College of Isis - Star of Ishtar - Alchemy Ritual Correspondences

Key for the Star of Ishtar and Tiamat Dragon Diagram         
Alchemy Degree Rites, Spiral 1   
Solar Iseums of Alchemy  
CONNECTIONS                    PLANETS                 NUMBERED RITES                          COSMIC RAY
0. North to Center                Earth & Pluto            5. The Judgment                            0 & 8th Cosmic
    Winter Solstice                                                13. Pluto & Earth, Angels               Ray, coloured
    Earth                                                                21. Jade Pylon of Earth                  White/Rainbow
    Nature                                                              29.  The Realm of Scorpio  
1. North-East to Center        Mars                        6. Mars. The Pyre of Sita               1st Cosmic
    Brigantia                                                         14. Ruby Pylon of Mars                   Ray, coloured 
    Fire                                                                 22. The Realm of Aries                    Red  
    Power                                                            30. The Realm of Sagittarius
2. East to Center                 Venus                      7. Venus. The Roc's Egg                2nd Cosmic 
   Vernal Equinox                                              15. Amber Pylon of Venus                Ray, coloured  
   Water                                                              23. The Realm of Taurus                   Orange
   Love                                                               31. The Realm of Capricorn
3. Southeast to Center        Mercury                   8. Mercury. Scota                           3rd Cosmic 
    Beltane                                                          16. Topaz Pylon of Mercury              Ray, coloured 
    Air                                                                  24. The Realm of Gemini                  Yellow
    Truth                                                              32. The Realm of Aquarius
4. South to Center               Jupiter                     1. Flamma Vestae                         4th Cosmic
    Summer Solstice                                            9. Jupiter. Luck of Troy                  Ray, coloured
    Light                                                              17. Emerald Pylon of Jupiter           Green
    Initiation                                                        25. The Realm of Cancer
                                                                          33. The Realm of Pisces
5. Southwest to Center       Saturn                     2. Ordination                                  5th Cosmic
    Lughnasadh                                                  10. Saturn, Trail of Tears                 Ray, coloured
    Ether                                                             18. Obsidian Pylon of Saturn           Blue
   Science/Occultism                                        26. The Realm of Leo
6. West to Center                Uranus                   3. Rite of Rebirth                              6th Cosmic
    Autumnal Equinox          & Inner Sun          11. Uranus. Coming Forth by Day     Ray, coloured
    Bliss                                                            19. Opal Pylon of Uranus                  Indigo
    The Arts/Ritual                                             27. The Realm of Virgo
7. Northwest to Center       Neptune                 4. Isis Wedding Rite                        7th Cosmic
    Samhain                         & Moon                12. Neptune & Moon. Melusina         Ray, coloured
    Night                                                           20. Amethyst Pylon of Neptune          Violet
    Mystical Awakening/                                 28. The Realm of Libra
Note: No place was given for Mystical Initiation on this spiral, though it is included on all the others. It is always possible to attain a 'spontaneous awakening' without the aid of ritual. A 'spontaneous awakening', also called 'mystical initiation' and 'mystical awakening' in FOI literature, is not certified through a teaching centre. The initiation is considered private between the individual and Deity.

Key for the Star of Ishtar and Tiamat Dragon Diagram         
Alchemy Degree Rites, Spiral 2    
Solar Iseums of Alchemy   
CONNECTIONS                    PLANETS                 NUMBERED RITES                          COSMIC RAY
0. North to Center                Earth & Pluto            5. Jupiter. Luck of Troy                  0 & 8th Cosmic
    Winter Solstice                                                13. Emerald Pylon of Jupiter           Ray, coloured
    Earth                                                                21. Jupiter. Sword in Stone            White/Rainbow
    Nature                                                              29. Leo. The Fiery Lion
                                                                                   Virgo. Woman Who Reaps  
1. North-East to Center        Mars                        6. Saturn. Trail of Tears                   1st Cosmic
    Brigantia                                                         14. Obsidian Pylon of Saturn            Ray, coloured
    Fire                                                                 22. Saturn. The Judgment Seat         Red      
    Power                                                            30.  Libra. Crossroads
                                                                                  Scorpio. Hidden Sting
2. East to Center                 Venus                      7. Uranus. Coming Forth Day           2nd Cosmic 
   Vernal Equinox                                              15. Opal Pylon of Uranus                   Ray, coloured 
   Water                                                              23. Uranus. To Have & To Hold          Orange
   Love                                                               31. Sagittarius. AspiringCentaur
                                                                                Capricorn. Calculations
3. Southeast to Center        Mercury                   8. Neptune & Moon. Melusina         3rd Cosmic
    Beltane                                                          16. Amethyst Pylon of Neptune         Ray, coloured 
    Air                                                                  24. Grael of Heart's Desire               Yellow
    Truth                                                              32. Aquarius. Cosmic Spirals
                                                                                Pisces. The Starry Twins 
4. South to Center               Jupiter                     1. Rite of Rebirth                             4th Cosmic
    Summer Solstice                                            9. Pluto & Earth. Angels                  Ray, coloured
    Light                                                              17. Jade Pylon of Earth                     Green
    Initiation                                                        25. Earth. Inheritors
                                                                          33. Mystical Initiation
5. Southwest to Center       Saturn                     2. Mars. Pyre of Sita                        5th Cosmic
    Lughnasadh                                                  10. Ruby Pylon of Mars                     Ray, coloured
    Ether                                                             18. Mars. The Spear of Light             Blue
   Science/Occultism                                        26. Isis & Osiris: The Judgment
6. West to Center                Uranus                   3. Venus. The Roc's Egg                   6th Cosmic
    Autumnal Equinox          & Inner Sun          11. Amber Pylon of Venus                  Ray, coloured
    Bliss                                                            19. Venus. Buried Treasure                Indigo
    The Arts/Ritual                                             27. Aries. Undying Lamb
                                                                               Taurus. Patient Cow
7. Northwest to Center       Neptune                 4. Mercury. Scota.                             7th Cosmic
    Samhain                         & Moon                12. Topaz Pylon of Mercury                 Ray, coloured
    Night                                                           20. Mercury. The Time Traveller          Violet
    Mystical Awakening/                                 28. Gemini. The Mysterious Bride
    Devotion                                                           Cancer. The Enduring Crab