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Clonegal Castle as it appeared in 1910. Photo courtesy of Olivia Robertson

Olivia and her brother Lawrence at Clonegal Castle, 1938.

When Olivia was only eight years old, the Durdin-Robertson family moved to Ireland after their father, Manning Robertson, inherited the castle. Olivia describes the move from their former surroundings in Reigate, Surrey to that of rural Ireland as "something from an Enid Blyton adventure." In their years as children onward into adulthood at Clonegal Castle, Lawrence, Olivia and their family enjoyed life in the country. One of their favorite activities was horseback riding. Olivia would have been in her 21st year and Lawrence in his 18th year at the time this photo was taken in 1938.

Olivia writes: "Before I found the Goddess I'd had short hair, I was a respectable novelist. I wore tweed and spectacles. After I'd seen the Lady in 1946, I grew my hair and began wearing bright coloured clothes and lipstick. I became more creative, my writing changed. I grew to be a 'pioneer hippie' of my generation - I was an early 'Indigo child' of the stars.
My experience with the Lady wasn't a vision, it wasn't hallucination, it was real. It altered my life completely."
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