nuevas y Llenas y las gran celebraciones. Juntos aprenderemos sobre la Diosa, sus ritos, astrología, tarot, runas, hierbas y cristales además de muchas cosas mas. Si hablas español y quieres participar, nos encontraras en Facebook bajo el nombre Circulo de Isis o puedes unirte a nuestro grupo en yahoo en la dirección Te esperamos!

Daughters of Isis Lyceum
San Mateo, CA

Felinis Divinis Lyceum

Anaheim, CA

Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum
San Diego, CA
Certified by FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson in 1998. A correspondence course offering training for the FOI priest/priestesshood and in the Magi degrees of the College of Isis. The coursework covers dream work, guided visualization, meditation, qabalah, tarot, chakras, subtle energy currents within the body, magical properties of color, sound, light, herbs, metals, gemstones and construction of magical and ritual tools. These subjects are then corresponded with the beliefs and temple practices of ancient Egypt.  Celebrates FOI Liturgy by attunement with lyceum members. A very popular course.  There is an extensive waiting list, currently new applications cannot be accepted. The coursework and series of presentations at FOI events has proven so popular, the lyceum founder is currently writing a series of books. Her first book, "Bast, Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt" is available through Isis-House Publishing and is listed on It is a scholarly study of the goddess Bast based on twelve years of research, presenting material from Egyptological sources on this goddess that has never before been published for the general reading audience.
Contact: Linda Iles, Prs. H.
Website: Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum:
Website: Bast, Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt:

Isis of the Green Wings and Crescent Moon Lyceum
Mt. Shasta, CA
Contact: Barbara Lee Westlake, Prs. H.
The founder of this FOI center has passed into the 'spirit sphere'. FOI co-founder Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson has authorized the inclusion of this center after Barbara's passing because of the long standing FOI tradition that all FOI members are active on the inner planes once they cross over, as originally introduced by the three FOI co-founders, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, his wife Pamela and his sister, Olivia.

Isis of the Throne Lyceum 
PO Box 16690
San Diego, CA  92176
Contact: Rt. Rev. deTraci Regula
Lotus of the Pacific
San Diego, CA
Chartered by Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson in October of 2009. This lyceum serves to connect with other FOI centers along the Pacific Rim, particularly the Hawaiian Islands.
Contact: Rt. Rev. deTraci Regula
Contact: Most Rev. Linda Iles

Lyceum of the Ancient Mysteries and the Goddess
Los Angeles area
Contact: Rev. Govinda Dasan

Lyceum of Isis of the Stars
Dunsmuir, CA
Michael Starsheen is currently accepting students for ordination into the priesthood. The course of study is primarily based on the FOI Magi degree dramas and one-to-one counseling and coaching to foster each individual's spiritual growth. Rituals may be performed solo, by attunement, or in person. Michael does not require students to follow any particular 'path' or tradition; instead he expects the student to have already established, or at least have some idea of, the magical tradition in which they choose to act. Because his training is intensely tuned to each student, he is only accepting a limited number at any one time. His current books include "Mythic Voices" and "Universal Alchemy". They are offered through the publisher  His page url at lulu is
Contact: Rt. Rev. Michael A. Starsheen

Lyceum of Karnak
Dunsmuir, CA
The Lyceum of Karnak teaches two levels of experience. The first level teaches basic magic and psychic self-defense. The second level teaches the FOI liturgy dramas. We continue to carry on the traditions of Karnak, given our resources to the best of our abilities. The Rev. Kiel Milner is hierophant, and the Lyceum is currently located in Dunsmuir, CA

Lyceum of the Lotus by the Sea
Morro Bay, CA
Lyceum of The Muse Of Isis / The Temple of The Muse Of Isis
Studies offered in sacred temple dance and ritual theater, channeling, automatic writing, continued course work in community ceremony, prayer circles, weddings, wakes, memorials, coming of age ceremony, broadcast healing work, live ritual theater from many traditions including Lady Olivia's rites from The Fellowship of Isis Magi Training. 25 years of Vedic Studies as well as being gifted the Inipi and other Beauty Way Traditions, facilities for private and public ceremony. Children's Theater and Anthropological Studies offered.
Contact: Mana, Priestess Hierophant
Phone: 707 354-2475
Address: 50 E. San Francisco Ave
Willits, CA 95490

Lyceum of the Nubian Moon
“Speak their names, for they still live!”
This Lyceum is dedicated to Isis/Auset, our “Ancient  Mother” of the Dark Moon, and her other aspects. The Lyceum of the Nubian Moon hosts Goddess Presentations, Book Salons, and Recitals, Rituals, Sabbat Celebrations, Sacred Dancing, and Goddess Studies, Goddess Teas and Inspirations, and coming soon, Tarot, Cowrie, Rune, and other Divinations, in a quiet, peaceful and Goddess loving atmosphere. The Lyceum of the Nubian Moon is a house of the Goddesses.
Founder: Rev. Anniitra MaKafia UtchatiNu Ravenmoon, Priestess Hierophant
E-mail: sacred
Iseum: www.iseumofthenubianmoon  (a work in progress)
Night Wings:
Creatrix Media Live!:

Lyceum of Sekhmet and Ptah
Los Angeles area
Coursework focuses on Egyptian Mysteries, Magick and Alchemy.
Contact: Peter Paddon, Pr. H.
Lyceum of Syncretic Craft of the Wise
Glory Vernon, the Lyceum founder writes: “Serving Goddess is a fulfilling endeavor.”
Founder: Glory Vernon, Priestess Hierophant
4834 Holly Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90805 
562 606 2682

Lyceum of the Triple Spiral

La Puente, CA

S.T.A.R.S. (Sacred Temple of Ancient Rites and Seasons) Lyceum
Lemoore, CA
Contact: Sabotia

Temple of Isis Lyceum

Geyserville, CA
Contact: Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne

Temple of Isis/Los Angeles Isis of Pelagia Lyceum
Los Angeles, CA 
Contact: Laura Janesdaughter, Prs. H.

CircleSnCircleS Lyceum
P.O. Box 1142
Youngstown, FL 32466
Contact: Brenda Johnson Prs.H.
Phone: 850 774-6578
Eternal Spiral Lyceum
Milton, FL 32570
Contact: Benita Taylor Prs.H.
Feather of Maat Lyceum
Orlando, FL
Contact: Elina, Prs. H.

Gaia Awakening Lyceum
Mary Esther, FL
Contact: Shelly Langshaw, Prs. H.
Garden of Sacred Wells Lyceum
Winter Park, FL
Contact: Aauriane Veleda, Prs. H.

Isis of Philae Lyceum
Navarre, FL
Contact: Deborah Merwin, Prs. H.
Lyceum of the Crystal Moon
Crestview, FL 
"My Lyceum is dedicated to the healing of women, helping them regain their power through healing the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual issues from abuse by others. We heal ourselves, each other and then are able to help with the healing of our communities. We help with human and animal welfare. I will also be starting women's drumming circles again. I offer Solfeggio tuning fork and Tibetan singing bowl for vibrational healing at 5280 Stallion Drive Crestview, Florida 32539."
Contact: Caroline A. Cook Prs.H.
Phone: 850 830-8255 (cell)
E-mail:  and

Lyceum of the Goddess Morgan and
the Ninefold Sisterhood of the Celtic Cauldron
Jacksonville, FL 

Lyceum of Isis of the Rainbow
Jacksonville, Florida
Honoring the Goddess and Her Mysteries through the legacy and original vision of Blv. Olivia Robertson. The Lyceum founder, Priest Hierophant Don Lewis, writes: "Blv. is a Correllianism - it is a style 'Beloved' used for an ancestor." The term "Correllian" refers to a tradition founded by Don's great-grandmother, Orpheis Caroline High Correll, of which Don is the Chancellor and First Priest. Don moderates the FOI e-mail list on Yahoo:
Contact: Priest Hierophant Don Lewis

Lyceum of the Sacred Trees

Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Contact: Serena Dee Latiolais Prs.H.
Phone: 850 774-7411

Lyceum of the Sword of the Lotus
Orlando, FL
Contact: Veinjhada Anruth, Prs. H.
Lyceum of the Triple Goddess
Milton, FL 32583
Contact: Glynna Muin Prs.H.

The Temple of Tor Kailash Lyceum
Panama City, FL 32404
Contact: Colleen Ruckman Prs.H.
Phone: 850 532-0794

Wytchyn Wulf Lyceum
Shalimar, FL 32579
Contact: Dorothy Kudla Prs.H.

Lyceum of the Sacred Spiral
Columbus, Georgia and Auburn, Alabama areas
The Lyceum of the Sacred Spiral is dedicated to the Love of Hathor, the Wisdom of Brighid, and the Self Empowerment of Ephesia. Lyceum offerings include: in-person Priesthood training, FOI liturgy study, all Rites of Passage, Sabbat and Esbat rituals. Public workshops and general interest classes are also available.
Contact: Rev. Cynthia L. Jurkovic, Prs. H.
Temple of Nuit - Nuit and Bast Iseum
Hathor of Dendera Lyceum
Atlanta, Georgia
We are currently not accepting new students, as Rev. Dianna is involved in introspection and private work. We are considering opening a physical center, but at present are only online. Typically, we offer energy healing and shamanic journeying, tarot reading, and the Invisible Structures of Light Magi Degree and Priesthood training course.
Contact: Rev. Dianna Georgina

Website: or

Lyceum of the Crowned Horus
Diveena, the found of this lyceum is also facilitator of Our Lady's Prayer Circle, which she co-founded with Barbara Lee Westlake at Mt. Shasta. Diveena is an ordained Priestess in both the Fellowship of Isis and Temple of Isis.
Contact: Diveena

The Crystal Moon Lyceum
The two founders of this lyceum, Talon and Firewalker are both members of the ArchPriesthood Union. Their lyceum offered a very popular course of study.  Unfortunately they are currently not accepting members.

The Lyceum of Alexandria Mishigami

The Lyceum offers Manifesto Lessons and ordination training for the FOI priesthood, and assists with studies of the ancient Mystery Schools.  We offer regular seasonal services and additional cultural festivals.  We sponsor, organize, and produce the Annual Autumn Goddess Festival & Conference in Chicago since 1994. Demetria Nanos is an Archpriestess Hierophant in the FOI, ordained by Olivia Robertson in 2009. This is a continuation of the Lyceum of Alexandria/Iseum of Eleusis that was founded by the late Rt. Rev. Deena Butta & Rt. Rev. Raymond Butta with direct participation by the late Lady Olivia Robertson.  Demetria has decades of experience as a priestess and teacher in Pagan, Hellenic-Egyptian, Taoist, Inter-denominational and Non-denominational ministries.  Other FOI clergy are available for classes, counseling and consultation, as well. 
Lyceum of Alexandria Mishigami, 1465 N. Leavitt St., Chicago, IL 60622

Contact:  Rt. Rev. Demetria Nanos

Phone: Text messages OK  773-505-1724


Ishtar, Mother of Pangaea Lyceum
Champaign-Urbana, IL
Lyceum of Little Egypt
Carterville/Carbondale, Illinois
The purpose of this Lyceum is to help the student accelerate their evolution, take in more Light, and raise their vibration while also helping the conscious entity we know as Gaia or Earth do the same. The core curriculum consists of Reiki, Imara Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seven-Facet Seichim, Shamballa, and Ama Deus Shamanic Healing. Students may work with Qabala, if it's something they are very dedicated to. I offer Spiral of Adepti and Magi Degrees leading to Adepthood, Priesthood and Hierophancy. All of these studies are offered free of charge, with the exception of the Lightarian TM systems. No part of this curriculum is mandatory. The student is free to participate or not participate in any of the material being taught.
Contact: Kenneth M. Bearden


The Lyceum of the Mystery of Isis and Osiris
New Orleans, LA
The "Lyceum of the Mystery of Isis and Osiris" was founded by Maury White-Hereford Prsts. H., ArchPrietess and Daniel H Campbell Prts. H., ArchPriest and authorized by Lady Olivia Robertson on Sept. 8, 2002. The "Mystery of Isis and Osiris" is dedicated to the principle of the Goddess and God co-equal and how this principle maintains balance, not only in the spiritual realm but in the material world as well. We believe that all women at their highest expression reflect the Goddess and all men in their highest expression reflect the God. We offer training for the Priesthood from Initiation to Consecration. Also, for those who wish to practice the Liturgy but not commit to the Priesthood, we offer training in the Spiral Of the Adepti. Our Lyceum emphasizes the Egyptian pantheon and mysteries, but all training is based on the individual needs of the student.
Contact: Maury White-Hereford, Prs. H., SA
Lyceum of Sekhmet the Awakener
Bethseda, Maryland
The Founder of this FOI center was recently consecrated as Hierophant.  A very popular course of Magical Astronomy is offered by Lady Sarolta, including lessons on psychic shields, planetary magic, ritual and divination.
Lyceum of Liberation
Pepperell, MA
Contact: Stephney Aigret Doucet, Prs. H.

Kem Sia Lyceum
Hazel Park, Michigan
Contact: Prs. H. Siti Ade'Basha

Font of Isis Lyceum


Lyceum of the Tree of Life
St. Louis
A mystery school and training center dedicated to the Feminine mysteries and the Primordial Mother Goddesses. We honor African Kemetic Traditional wisdom and those of Indigenous cultures worldwide.  We offer Bone and Oracle divination, Rites of Passages for all stages of life and crossovers, In person and Distance classes and seasonal rituals. Our training includes 13 main lessons/ gates as well as a live initiation retreat for those who are able to make it. The training is based on the 3 tiers of Auset's throne and the Goddess tree of life. .
The Training focuses on personal development, natural healing methods, indigenous and shamanic spiritual technologies. Divination, Dreamwork, Astrology, therapeutic ritual,  and much more are a part of this sacred journey. This training is for women only and can be taken in person in St. Louis, MO or through distance.
Contact:  Dr. Ayele Kumari, PhD, ND, Prs. H.
Phone: 404-590-ISIS

Magna Mater Lyceum
Dedicated to the celebration and honoring of the Goddess in her many forms and names, with special emphasis placed on the Magna Mater, Kybele. The Iseum is a safe place for all who seek to grow in knowledge, love, and connection with the Divine. We intend to meet for study, practice, ritual work, sabbat/esbat celebration, and social events. We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals that honor “The Great Mother” by living in as eco-friendly, earth healing a way as possible and who do works to promote the healing & sustainability of the earth, love of all its creatures, and compassionate connection with the people who call it home. We believe in truth, beauty, healing, kindness, and love to all beings. And that by our works these things should be evident in our lives.
Contact: Angela M. Chamberlain


Isis the Enchantress Lyceum
Reno, Nevada
This lyceum is headed by Priestess Hierophant Zarita Zook, who is also head of the Temple of Isis, Nevada. Her center offers teachings, rituals and every day practices based on many years of research and psychic attunement to the spiritual legacy of ancient Egypt. The Temple of Isis, Nevada is a legal non-profit organization based in Nevada.  You may contact Rev. Zarita through her temple website. This website offers a directory of all Temple of Isis chapters. Other services are a free page for your Temple, free blog, connection with other temple chapters, and a searchable data base to locate a temple in your area.
Contact: Zarita Zook, Prs. H.

Lyceum of the L.O.T.U.S. (Lady of Transcendent Universal Spirit)
Fallon, Nevada
Contact: Ashena, Prs. H.
New Mexico

Lyceum of Epona and Cerridwen
Tijeras, New Mexico
This lyceum is headed by Priestess Hierophant Ruth Austen. Ruth is also an ordained priestess within the Temple of Isis, Geyserville.
New York
Heart Beats Drum Iseum/Lyceum
Potsdam, New York - Distance Learning (Correspondence Course)
Heart Beats Drum is dedicated to all Gods, all Goddesses, and all our relations. Our work is dedicated to the shamanic and visionary part of each individual and every culture. We offer guidance through the Fellowship of Isis Mystery Rites of the Magi and Adepti spirals. That work includes pre-ordination work and pre-hierophancy work. We offer basic training in core shamanism and basic training in ceremonial magick as elective “supplements’’ to the Fellowship of Isis core curriculum. We are developing a Sufi facet of Lyceum training focusing on the Divine Feminine in Islam and pre-Islamic Arabic culture. All inquiries welcome. ‘’ Companion’’ status for individuals considering study within Heart Beats Drum is available.
Contact: Arthur Freeheart, Pr. H.
E- mail:
Lyceum of the Divine Sophia
New York
692 Pleasant Valley
Berne NY  12023
Contact: Mary Browne

The Marishtara-Isis Iseum/Lyceum
Coshocton, Ohio
The lyceum is headed by the founder of the Marishtara-Isis Iseum (#420) which was established by FOI Co-Founders Rt. Rev. Lawrence Robertson (Baron of Strathloch) and the Honorable Lady and Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson on February 24, 1994.
Founder: Marie Clewley-Radley, Prs. H.


Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt
Eugene, Oregon
Nicki Scully acts as primary guide for Shamanic Journeys Ltd., which offers spiritual tours to Egypt, and other sacred power sites, seminars on the New Egyptian Mysteries, and classes on the healing arts and planetary healing through personal transformation. She also offers private phone sessions and phone bridge cancer healing ceremonies and classes. She is the author of Alchemical Healing, a Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine and Power Animal Meditations, Shamanic Journeys with Your Spiritual Allies. She has recently released a DVD on Alchemical Healing and a number of guided journey CDs. An online newsletter titled "News from the Cauldron" and a schedule of listings are available. 
Contact: Rev. Nicki Scully, Prs. H. 


Temple of Isis, Menfre
Contact: Ashena, Prs. H


Lyceum of Auset and Heru em Aakhuti
Salt Lake City
FOI Sponsorship and Training offered through the Lyceum of Auset and Heru em Aakhuti and the Sister Center, the Iseum of Muth. Please contact founder of center: Kasey Conder, Priest Hierophant.

The Lyceum of Dionysus, Ariadne & Aphrodite, Star of the Sea
The "Lyceum of Dionysus, Ariadne & Aphrodite, Star of the Sea is for candidates who feel a call to serve as a Priest/Priestess in the fellowship of Isis. Here we will use the required courses of the FOI, plus explore the history, rituals, mythology and written works of Euripdes, Homer & Sappho on these Deities.
Donna Swindells, Prs. H.
Lyceum of Dionysus, Ariadne & Aphrodite, Star of the Sea

Lyceum Temple Beautiful

Virginia Beach
The ministry of this centre focuses on the arts. A series of DVDs are now available. They feature original ritual dramas all written, directed and featuring Priestess Hierophant Jeanne Foster. They include harp, bells, gongs, chants and sacred dance. For more information please contact the lyceum founder.
Contact: Jeanne Foster, Prs. H.
Website: Lyceum of Temple Beautiful Isis is available on Facebook.


Lyceum of Anu and Beli
Rev. Thomas J. Brown II